Below we have documented inventory we have ON ORDER and are due to receive. This includes wig styles, colors, and accessories. Customers who order and pay for a backstock/preorder for any of the wigs listed below will have their orders processed (i.e. packed and shipped) upon receipt of the inventory at our warehouse. Any wigs not displayed here are not currently on order. Reorders are placed every month, and typically arrive 4-6 weeks after placement. All restock arrival periods listed below are SOFT DATES ONLY and are subject to change; we cannot guarantee any wig at any specific time. If you need an item for an event or convention and the restock dates are close, please bear in mind we do not guarantee or make complete refunds for missed deadlines. If your wig has not yet shipped, you may cancel your order. If your wig has shipped and you wish to return it, we will issue store credit for the cost of the wig (so long as it meets the requirements of our exchange policy) but NOT any shipping fees. For more information on restock or back ordering wigs and wig accessories please refer to our support tab on the left. 

We will continue to update this page accordingly. Thank you for being so patient!


Early/Mid August

Item nameColor name and number
Adam Dark Brown (056) 
AdamLight Blonde (013) 
AdamPlatinum Blonde (081) 
AdamSilver (063)
AdamSpanish Brown (050)
Arwen Ash Blonde (062)
ArwenDark Ash Blonde (029)
ArwenGinger Blonde (027)
ArwenMaroon (018)
ArwenPale Blonde (115)
Benny Light Brown (AR018)
BennyNatural Black (080)
BennySpanish Brown (050)
Blue SteeleAsh Blonde (062)
Blue SteeleBlack (064)
Blue SteeleBubblegum (094) 
Blue SteeleElectric Blue (AR006)
Blue SteeleLight Blonde (013) 
Blue SteeleLight Grey (107)
Blue SteeleLight Pink (043)
Blue SteeleLilac (AR001)
Blue SteeleNatural Black (080)
Blue SteelePowder Blue (065)
Blue SteeleRose Pink (033)
Blue SteeleSilver (063) 
Blue SteeleTeal (011)
Braid Ash Blonde (062) 
BraidBlack (064)
BraidDark Lavender (002A)
BraidLight Brown (AR018)
BraidNatural Black (080)
BraidRose Pink (033)
BraidWarm Light Brown (AR015) 
Braid Bun Dark Brown (056)
Braid BunPure White (F18)
Braid BunSilver (063)
Buttercup Baby Pink (163) 
ButtercupBlack (064)
ButtercupDark Copper Red (015)
ButtercupLight Blonde (013) 
ButtercupLight Copper Red (025) 
ButtercupMahogany (104) 
ButtercupPumpkin (AR011)
ButtercupSpanish Brown (050)
ButtercupTitanium Blonde (AR017) 
Cady Ash Blonde (062) 
CadyBlack (064) 
CadyDark Brown (056)
CadyLight Grey (107)
CadyOlive (AR007)
CadyPlatinum Blonde (081) 
CadyPumpkin (AR011)
CadyRose Pink (033)
CadySpanish Brown (050)
CadyTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Candy Striper - Blue Danube (063/010/011)
Candy Striper - Cassia(027/013/081/AR017)
Candy Striper - Dryad(024/084A/AR016)
Candy Striper - Dubstep(AR006/072A/AR024)
Candy Striper - Harmony(011/AR008/048/163)
Candy Striper - Melody(081/033/AR003)
Candy Striper - Nia(062/081/072A)
Candy Striper - Nocturne(092A/025/010/072B)
Candy Striper - Orchid(AR020/AR003/048/AR001)
Candy Striper - Phoenix(018/AR012/AR023/AR022)
Candy Striper - Purple Rain(062/005/002A)
Candy Striper - Red Rose(064/076/018)
Candy Striper - Thin Mint(104/124/AR008)
Candy Striper - Waterfall(063/072A/AR006)
Chibi Black (064)
ChibiDark Copper Red (015)
ChibiDark Purple (023)
ChibiFire Orange (AR023)
ChibiGinger Blonde (027)
ChibiGrape (AR003)
ChibiLight Grey (107)
ChibiLilac (AR001)
ChibiMaroon (018)
ChibiMidnight Blue (073B)
ChibiNatural Black (080)
ChibiPure White (F18)
ChibiRaven (052)
ChibiSalmon (203)
ChibiSpanish Brown (050)
ChibiTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Claudia Apple Red (AR012)
ClaudiaAsh Blonde (062)
ClaudiaBlack (064)
ClaudiaCobalt Blue (AR024)
ClaudiaDark Copper Red (015)
ClaudiaDark Purple (023)
ClaudiaIndigo Blue (AR025)
ClaudiaLight Blonde (013)
ClaudiaLight Copper Red (025)
ClaudiaLight Pink (043)
ClaudiaPlatinum Blonde (081)
ClaudiaRoyal Blue (008)
ClaudiaSlate Blue (010)
ClaudiaTeal (011)
Color SampleApple Red (AR012) 
Color SampleAqua (072A)
Color SampleBlack (064)
Color SampleCherry Red (076)
Color SampleCobalt Blue (AR024) 
Color SampleDark Ash Blonde (029) 
Color SampleDark Blue (092A) 
Color SampleDark Brown (056) 
Color SampleDark Green (071A)
Color SampleDark Lavender (002A) 
Color SampleDark Purple (023) 
Color SampleElectric Purple (AR004)
Color SampleEmerald Green (084A)
Color SampleFire Orange (AR023)
Color SampleGinger Blonde (027) 
Color SampleGrape (AR003)
Color SampleGrey (087)
Color SampleIce Violet (048) 
Color SampleJade (007A)
Color SampleLavender (005)
Color SampleLemon Drop (095)
Color SampleLight Brown (AR018)
Color SampleLight Copper Red (025)
Color SampleLight Green (004)
Color SampleMahogany (104)
Color SampleMako Green (024)
Color SampleMaroon (018)
Color SampleMidnight Blue (073B)
Color SampleMirkwood Green (AR016)
Color SampleNatural Black (080)
Color SampleOcean Green (AR005)
Color SampleOlive (AR007)
Color SamplePale Blonde (115) 
Color SamplePeach (AR022)
Color SamplePeriwinkle (072B)
Color SamplePlatinum Blonde (081) 
Color SamplePowder Blue (065)
Color SamplePumpkin (AR011)
Color SamplePure White (F18)
Color SampleRaven (052)
Color SampleRose Pink (033)
Color SampleRoyal Blue (008) 
Color SampleSalmon (203)
Color SampleSandy Brown (124)
Color SampleSherbet Orange (AR010)
Color SampleSlate Blue (010)
Color SampleTeal (011)
Color SampleTitanium Blonde (AR017) 
Color SampleUltraviolet (AR020)
Color SampleWarm Light Brown (AR015)
Color SampleYellow (AR009)
Color SampleYellow Blonde (079)
Curly Clip Baby Pink (163)
Curly ClipDark Ash Blonde (029)
Curly ClipDark Brown (056)
Curly ClipElectric Blue (AR006)
Curly ClipGinger Blonde (027)
Curly ClipMahogany (104)
Curly ClipMint (AR008)
Curly ClipNatural Black (080)
Curly ClipPowder Blue (065)
Curly ClipPumpkin (AR011) 
Curly ClipPure White (F18)
Curly ClipRaspberry (AR013) 
Curly ClipTeal (011) 
Curly ClipWarm Light Brown (AR015)
Curly ClipYellow (AR009)
Dany Titanium Blonde (AR017)
Delilah Ash Blonde (062)
DelilahBlack (064)
DelilahCobalt Blue (AR024)
DelilahDark Purple (023) 
DelilahHot Pink (AR014) 
DelilahLight Blonde (013)
DelilahPlatinum Blonde (081)
DelilahPrincess Pink (AR002)
DelilahRoyal Blue (008)
DelilahSilver (063)
DelilahTeal (011) 
DelilahWarm Light Brown (AR015)
Derek Ash Blonde (062)
DerekBlack (064)
DerekChocolate (AR021)
DerekDark Ash Blonde (029) 
DerekDark Brown (056)
DerekGrey (087) 
DerekIndigo Blue (AR025) 
DerekLilac (AR001)
DerekMidnight Blue (073B)
DerekMirkwood Green (AR016)
DerekPumpkin (AR011) 
DerekSilver (063)
DerekSpanish Brown (050)
DerekTitanium Blonde (AR017) 
DerekWarm Light Brown (AR015)
DerekYellow Blonde (079)
Eowyn Apple Red (AR012)
EowynBlack (064)
EowynChocolate (AR021)
EowynCrimson (AR030)
EowynDark Ash Blonde (029) 
EowynDark Brown (056)
EowynDark Copper Red (015)
EowynDark Purple (023)
EowynEmerald Green (084A)
EowynGinger Blonde (027) 
EowynIndigo Blue (AR025)
EowynLight Blonde (013) 
EowynMagenta (AR026)
EowynNatural Black (080)
EowynPale Blonde (115)
EowynPlatinum Blonde (081)
EowynPumpkin (AR011) 
EowynPure White (F18)
EowynRose Pink (033)
EowynSerah Pink (AR034)
EowynSilver (063) 
EowynSpanish Brown (050)
EowynTitanium Blonde (AR017)
EowynWarm Light Brown (AR015)
Ferrari Apple Red (AR012)
FerrariAsh Blonde (062)
FerrariBaby Pink (163) 
FerrariBlack (064)
FerrariCherry Red (076) 
FerrariCrimson (AR030) 
FerrariDark Ash Blonde (029)
FerrariDark Blue (092A)
FerrariDark Brown (056)
FerrariDark Copper Red (015)
FerrariDark Green (071A) 
FerrariDark Purple (023)
FerrariElectric Blue (AR006)
FerrariElectric Purple (AR004)
FerrariEmerald Green (084A
FerrariFire Orange (AR023) 
FerrariGrape (AR003)
FerrariJade (007A) 
FerrariLavender (005)
FerrariLight Blonde (013)
FerrariLight Brown (AR018) 
FerrariLight Copper Red (025)
FerrariLight Grey (107) 
FerrariLilac (AR001) 
FerrariMahogany (104)
FerrariMaroon (018)
FerrariMidnight Blue (073B) 
FerrariMirkwood Green (AR016)
FerrariOlive (AR007)
FerrariPlatinum Blonde (081) 
FerrariPowder Blue (065)
FerrariPumpkin (AR011)
FerrariRoyal Blue (008)
FerrariSeafoam Green (AR033)
FerrariSerah Pink (AR034)
FerrariSilver (063)
FerrariTeal (011)
FerrariTitanium Blonde (AR017)
FerrariWarm Light Brown (AR015) 
Glinda Ash Blonde (062)
GlindaBlack (064)
GlindaDark Copper Red (015)
GlindaDusty Rose (135A) 
GlindaLight Blonde (013) 
GlindaMahogany (104) 
GlindaPlatinum Blonde (081) 
GlindaPumpkin (AR011)
GlindaRaven (052)
GlindaSandy Brown (124) 
GlindaSilver (063)
Greta Black (064)
GretaDark Copper Red (015)
GretaDark Purple (023)
GretaLight Brown (AR018)
GretaNatural Black (080)
GretaRaspberry (AR013)
GretaSilver (063) 
Hairbun Apple Red (AR012)
HairbunAsh Blonde (062)
HairbunBlack (064)
HairbunDark Brown (056)
HairbunElectric Purple (AR004)
HairbunLight Blonde (013) 
HairbunPlatinum Blonde (081)
HairbunRose Pink (033)
HairbunSpanish Brown (050)
Hansel Baby Pink (163)
HanselBlack (064)
HanselCherry Red (076)
HanselChocolate (AR021) 
HanselDark Brown (056)
HanselDark Copper Red (015)
HanselGrey (087)
HanselLight Blonde (013) 
HanselLight Brown (AR018) 
HanselMagenta (AR026)
HanselMaroon (018)
HanselNatural Black (080) 
HanselOcean Green (AR005)
HanselOlive (AR007)
HanselPure White (F18)
HanselRaven (052)
HanselSilver (063)
HanselWarm Light Brown (AR015)
Imladris Black (064)
ImladrisDark Copper Red (015)
ImladrisDesert Brown (AR037)
ImladrisLight Blonde (013)
ImladrisSilver (063) 
Inigo Black (064)
InigoCharcoal Blue (AR019)
InigoCobalt Blue (AR026)
InigoDark Blue (092A) 
InigoDark Brown (056)
InigoDark Copper Red (015) 
InigoEmerald Green (084A) 
InigoGinger Blonde (027) 
InigoJade (007A) 
InigoLight Blonde (013)
InigoMaroon (018) 
InigoNatural Black (080)
InigoPlatinum Blonde (081)
InigoPumpkin (AR011)
InigoRaven (052) 
InigoRoyal Blue (008) 
InigoSandy Brown (124) 
InigoSpanish Brown (050)
InigoTitanium Blonde (AR017) 
InigoWine (AR027)
Jaguar Ash Blonde (062) 
JaguarBaby Pink (163) 
JaguarBlack (064)
JaguarDark Ash Blonde (029)
JaguarDark Blue (092A)
JaguarDark Brown (056)
JaguarDenim Blue (AR036) 
JaguarGinger Blonde (027)
JaguarGrape (AR003)
JaguarJade (007A)
JaguarLight Blonde (013)
JaguarLight Green (004)
JaguarLight Grey (107) 
JaguarLilac (AR001)
JaguarMagenta (AR026) 
JaguarMako Green (024)
JaguarMidnight Blue (073B)
JaguarPlatinum Blonde (081) 
JaguarPure White (F18)
JaguarRaven (052)
JaguarSilver (063)
JaguarTeal (011)
Jane Black (064)
JaneBubblegum (094)
JaneDark Ash Blonde (029)
JaneDark Brown (056)
JaneLight Brown (AR018) 
JaneNatural Black (080) 
JanePlum (AR029) 
JaneRoyal Blue (008)
JaneTitanium Blonde (AR017)
JarethBlack (064) 
JarethCrimson (AR030) 
JarethDark Brown (056)
JarethLight Grey (107) 
JarethNatural Black (080) 
JarethPlatinum Blonde (081) 
JarethPumpkin (AR011)
JarethPure White (F18) 
JarethSilver (063) 
JarethSpanish Brown (050)
JarethTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Jareth LongBlack (064)
Jareth LongCherry Red (076)
Jareth LongCrimson (AR030) 
Jareth LongLavender (005)
Jareth LongLight Grey (107)
Jareth LongLilac (AR001)
Jareth LongMaroon (018) 
Jareth LongMidnight Blue (073B) 
Jareth LongNatural Black (080)
Jareth LongPure White (F18) 
Jareth LongTeal (011)
Jareth LongTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Jasmine Apple Red (AR012)
JasmineBlack (064)
JasmineCherry Red (076)
JasmineFire Orange (AR023)
JasmineMahogany (104)
JasmineMaroon (018)
JasminePumpkin (AR011)
JasmineSilver (063)
JasmineYellow Blonde (079) 
Jeannie Apple Red (AR012)
JeannieAsh Blonde (062)
JeannieBlack (064)
JeannieChocolate (AR021) 
JeannieDark Blue (092A) 
JeannieDark Brown (056) 
JeannieEmerald Green (084A)
JeannieGinger Blonde (027)
JeannieHot Pink (AR014)
JeannieLight Blonde (013)
JeannieLight Copper Red (025)
JeannieLight Green (004)
JeannieMahogany (104)
JeannieMaroon (018) 
JeannieNatural Black (080) 
JeanniePlatinum Blonde (081) 
JeanniePumpkin (AR011) 
JeannieSilver (063)
JeannieSpanish Brown (050)
JeannieTeal (011)
JeannieTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Jett Aqua (072A)
JettAsh Blonde (062)
JettBlack (064)
JettDark Brown (056)
JettDark Copper Red (015)
JettDark Green (071A)
JettDesert Brown (AR037)
JettFire Orange (AR023)
JettMahogany (104)
JettMaroon (018)
JettMidnight Blue (073B)
JettNatural Black (080)
JettOrange Sherbet (AR010)
JettPlatinum Blonde (081)
JettPumpkin (AR011)
JettPure White (F18) 
JettRaven (052) 
JettSandy Brown (124)
JettSilver (063)
Katinka Bubblegum (094)
KatinkaDark Purple (023) 
KatinkaMagenta (AR026) 
KatinkaMint (AR008)
KatinkaOlive (AR007) 
KatinkaPumpkin (AR011) 
KatinkaRaspberry (AR013)
KatinkaRose Pink (033) 
KatinkaSlate Blue (010)
KatinkaSpanish Brown (050)
KatinkaTeal (011)  
KatinkaTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Le Tigre Apple Red (AR012)
Le TigreAqua (072A)
Le TigreBlack (064)
Le TigreBubblegum (094)
Le TigreDark Purple (023)
Le TigreHot Pink (AR014)
Le TigreNatural Black (080)
Le TigrePale Blonde (115)
Le TigrePlatinum Blonde (081)
Le TigreSandy Brown (124)
Le TigreTeal (011)
Le TigreTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Leia Black (064)
LeiaLight Pink (043)
LeiaPale Blonde (115)
LeiaPlatinum Blonde (081)
LeiaSpanish Brown (050)
Long Bang Cherry Red (076) 
Long BangGrey (087)
Long BangOlive (AR007)
Long BangPure White (F18)
Long BangSilver (063)
Long BangSpanish Brown (050)
Long BangTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Long Clip Ponytail Apple Red (AR012)
Long Clip PonytailAsh Blonde (062)
Long Clip PonytailBaby Pink (163)
Long Clip PonytailBlack (064)
Long Clip PonytailBubblegum (094)
Long Clip PonytailCherry Red (076)
Long Clip PonytailDark Ash Blonde (029)
Long Clip PonytailDark Brown (056)
Long Clip PonytailDark Copper Red (015)
Long Clip PonytailDark Purple (023)
Long Clip PonytailGinger Blonde (027)
Long Clip PonytailGrey (087)
Long Clip PonytailHot Pink (AR014)
Long Clip PonytailLight Blonde (013)
Long Clip PonytailLight Pink (043)
Long Clip PonytailLilac (AR001)
Long Clip PonytailMidnight Blue (073B)
Long Clip PonytailMirkwood Green (AR016)
Long Clip PonytailOcean Green (AR005) 
Long Clip PonytailPale Blonde (115) 
Long Clip PonytailPeach (AR022)
Long Clip PonytailPlatinum Blonde (081) 
Long Clip PonytailPumpkin (AR011) 
Long Clip PonytailPure White (F18) 
Long Clip PonytailSandy Brown (124)
Long Clip PonytailSilver (063)
Long Clip PonytailSlate Blue (010)
Long Clip PonytailTitanium Blonde (AR017) 
Long Clip PonytailYellow Blonde (079)
Long Curly Clip Ash Blonde (062) 
Long Curly ClipBaby Pink (163) 
Long Curly ClipBlack (064)
Long Curly ClipBubblegum (094)
Long Curly ClipDark Ash Blonde (029)
Long Curly ClipDusty Rose (135A)
Long Curly ClipGrey (087)
Long Curly ClipJade (007A) 
Long Curly ClipLight Blonde (013)
Long Curly ClipLight Pink (043)
Long Curly ClipLightning Pink (AR035)
Long Curly ClipMahogany (104)
Long Curly ClipOlive (AR007)
Long Curly ClipPlatinum Blonde (081)
Long Curly ClipRose Pink (033)
Long Curly ClipRoyal Blue (008)
Long Curly ClipSerah Pink (AR034)
Long Curly ClipSilver (063) 
Long Curly ClipSpanish Brown (050)
Long Curly ClipTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Long WeftApple Red (AR012) 
Long WeftAsh Blonde (062)
Long WeftBaby Pink (163)
Long WeftBlack (064) 
Long WeftCherry Red (076) 
Long WeftDark Ash Blonde (029)
Long WeftDark Blue (092A) 
Long WeftDark Brown (056)
Long WeftDark Copper Red (015)
Long WeftDusty Rose (135A)
Long WeftElectric Blue (AR006)
Long WeftElectric Purple (AR004)
Long WeftGrape (AR003) 
Long WeftHot Pink (AR014)
Long WeftLight Blonde (013) 
Long WeftLight Brown (AR018)
Long WeftLight Copper Red (025)
Long WeftLight Grey (107) 
Long WeftLight Pink (043)
Long WeftMagenta (AR026) 
Long WeftNatural Black (080) 
Long WeftOlive (AR007)
Long WeftOrange Sherbet (AR010)
Long WeftPale Blonde (115)
Long WeftPeriwinkle (072B)
Long WeftPlatinum Blonde (081)
Long WeftPrincess Pink (AR002)
Long WeftPumpkin (AR011) 
Long WeftPure White (F18) 
Long WeftRose Pink (033) 
Long WeftRoyal Blue (008)
Long WeftSilver (063) 
Long WeftSlate Blue (010)
Long WeftSpanish Brown (050)
Long WeftTeal (011)
Long WeftTitanium Blonde (AR017) 
Long WeftWarm Light Brown (AR015)
Lulu Aqua (072A) 
LuluDark Brown (056) 
LuluDark Copper Red (015) 
LuluLavender (005)
LuluLight Pink (043)
LuluMaroon (018) 
LuluNatural Black (080) 
LuluPeach (AR022) 
LuluPlatinum Blonde (081)
LuluSandy Brown (124)
LuluSilver (063) 
LuluSlate Blue (010)
LuluSpanish Brown (050)
LuluTeal (011)
LuluTitanium Blonde (AR017)
LuluWarm Light Brown (AR015)
Luthien Ash Black (AR028)
LuthienAsh Blonde (062)
LuthienBlack (064)
LuthienCrimson (AR030) 
LuthienDark Ash Blonde (029)
LuthienDark Blue (092A)
LuthienDark Brown (056)
LuthienDark Copper Red (015) 
LuthienDesert Brown (AR037)
LuthienElectric Purple (AR004)
LuthienGinger Blonde (027)
LuthienLight Blonde (013)
LuthienMauve (AR039)
LuthienNatural Black (080) 
LuthienOcean Green (AR005)
LuthienPale Blonde (115) 
LuthienPlatinum Blonde (081) 
LuthienPrincess Pink (AR002)
LuthienPure White (F18) 
LuthienSandy Brown (124)
LuthienSilver (063) 
LuthienTitanium Blonde (AR017)
LuthienWine (AR027)
LuthienYellow Blonde (079) 
MagnumApple Red (AR012) 
MagnumAsh Black (AR028) 
MagnumAsh Blonde (062)
MagnumBlack (064)
MagnumChocolate (AR021)
MagnumCrimson (AR030) 
MagnumDark Ash Blonde (029)
MagnumDark Blue (092A)
MagnumDark Brown (056) 
MagnumDark Copper Red (015) 
MagnumDark Purple (023)
MagnumDenim Blue (AR036) 
MagnumDesert Brown (AR037)
MagnumElectric Purple (AR004)
MagnumEmerald Green (084A)
MagnumFire Orange (AR023)
MagnumGinger Blonde (027)
MagnumGrey (087) 
MagnumLight Blonde (013)
MagnumLight Green (004) 
MagnumLight Grey (107) 
MagnumLightning Pink (AR035) 
MagnumMahogany (104) 
MagnumMaroon (018) 
MagnumMauve (AR039)
MagnumNatural Black (080) 
MagnumOlive (AR007)
MagnumPlatinum Blonde (081)
MagnumPure White (F18) 
MagnumRose Brown (AR038)
MagnumRaven (052)
MagnumRoyal Blue (008) 
MagnumSalmon (203)
MagnumSandy Brown (124)
MagnumSilver (063)
MagnumSlate Blue (010)
MagnumSpanish Brown (050)
MagnumTitanium Blonde (AR017) 
MagnumWarm Light Brown (AR015) 
Magnum Long Apple Red (AR012)
Magnum LongBaby Pink (163)
Magnum LongBubblegum (094)
Magnum LongDark Ash Blonde (029)
Magnum LongDark Brown (056) 
Magnum LongDark Copper Red (015)
Magnum LongDark Lavender (002A)
Magnum LongDenim Blue (AR036)
Magnum LongDusty Blue (AR031)
Magnum LongGrey (087)  
Magnum LongHot Pink (AR014)
Magnum LongIce Violet (048)
Magnum LongLight Blonde (013) 
Magnum LongLight Pink (043)
Magnum LongMahogany (104)
Magnum LongMaroon (018)
Magnum LongNatural Black (080)  
Magnum LongOlive (AR007)  
Magnum LongPale Blonde (115)  
Magnum LongPeach (AR022)
Magnum LongPlatinum Blonde (081)  
Magnum LongPowder Blue (065)
Magnum LongPure White (F18)  
Magnum LongSandy Brown (124)
Magnum LongSpanish Brown (050)  
Magnum LongWarm Light Brown (AR015)  
Malinda Black (064)
MalindaPale Blonde (115)
MalindaPlatinum Blonde (081)
MalindaSilver (063)
Marty Dark Brown (056)
MartyLight Grey (107)
MartyNatural Black (080)
MartyPale Blonde (115)  
MartyPumpkin (AR011)
MartySpanish Brown (050)
MartyTitanium Blonde (AR017)  
MatildaAsh Blonde (062)  
MatildaBlack (064)
MatildaDark Ash Blonde (029)  
MatildaDark Brown (056)
MatildaDark Copper Red (015)  
MatildaLight Blonde (013)
MatildaLight Brown (AR018)
MatildaMahogany (104)
MatildaNatural Black (080)  
MatildaOcean Green (AR005)
MatildaPlatinum Blonde (081)  
MatildaPumpkin (AR011)  
MatildaSpanish Brown (050)  
MatildaTeal (011)
MatildaTitanium Blonde (AR017)  
Merry Black (064)
MerryDark Brown (056)  
MerryDark Copper Red (015)
MerryPumpkin (AR011)  
MerryTitanium Blonde (AR017)
MorpheusDark Brown (056)
MorpheusPlatinum Blonde (081)
Mugatu (135A/018)
Nicki Black (064)
NickiLilac (AR001)
Odango Braid BunAsh Blonde (062)
Odango Braid BunDark Purple (023)
Odango Braid BunEmerald Green (084A)
Odango Braid BunPlatinum Blonde (081)
Odango Braid BunRose Pink (033)
Odango Braid BunSilver (063)
Odango Braid BunSpanish Brown (050)
PippinBlack (064)
PippinCobalt Blue (AR024)
PippinDark Brown (056)  
PippinMaroon (018)  
PippinNatural Black (080)  
RockyBlack (064)
RockyDark Brown (056)  
RockyLight Grey (107)
RockyMaroon (018)
RockyNatural Black (080)  
RockyPumpkin (AR011)
RockySilver (063)  
RockyTitanium Blonde (AR017)
RufioBlack sides/Electric Blue hawk (064/AR006)
RufioNatural Black (080)  
RufioSandy Brown (124)
RufioTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Short Bang Apple Red (AR012)
Short BangAqua (072A)
Short BangAsh Black (AR028)
Short BangAsh Blonde (062)
Short BangBlack (064)  
Short BangDark Green (071A)
Short BangDark Lavender (002A)
Short BangGrey (087)
Short BangIce Violet (048)
Short BangLavender (005)
Short BangPeach (AR022)
Short BangPrincess Pink (AR002)
Short BangPure White (F18)
Short BangRaspberry (AR013)
Short BangRaven (052)  
Short BangSalmon (203)
Short BangTitanium Blonde (AR017)
Short BangYellow (AR009)
Short Weft Apple Red (AR012)
Short WeftBlack (064)
Short WeftBubblegum (094)
Short WeftChocolate (AR021)
Short WeftCrimson (AR030)
Short WeftDark Ash Blonde (029)
Short WeftDark Brown (056)
Short WeftDark Green (071A)
Short WeftDesert Brown (AR037)
Short WeftElectric Blue (AR006)
Short WeftEmerald Green (084A)
Short WeftGinger Blonde (027)
Short WeftGrape (AR003)
Short WeftGrey (087)
Short WeftHot Pink (AR014)  
Short WeftIce Violet (048)
Short WeftLight Brown (AR018)
Short WeftLight Copper Red (025)  
Short WeftLight Green (004)
Short WeftLight Grey (107)
Short WeftLight Pink (043)
Short WeftLightning Pink (AR035)
Short WeftLilac (AR001)
Short WeftMahogany (104)
Short WeftMaroon (018)  
Short WeftPeach (AR022)
Short WeftPlum (AR029)
Short WeftPumpkin (AR011)  
Short WeftPure White (F18)  
Short WeftRaven (052)
Short WeftRose Pink (033)
Short WeftSandy Brown (124)  
Short WeftSilver (063)  
Short WeftSpanish Brown (050)
Stevie Black (064)
StevieDesert Brown (AR037)  
StevieMint (AR008)
SuziAsh Blonde (062)
SuziCherry Red (076)
SuziLight Blonde (013)
SuziPale Blonde (115)
SuziRaven (052)
SuziSilver (063)
SuziTitanium Blonde (AR017)  
Tauriel Crimson (AR030)
TaurielDark Brown (056)
TaurielDark Copper Red (015)  
TaurielElectric Blue (AR006)
TaurielLight Blonde (013)
TaurielPumpkin (AR011)
TaurielWarm Light Brown (AR015)
Vegas Black (064)
VegasCherry Red (076)
VegasCrimson (AR030)
VegasRaspberry (AR013)
VegasSpanish Brown (050)
VenusDark Ash Blonde (029)
VenusLight Blonde (013)
VenusLight Copper Red (025)
VenusMahagony (104)
VenusMaroon (018)
VenusPure White (F18)
Victoria Dusty Rose (135A)
VictoriaGrape (AR003)
Westley Black (064)  
WestleyDark Ash Blonde (029)
WestleyGrape (AR003)
WestleyLight Blonde (013)
WestleySilver (063)


Add-Ons (mid-late August)


Color Rings

Benny - Dark Brown (056)

Blue Steele - Dark Brown (056)

Buttercup - Dark Brown (056)

Buttercup - Mahogany (104)

Buttercup - Natural Black (080)

Buttercup - Platinum Blonde (081)

Cady - Silver (063)

Dany - Titanium Blonde (AR017)

Delilah - Electric Blue (AR006)

Derek - Dark Brown (056)

Derek - Grey (087)

Derek - Light Grey (107)

Eowyn - Crimson (AR030)

Hansel - Spanish Brown (050)

Inigo - Midnight Blue (073B)

Inigo - Warm Light Brown (AR015)

Jane - Crimson (AR030)

Jaguar - Natural Black (080)

Jaguar - Pumpkin (AR011)

Jaguar - Sandy Brown (124)

Jareth - Ash Blonde (062)

Jett - Platinum Blonde (081)

Jett - Fire Orange (AR023)

Katinka - Pure White (F18)

Katinka - Silver (063)

Le Tigre - Light Blonde (013)

Le Tigre - Light Green (004)

Le Tigre - Rose Pink (033)

Le Tigre - Silver (063)

Lulu - Light Grey (107)

Luthien - Lightning Pink (AR035)

Luthien - Ocean Green (AR005)

Magnum - Cobalt Blue (AR024)

Marty - LIght Grey (107)

Marty - Natural Black (080)

Matilda - Laurel Green (AR032)

Matilda - Light Green (004)

Matilda - Silver (063)

Matilda - Titanium Blonde (AR017)

Rocky - Dark Ash Blonde (029)

Rocky - Light Brown (AR018)

Rufio - Black sides/Apple Red hawk (064/AR012)

Suzi - Titanium Blonde (AR017)

Tauriel - Titanium Blonde (AR017)

Venus - Dark Purple (023)

Venus - Pale Blonde (115)

Short Weft - Cherry Red (076)

Short Weft - Midnight Blue (073B)

Short Weft - Natural Black (080)


Upcoming Events

Anime Expo

July 3rd - 6th


August 8th - 10th


August 29th - Sept 1st

Anime Weekend Atlanta

September 26th - 28th


October 30th - Nov 2nd