Closed for Independence day!
Since the Postal Service does not run on July 4th, our office will be closed for the day! We will resume shipments on Monday July 7th!
04:45 PM , July 03
Fall 2014 Seasonal Wig Design Contest!
We are now taking entries! Click the image for rules and how to enter!
11:33 AM , June 27
Restock list has been updated for August.
Click here to view it.
10:45 PM , June 24
Restock update redux.


Here's an update on the restock:

We've received most of what we've ordered for June. We're still waiting on about 30 or so boxes that include many of our blonde ponytails, hairbuns, some accessories, and most of our lacefront wigs. Those boxes have been shipped today and we hope to have them by Monday of next week. IF your order is still on hold and you need it for AX, please EMAIL us so we can see about upgrading your shipping for your items if need be when they arrive. 


02:13 AM , June 24
Restock, coming out of our...well! You know.

Hi there wonderful people! We've received almost all of our restock (over 150 boxes now, and counting), and we are working our very hardest to get everything out as quickly as possible to you, as we know everyone needs their stuff for AX! We've already pulled one all-dayer, and we're likely to pull at least one more before the week is out.

If you have an emergency in which your items are needed within the next few days, you can email us and we will do our best to help you. Otherwise, we do know that everyone wants their items ASAP and that waiting sucks. We don't like to make you do it, so rest assured we are working our little tails off!

After all restock is shipped, items will be updated with the remaining stock. A new restock list will be going up shortly. Thanks for everything!

10:08 PM , June 17


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