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Art, designs, and cosplay with a unique twist and lots of love!
Tumblr | Commission Form

AishaVoya Creations

AishaVoya Creations offers a variety of handmade, hand sculpted resin masks, accessories and fandom related enamel pins.
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Ailisi Suli Art

I sell custom art, and custom bags. I am open to all fandoms, and custom characters, as well as 18+ pieces.


Art by Little Miss Luna

Super cute and colorful buttons, pins, charms, and other goods!
Etsy | Shop


The Art of Em

Handmade jewelry featuring crystals, gems, fossils, bones, and chainmaille! I also take commissions for custom kigurumis!
Etsy | Instagram

Alternate Universe

We have cute science and fandom things! Amigurumi, stickers, acrylic charms, washi tape, bath products, and more!
Website | DA | Instagram

Athena the Guillotine

Original commissions by an anime-inspired artist.


Howdy! I sell holographic keychains, holographic prints, mini prints, stickers, and even tote bags!
Etsy | Instagram | Twitter


Fanart Prints, Charms, Lanyards, Buttons, and more, featuring fandoms like JJBA, Kingdom Hearts, Demon Slayer, Miraculous Ladybug, and lots more!
Store Envy | Instagram

afterimages of ghostfire

Prints, pin-backed buttons, magnets, and commissions featuring the art of Julia Lichty.


Argibi Creative Studio

We are a husband and wife dynamic drawing duo! We have a passion for drawing things from super cute to super nerdy and everything in between and around the edges.
Etsy | Website

ami amalie

Hi! I mostly sell original works, ranging from postcard to poster sizes! Please write me if you need anything. ♥
Store Envy | Instagram

Acelaena Art

Prints and charms of fandoms including Kingdom Hearts, Fate Grand Order, Fire Emblem, The Untamed/Mo Dao Zu Shi, and more! I also take commissions!
Website | Instagram

Axel Wig Shop

Wig maker since 2009. Check out the wigs I already made or just let me know the character you are searching for!
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram


Shop Name


Handmade nerdy goods for your home and everyday life.
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Black Rose Mikage

My shop has keychains, prints, buttons, and cosmetic bags from a variety of different series!
Website | DaPortfolio

Blue Egg Adventures

I create art that makes you smile! My art is a mix of anime fanart and original story based art sold as prints, cards, and stickers.
Etsy | Instagram


A wide range of prosthetics made in a film industry standard including superhero eye masks and minor injury makeup.
Portfolio | Facebook | Instagram

Bork by Zearyu

Specializing in keychains of varying series on Etsy, as well as prints and posters which can be viewed via the website portfolio link!
Website Portfolio | Etsy


We're best known for our wide selection of buttons and our cryptid/monster dakimakura. Please enjoy browsing! after, ok?
Etsy | Big Cartel

Brandi York Fine Art and Random Geekery

Geeky and gaming-related prints and metal bookmarks in an art nouveau style.

Black Label Costume and Prop

I make and sell historical based weapons, costume accessories, and commission for video game, movie, and anime props.
Etsy | Website


Shop Name


I sell a variety of merch centered around BTS, hamsters, and other original work.
Website | Twitter | Instagram



Handmade geeky goodies and accessories. Works feature characters from video games, anime, and original artworks.
Etsy | Instagram | Facebook | Ko-Fi

Shop Name

Celestial Dragon Design

Celestial Dragon is a small maker with a passion for making unique things with yarn!
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

CherubGem's Art

I am a weeb who is sharing the works I make! From Pokemon to My Hero; I got buttons, charms and stickers~
Storenvy |

Cutie Bunni

Cute stuff for those who like cute things! ☆ Kawaii art, enamel pins, stickers, shirts, jewelry, plushies, and more~


Chubby Bunny Studios

One of a kind purses, wallets, and other accessories! Custom work is available.

Coolestegg Art

I sell original and fanart merch ranging from prints to stickers!
Store | Website


I create watercolors, prints,and stickers of cosplayers to immortalize their passion for cosplay.
Website | Instagram

Cute Parade

Based out of SoCal, Cute Parade is a two person team specializing in laser cut acrylic jewelry, plushies, and hair accessories for fans of alternative J-fashion!
Website | Etsy | Instagram

Compass Rose Guild

If you like the obscure and whimsical, then Compass Rose Guild is for you! We love creating the unique and strange, but also fanart and comics!
Etsy | Patreon | Patreon

Chyanime Studios

Mugs, Shirts, and More! Featuring Fanart of some of your favorite characters.
Redbubble | Society6


Authentically weird, handcrafted fine jewelry suitable for any body or occasion.
Instagram | Website

Cassandra Jeanette Photography

Selling Cosplay Photography: At Home! Send in your photos you take from quarantine, and I edit them with magic.
Portfolio Website | Facebook | Instagram


Shop Name

Doublette Art

Doublette Art is run by the amazing Ninette Fabuloso who is a cosplayer and also a fan artist.

Dandy Lions Creations

Dandy Lions Creations makes geeky bath and body products for men and women. Everything is made by geeks, for geeks.
Etsy | Facebook

Dead Disco

Rock’n’roll beach vibes in the form of art prints, stickers, enamel pins, buttons and shirts. All original art and made my a punk rock loving, beach going, pop culture and pop art junkie.

Dovah Design

Drem yol lok! I’m Sam, AKA “Dovah Design,” a prop and costume artist based in sunny Central Florida, USA. I make custom props, costumes, and trinkets inspired by the fantasy genre.
Etsy | Website | Instagram


Custom Funko Pops made-to-order. Let me make the Funko of your dreams.

Dafna Cosplay and Commissions

Selling prints and ready-made cosplays, as well as custom costume, wig, and prop commissions.
Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

Doll-ita Designs

Handmade pearler bead jewelry providing a wide range of nerdy and kawaii accessories for cosplayers and pop culture enthusiasts.
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram


Electronic Kitty

I sell handmade cyber goth/rave clothing and accessories!
Website | Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

Elswares Props

Custom cosplay creations, geek gear, and gaming-inspired food for your enjoyment!
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Eva Bonita

Originals of Shou and Ryou, a Moonwolf and Sunfox guardian pair inspired by Japanese mythology. We have prints, jewelry, pins, lanyards, omanjuus, and more coming to our store!
Store | Website


Handmade plushies, cosplay kimono dresses and accessories, and a large variety of buttons and pins.


Shop Name

Four Feathers Crafts

Handmade resin jewelry and keychains, fun plushies, and cosplay accessories like ears, tails, and horns.


Niche and trending anime prints, charms, and buttons with a unique and colorful art style.
Etsy | CarbonMade

Fullmetal Flamingo

Nerdy apparel, Kimono-inspired goods, and punny Japanese language tees.
Etsy | Teemill


Nerdy apparel, Kimono-inspired goods, and punny Japanese language tees.
Instagram | Website


I sell a vivid and whimsical assortment of original paintings and some ceramics and sculpture and jewelry. Currently accepting commissions as well.

Forest Girl Clothing

Forest Girl Clothing is a curated collection of handmade and secondhand treasures. Inspired by nature and designed to resonate with all those who dwell in the forest at heart.


Shop Name

Greensleeves Studio

Art prints and charms by traditional artist Liz F. Caballero, inspired by manga, anime, videogames, fantasy and books.

Get in a TiZzy!

Cute critter and anime inspired fleece hats! I also sell handmade wire wrapped pendants and hair bows.

Ginger Kitty Studio

Ginger Kitty Studio brings you fun and functional fandom creations! From pillows to wallets and hats to keychains, everything has its use!

Glitzbot Shop

Colorful and cartoony art on prints, buttons, charms, and stickers featuring fandoms like: BNHA, Persona, Haikyuu, MP100, and Transformers!
Etsy | Website

Geekling Creations

Super lifelike silicone ears, elf ears, and character ears, designed for realism as well as comfort and hand-painted for an amazingly lifelike effect. For costuming, cosplay or theatrical use.


Geeky Cute Crochet

Cute and geeky amigurumi and other items made from yarn.


Handmade plush, plush commissions, patches, washi tape, stickers, notebooks, charms, keychains.

Galvanized Art

I sell prints, stickers, buttons, and acrylic charms. I also have original paintings and small handmade plush toys available.
Shop | Instagram | Tumblr



Hi, I sell my own acrylic charms! They are mainly Kimetsu no Yaiba related and there's a lot of bundles/set deals!


Welcome to the farmer's market featuring humourous animals, fruits, and vegetables with a small hint of fandom!

Hobo & Jam

Creepy, cute, and colorful; find stickers, enamel pins, and more from the mind of Hobo Shojo!


I sell kandi bracelets, face masks, and paper art!
Etsy | Instagram


Ichigo Art

Are you a fan of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, Demon Slayer, Sailor Moon, or just an anime fan in general? Check out my art!

Ink Junk

Anime posters, postcards, acrylic items, and original comics.

Ichigo Neko Crafts

IchigoNekoCrafts is a shop that specializes in tiny hats / fascinators for alt fashion such as steampunk, Lolita, etc.
Etsy | Instagram


Josie Cuts Paper

I sell handmade paper art shadowboxes, pins, stickers and postcard prints.
Shop | Twitter

Joshua E. B. Smith, Author, Saga of the Dead Men Walking

(18+) The Saga of the Dead Men Walking is an adults-only fantasy horror series with five books currently in print.
Website | Facebook | Amazon


Shop Name


I sell prints, mini pillows, and also do commissions :D Anime to fantasy style, and also chibis!
Etsy | AdobeSpark


Looking for fuzzy friends, cosplay accessories, and fun patterns? Come get your adorable fix!

KatEye Design

Drawing inspiration from nature, space, and art nouveau themes, I produce prints, charms, pouches, lanyards, and much more!
Etsy | Instagram

Kawaii Rabbits

Kawaii-inspired apparel and accessories!
Etsy | Website | Instagram

Kawaii Stuff Store

Cute and adorable handmade creations uwu--from charms to plush!
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Kittypi Plush

Kittypi Plush is all about cute plushies handmade for you!
Etsy | Instagram

Kat Jiang Draws

I do all original, traditional art in a feminine and female-oriented style. I sell shimmer art prints, holographic stickers, and glitter postcards.

KnowOne's Designs

Hello, we create high quality props and costumes. They are available finished or as kits!


KiwiCutieDraws offers colorful and bright digital commissions.

Kraine Commissions

A cosplay shop that sells cosplay accessories and tolls. As well as fandom stickers, fanny packs and more!
Etsy | Website


Shop Name


Hi! I sell posters and charms, as well as commissions!

LowFata Creations

LowFata Creations sells Geek themed accessories for you and your pet.

Shop Name

Liminal Craft

Liminal Craft carries pins, short-run prints, and fandom activities! Send us a message for the print menu!


My products include original art along with an array of fan art from games, anime, comic, and animated cartoons.
Etsy | Instagram | Twitter

LissyFishy Wigs

From Axel, to Goku, to Galo, I am here for all your wig styling needs! All orders come with a free wig head!

Lightning and Lace

Lightning and Lace focuses on laser cutting and its applications in the cosplay world. We also do 3D design, embroidery, and traditional sewing!
Website | Etsy

The Lumiere Atelier

Cute anime-inspired art! We sell pins, keychains, stickers and homemade plush!

Lady of Rohan Creations

I'm a chronically ill lady who delights in making menhera fashion jewelry, whimsical pieces, and pretty pastel fairy kei items!
Etsy | Instagram

Lantana Illustrations

At Lantana designs we specialize in creating cute and fun merch of your favorite games and anime!

TheLaserGirls Studio

3D Printed Cosplay Props and Jewelry
Etsy | Website


Shop Name

Mage Creations

Embroidered fandom items like towel sets, scarves and patches! Custom orders open as well.


Cute, spooky, and sparkly fan merch and original art work. LGBTQ pride and support items.
Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

Momentai Ears

Nerdy and LGBTQ+ theme park ears for your next vacation or event, or even as an art piece! All ears are designed and handmade by a Canadian queer artist!
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Miniature Inspirations

Miniature Inspirations specializes in selling miniasture handmade needle felt sculptures created by artist Maggie Mei Lewis.

Mirabella Took

Costume accessories and props! While the majority of my shop is handmade out of leather, I have years of professional experience and training in a myriad of materials and techniques.

Miss Melty's Market

(18+) We sell prints, stickers, charms, and pins! We even do custom commissions! Come and enjoy our ethereal pastel monster madness!!

Mindy Soung

A place where if we work together, it's much better!
Website | Etsy | Twitter

MxWolfsbane Creations

MxWolfsbane sells a variety of vibrant, unique products featuring original and fan artHandmade nerdy goods for your home and everyday life.

Mizorey Ren

I create fanart of anime, video games, and pop culture in a minimalist style and print them onto playmats, t-shirts, stickers and more.
Shop | Website | Gallery

Mahou Dreamers

We are a 9 person Love Live cosplay and dance group based from Toronto, Ontario. Our store has character prints and various merch.


Nightrose Studios

We are two artists sharing a studio selling fandom and original art we've been making for 4 years.


Machine embroidered iron on patches and enamel pins.


I sell epoxy acrylic charms! I have a few designs for Promare and Kimetsu no Yaiba!


OtterBear Studios

We at OtterBear Studios make handmade plushies, kigus, and fursuits! We are opened for kigu and partial fursuit commissions!


Shop Name


PillowDS is a TX based illustrator who focuses on fanart of anime and video games. Prints, stickers, keychains and acrylic stands!
Storenvy | Kickstarter | Instagram | DeviantArt

Pocket Toku

Handmade toku goods and other assorted geekery.
Etsy | Instagram

Puzzled Orca

Stickers, Buttons, Art Prints, and more!

Polkadot Cute

Polkadot Cute is a small indie brand for kawaii animal lovers and sweets connoisseurs alike.

Shop Name

Phoenix Latex

(18+) Providing costumes for all needs. Bring your cosplay up a level, stun on the streets of Folsom, or keep it in the bedroom. Whatever you dream up, rise to the occasion!

Props It Yourself

I've created several tools to help others cosplayers, as my cutter kit for foam and my foam rulers for measurements.
Etsy | Instagram | Website | Gumroad

Pupcakes and Cupcats

Sugar frosted cute in the form of reusable cups, keychains, accessories and more!

pinkstuff by Adrina

Hi all! I'm an illustrator and designer with a variety of products and a variety of fandoms! Check it out if you you like cute, fun, and colorful art.
Gumroad | Instagram


Queerest Gear

Queerest Gear is an LGBTQ apparel and accessories shop, including shirts, snapback hats, beanies, patches, and more!
Website | Instagram

Queen Riot!

Art and merch gridhacking a wave of nostalgia!
Etsy | Etsy | Website


Rae West Art

Colorful fanart in prints, stickers, and charms!

Robin Burks

Robin is the author of a series of speculative fiction novels: Zeus, Inc.; The Curse of Hekate; and Return of The Titans.

Ridi Kitty Costumes & Design

Elaborate cosplay creations that stand out from the crowd! Offering high quality made-to-order and custom costumes, as well as Lolita/Victorian fashions.
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

Rainbow Thread Designs

Cosplay,clothing, and historical costumes as well as art; Rainbow Thread Designs creates custom commissioned work for cosplayers and reenactors alike. PM or email us to get your commission started!
Etsy | Facebook | Instagram


Macabre prints, stickers, handmade pins and more.
Website | Store Envy


Buttons, prints, charms, stickers, and more! Mostly fanart, I tend to sell cute things for Danganronpa, as well as other fandoms.
Shop | Instagram


We sell large acrylic stands, holographic and matte prints, and enamel pins.
Etsy | Website


Shop Name

Shoujo Havoc

Cute, colorful and pastel! My work will warm the heart and varies widely in fandom - come take a look!
Website | Etsy

Shade's Findings

Shade's Findings offer many products for your cosplay needs as well as our collection of geekery in wearables and plush!
Website | Facebook


(18+) I sell plushies, charms, buttons, and art commissions! I like making cute and fandom-related things!
Etsy | Portfolio

Shiny Things

Shiny Things specializes in all that sparkles and shines! I create anime- and gaming-themed jewelry and pins crafted from resin and acrylic.

The Shimmering Chimera

Resin cast horns, faux fur ears, fairy wings, and acrylic prop blades are just some of the items we create to help make your next costume magical!
Etsy | Instagram

Studio Aska

Studio Aska provides hand-made kimono fabric crafts, tsumami kanzashi hair accessories, and casual kimono-style garments.
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Street Candy Official

Custom decora choker necklaces and handmade cat ears! Our shop’s style ranges from kawaii, fairy kei, gothic, etc! <3
Etsy | Instagram

Sorbet Jungle

Sorbet Jungle is a indie designer specializing in cute animals, puns, and food themed goods. Plush, apparel and tons in-between!


Seifer's Stitches

Custom onesies, plushies, ita bags, and more! We strive for all our customers' comfort!

Star Fissure Creations

Star Fissure Creations is your one-stop shop for handmade jewelry showcasing crystals, stone, wood and inspirations that are out of this world!

Saltprince Draws

Fanart and fun drawings by a cosplayer!
Shop | Instagram

Spinkles Wear

Spinkles-covered headpieces!


Welcome to the squibblefu cafe where we fulfill your fanart needs with items ranging from prints, charms, enamel pins, apparel and more~

Splendid Treasures

At Splendid Treasures we make and sell different nerd based jewelry items, necklaces, bracelets and chokers.


Tea N' Jellybeans

Bold and bright illustrations featuring anime and video game characters, as well as original concepts featuring skulls.
Website | Etsy

Tea Time

My shop is filled with Persona, Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem and other fandom merch.
Store | Portfolio | Twitter


Finding homes for needlecelted friends! Each handmade doll is unique and small enough to fit in your hand!
Etsy | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr

Turnip’s Garden

Startup artist offering warm, comforting art and commissions.

Tea Dragon Design

We sell dice bags and dice palettes, as well as jewelery.


I do art commissions as well as custom dolls, paintings, and costume props!
Etsy | Instagram

Twin Thrones Cosplay

Custom wig dyeing services.

The Squirrel Queer

I create digital art of musicals and cartoons! I have stickers, prints, shirts and much more! I'm also available for digital commissions!
Redbubble | Instagram



I draw and make things from various series and shows. You can find a large collection charms, bookmarks, stickers, and more!
Artshop | Facebook | DeviantArt


ValhallaAriane Art

Kawaii crochet plushies, resin and polymer clay charms, and digital art!
Etsy | Teepublic | Ravelry | Website | Instagram



WoodlingsArt is an original fantasy art shop with prints, stickers, comics, and shirts made by Melissa Pierce, aka DeLerias.


I sell enamel pins, charms, stickers and more of my digital art!


Art prints and charms by traditional artist Liz F. Caballero, inspired by manga, anime, videogames, fantasy and books.
Amazon | Instagram

Wilde Designs

Handmade jewelry, art, and more for geeks, freaks & dreamers. Bringing the nerd world into your world one order at a time.
Website | Facebook | Instagram



I sell anime, kawaii, and kpop stickers and stationary!


Yarn Goddess Cosplay

I create fandom themed plushies, pillows, accessories and clothing from crochet! Everything is original and handmade by me!
Website | Instagram


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