• Long, luscious and lovely. This lacefront is our longest yet, measuring in at over 100cm. 
  • Hair starts at a shorter length in the front and gently tapers to the full length at the sides. (100cm hair is hard to tie!)
  • No widow's peak. This wig has a center lace part that measures approx 1.5'' wide and 3'' deep and is sewn into the cap of the wig. The part is not wide enough to be moved, though you could comb the hair back and hide the part if desired. This is a LACE part, not a SKIN part. You will need a neutral colored wig cap or a latex cap in your skin tone to hide your hair.
  • The lace portion extends back 1-2'' from the hairline in all other areas. 
  • The length of this wig and the addition of a hand-tied lace part contribute to the cost of this item.
  • This lace is made of a synthetic plastic, and has been known to cause skin irritation in some of those with sensitive skin. We are looking into alternative forms of lace, but for now, be forewarned if you do have sensitive skin.
  • A gentle, beautiful wave is pre-styled into this wig, but you can straighten it if you prefer.
  • Please be aware that this wig is styled with chemicals to stay in its waves, and if you purchase color F18 white, you may have to do some adjusting of the hair so that the wefts do not show through.
  • Heat-resistant fiber.

Price: $85.00 +shipping



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