For accuracy in our inventory count, the following styles will be unavailable for purchase until 5 PM CST (Tuesday 11/18):

Blue Steele
Candy Striper
Jareth Long
Le Tigre

Thank you!

01:25 PM , November 11
Discontinued Wigs
Due to our large volume of wigs and limited space, we will be discontinuing unpopular wigs. We will not be discontinuing an entire line, but only certain colors of each style. You will notice a "DISCONTINUED" label at the end of a color code in the drop-down menu on some of the wigs. This means you can still purchase the wig, but once they are gone, they WILL NOT return to our inventory! This is so we can bring you new wigs in better colors. We will not have less stock; just replacing them with newer items. We are discontinuing unpopular colors that aren't purchased very often and replacing them with colors that will more likely sell (and they're colors people have been requesting). Thank you for your understanding! If you have any further questions, feel free to e-mail us at
11:18 AM , November 10
Clearance Wigs

We've had some lacefronts with our newer lace we have decided to clearance, as the lace was not quite up to our standards we would like to see, and was not as translucent as we would like. If you are looking for a cheap lacefront and your preferred lacefront is sold out on the regular, or a cheap Chibi, snag one of these now! More info on the clearance page.


02:31 PM , November 06
Iron Wig 2015!

We're now taking portfolios for our huge wig-styling competition, Iron Wig 2015! Click the above photo for the event page and rules!

12:13 PM , November 03
Holiday shipping and shipping clarifications.
As the holidays approach and online orders increase, shipping times will also increase. Our three day processing time will still be in effect, but carriers such as USPS, DHL and FedEx will also see increased transit times. Please give yourself a two week period for standard shipping if you need your item by a deadline. If you need it sooner, please opt for express delivery, NOT priority mail.
Also, there are a few clarifications we would like to make for our shipping carriers.
* USPS is still processing and delivering your packages. This has not and will not change. If your package is lost or stolen, please contact both us and your local post office.
* Priority mail 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day options ARE NOT GUARANTEED. These options are misleading and we cannot remove them until we switch to our new site, as they are provided by USPS itself. This is causing a lot of misunderstandings and we are trying to do what we can to mitigate that. Priority mail can and often does take up to five days.
* Insurance is not needed on first cass packages.
* International first class has a shipping time of at least a week and can take up to four. Customs often delays packages of this type of service.
* FedEx options are still available.
Thanks, guys, our new website will be up soon and our new shipping prices will be reflected there, as well as shipping discounts. The whole reason we are changing our shipping is so that we may pass shipping savings onto you, as a customer, and offer discounted shipping options. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service with USPS alone. We appreciate you bearing with us during the changes.
05:29 PM , October 30


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