Oh, wise sultan, how may my wig serve you?

  • This ponytail wig's ponytail is attached. The wig does not have a clip-on ponytail like the Jeannie
  • There is a comb in the front of the wig to help balance the weight forward so that the wig doesn't slide off your head (you will still need to add a few bobby pins).
  • This wig has a large skin cap.
  • From the base of the ponytail to the end is 28-29".
  • From skin part to tip of the bangs is 19".
  • Sports a small 2" fringe at the base of the neck to cover your hair.
  • All colors are heat-resistant\ fiber.
*We recommend that you put this wig on, take out the ponytail and adjust it to fit your own head. You will have to use your own hairtie to put up the new adjusted ponytail!

PLEASE READ: This wig's standard, unstretched measurement is 22 to 23 1/2 inches. If you are interested in purchasing this wig, please do the following:

  • Measure with a tape measure around the nape of your neck, under your ears, and along your forehead hairline.
  • If your measurement is under 22 inches, you will not be able to comfortably wear this wig without fitting issues and/or alteration. 
  • If your head size is over 24 inches, your hairline will likely show without makeup application or shaving.

We offer various tutorials on how to modify our ponytail wigs to make them smaller. We do not offer exchanges or refunds on this wig because of its size being too large or too small.

Also, this ponytail is thick and very heavy. In order to help keep it high on the head, there are shorter wefts around the interior of the ponytail area to help give the wig itself coverage and thickness. These wefts are not as long as the ponytail itself. These shorter wefts only measure around 4 inches, so if you reposition or remove the ponytail, the shorter wefts may require some slight restyling with hairspray or a blow dryer to keep them smooth and tamed inside the longer hairs. This is NOT a defect. 

Price: $40.00 +shipping



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