• The Marty now has a widow's peak!
  • This wig is fronted with 2.5 inches of hand-tied lace. Lacefronts are the best way to have a natural-looking hairline and are meant to be attached to your head with spirit gum or lacefront tape. 
  • This is NOT a full lace wig, only a lace-fronted wig.
  • This lace is made of a synthetic plastic, and has been known to cause skin irritation in some of those with sensitive skin. We are looking into alternative forms of lace, but for now, be forewarned if you do have sensitive skin.
  • All colors are heat-resistant fiber.
  • This wig is the same length all around, layered, approx 3-4 inches. It's trained to spike upward. The front bangs are only slightly longer at approx 4 inches.

Price: $55.00 +shipping



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