ArdaCon Rave

Arda Wigs is proud to feature our very first convention rave--online! Join our four signature DJs for four hours of nonstop music spanning synthwave, dub, trance, hardcore, and your anime favorites. Catch our featured DJs on our official Twitch, and come wearing a costume or just as yourself. Tag #ardaconrave on Instagram to show off your stay at home rave costumes and outfits and we'll be sharing them to our stories all night long!

Rave Schedule

    • 5:00 VJ Daguru (synthwave, trance)
    • 6:00 Mesmerist (dub, trap)
    • 7:00 Marson (hardcore, dub)
    • 8:00 DJ School Pizza (DnB, hardcore)

About the DJs

VJ Daguru

A veteran visualist of many convention raves. Expect a trip through video synthesizers and circuit-bent game consoles as Daguru paints on a warping canvas to compliment psychedelic tunes and hyperspektiv landscapes.
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Mesmerist is a DJ/VJ/producer that has performed at several notable anime conventions including Youmacon, Colossalcon, and Matsuricon. He is a multigenre DJ who blends the music of anime, video games, and other aspects of otaku culture together with the type of music you'd hear at an EDM festival, and he provides his own anime and video game visuals, to boot. For his Ardacon set, Mesmerist plans on playing mainly Trap, Dubstep, and more in that tempo range. Enjoy!!!
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Marson has played numerous events over his 6 year attempt at what some people would call "Deejaying" to a litany of mixed reviews, ranging from "I mean, he's not awful." to "I was told there would be free snacks. Are there not free snacks?" Come check out a live performance that's guaranteed to provide adequate background music for your awkward date.
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DJ School Pizza

DJ School Pizza: Although he may share his name with some of the worst kind of pizza out there, fortunately this does not reflect on this DJ's skills in any way. Hailing from the metro Detroit area DJ School Pizza started DJing in 2017. He started after being heavily inspired by seeing Japanese artist Kosuke Saito (Kors K) perform in a hot and sweaty basement in Roseville, Michigan. This DJ is hot and ready with genres such as Japanese Hardcore, UK Hardcore, and Hard Dance. Through his performances he hopes to spread the sounds of the Japanese Hardcore scene so that other people can love it just as much as he does.
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Don't miss it! April 24th starting at 5:00 CDT!

Note: All of the DJs are volunteer, and they have come together on their own to throw this kickass show! If you have the ability and the freedom, please consider shooting them a few dollars in appreciation of their efforts. Their Venmos are posted below and will be live in the Twitch info night of; all tips go DIRECTLY to the DJs. Thank you very much!

  • VJ Daguru - @Brian-Beech-2
  • Mesmerist - @Christopher-Hoef
  • Marson - @MarsonLee
  • DJ School Pizza - @MaxxMayhew

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