Arda Wigs is a Chicago-based wig company that was established in 2008. We are dedicated to bringing cosplayers and wig enthusiasts wig styles wearable on any head type, as well as being realistic and easy to style. We've been making and manufacturing the same wig styles since 2009, so you know what you are getting every time. We are also known for our customer service, fast shipping, great prices and mobility as we travel all over the United States to bring our wonderful wigs to a convention near you.

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About Our Staff


About Harl

As a child, Harl had grand dreams of being Indiana Jones, which soon translated to “just try and figure out how not to be a deadbeat” upon hitting college. A BA in English and a BA in Metalsmithing later, she threw pretense out of the window and decided whateva, whateva, she do what she wants. As a cosplayer, Harl was sick and bloody tired of never having a wig that fit her curiously large cranium, and never being able to depend on a company’s product or quality. Thus, Kingdom Arts/Arda Wigs was born.

Arda has been in operation since 2009 and Harl has been cosplaying since 2004. Her interests include gardening, banging on sheet metal, Kingdom Hearts, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, video games, and writing about herself in the third person, a skill she learned in college and puts to decidedly good use when someone asks for a pseudo-humorous short biography. 

Thanks, college.

Job @ Arda: Owner, operator, and whip-cracker.


About Remie

Thanks to her older brothers, Remie has been playing video games ever since she was little. She loves competitive fighting games and platformers the most, with a hint of RPGs on the side. Her favorites include Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, and Shadow of the Colossus.

In her spare time, Remie likes to travel and try new foods. Her favorite dinosaur is the Giganotosaurus. 

Job @ Arda: Manager, inventory control, Harl's right-hand man


About Cthunicorn

As someone avidly interested in just about everything, Derka embarked in his cosplaying venture around 2008. From sewing every now and then to basically stealing his grandmother's Husqvarna (oh, that poor grandma), he's spent the subsequent years creating obscure characters left and right. You can easily find him and his crazy friends preforming antics in convention halls and masquerades.

Derka is a graduate in Game Simulation and Animation, and loves (inhales): dancing, horror games, fashion, hi-tops, computers, H.P. Lovecraft, hyenas, Twizzlers, Johnny Depp, all things Persona or Shin Megami Tensei, and cupcakes (preferably Funfetti).

Job @ Arda: The PixelSmithy, public relations, and being fabulous. 



About Malindachan

Armed with a can of hairspray as her weapon of choice, Malindachan is all about her wigs. She taught herself to style wigs so she could cosplay her favorite overly-spikey-haired YU-GI-OH! characters, and eventually this led to her habit of selecting characters based on who's hair looked the most ridiculous. As a gamer Malinda loves to play RPGs, her favorites being Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, and the Tales games. Other favorite things include animated films, magical girls, sweets, nostalgic stuff, and owls.

Encouraged to pursue her artistic talents, she earned a Bachelor’s in Art with a concentration in 3D Computer Animation. She feels she can best exercise her range of abilities through cosplay. She learned to sew at a young age, and other than her Jigglypuff costume attempt at age 11, she started making her own costumes in 2004 and actively cosplaying in 2007.

Job @ Arda: Customer support, social network management, super wig guru, and owl commander


About Ex-Shadow

Is he an alien? Is he a cyborg from the future? Perhaps he’s an ancient organism from the distant past surviving millions of years. Or quite possibly just another crazy geek with an eye for anime and a talent for costumes. 

From what we have gathered, he grew up in Missouri, got a BA in Illustration, and has been causing mayhem from day one of his existence…if you ever see him, approach with extreme caution.

His interests include (but are not limited to) Trigun/Trigun Maximum, Transformers, One-Piece, Marvel, Avatar, Anything by Tim Burton, Gundam, Halo, Skyrim, Fable, Pokemon, Digimon, Lord of the Rings, food, exotic pets, Star Wars, And many, many other similar shows and games and memorabilia which fall in between.

Job @ Arda: Inventory and shipping, cyborg, and EVA foam extraordinaire 


About InkyLink

The most important thing to know about InkyLink is that he loves video games. He loves them more than anime, movies and books (which is saying something). Since his grandmother armed him with an NES and The Legend of Zelda, he hit the ground running and hasn't stopped playing since. NES, SNES and PSX games are his absolute favorites. He doesn't get around to making too many different cosplays; what gets him most excited is finding new "dark" incarnations of the "The Hero" that pop up in his many favorite game series. His cosplay goal is to make every version of Dark Link that exists.

During his free time InkyLink enjoys fantasy/sci-fi reading and writing, amateur photography, wizard dueling, gaming, and specializes in leatherworking on a commission basis. In the future he plans to start a leather messenger bag business.

Job @ Arda:  Inventory, shipping overseer, invoice drawing specialist, Gryffindor prefect, and warehouse Battle Mage.


About Soul

Bio coming soon!


About Red-Cluster

Rumor has it that she’s an incarnation of a panda. When she’s not busy styling wigs, she’s often seen curled up in her bed with big plate of food while watching Korean dramas. She’s currently attending a cosmetology school for a hair stylist license and to further polish her wig styling techniques for commissions. With a big passion for art and crafts, she’s been cosplaying since 2008 and continues to make costumes and travel to conventions all over the US.

Her interests include Kpop, otome games, sports anime, fanarts, wigs, food (bamboo), and wigs. She loves to learn about different cultures hence she can speak a few different languages: English, Thai, and Japanese. One of her dreams is to travel by train across the country and go stargazing in various cities.

Job @ Arda: Inventory and shipping, treasure hunter


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