Platinum Blonde (081)

Lemon (095)

Pale Blonde (115)

Light Blonde (013)

Yellow Blonde (079)

Yellow (AR009)

Peach (AR022)

Orange Sherbert (AR010)

Light Copper Red (025)

Fire Orange (AR023)

Pumpkin (AR011)

Dark Copper Red (015)


  • All swatch photos are intended to try and portray the most accurate photo of a color. Some monitors' settings will alter the colors a bit.
  • Looking at colors in different kinds of light will alter the color as well. (A room lit with slightly yellow light bulbs will alter the color as will looking at it in the shade of direct sunlight) See the color pages for multiple photos of the colors in different kinds of lighting being worn by customers.
  • The best way to accurately know what a color looks like is to buy a color ring or visit us at a convention near you!
Thanks to Warpaint & Unicorns for providing some great color comparison photos. See more here!


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