ArdaCon Panel Schedule

Work With Me: Sewing!

Harl - 11:00 AM - 12:00PM CDT
Feeling blah and struggling to find motivation to work on projects? Can't go visit family for Easter? Us too. Let's work and hang out together! Join me as I sew masks for family, friends, and local hospitals, ask me sewing-related questions, and just have a relaxing time working on your projects with others in a friendly environment. Happy Easter!



Commission your Cosplay

Papa Bear - 7:00 PM CDT
Looking for a specific costume piece? Or maybe you're looking to get an entire costume made but have no idea where to start? This panel for you! We will discuss how to go about finding the right person for your cosplay needs! Get the know-how on effectively commissioning your cosplays.

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Acrylic Academy

Horsemen Of
We will show you how to use acrylic paint on foam, fabric, through an air brush, on wigs, and so much more. We are also Plaid paint ambassadors so we will be using many of their products but not exclusively theirs.

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Cold Casting Tips and Tricks

Eric Jarman
Learn tips and tricks on how to cold cast resin with Jarman Props!

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Intro to Ballgowns

Sonia Blade Cosplay
So you want to sew amazing ball gowns, but you can't pull it all together? We teach you how to go from planning to a finished look. With some basic tools, you'll gain knowledge on what patterns to choose, how to modify them, what fabrics are best, and many more tips and tricks. Delve into the wonderful world of gowns and emerge with the skills and inspiration you require to confidently create your own.

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Organizing Group Photoshoots

Horsemen Of
We will discuss how to manage all the moving parts of large group photoshoots: the people, the locations, the ideas, and working well with your photographer.

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Makeup for Cosplay

Han Yuleum - 3:00PM CDT
Going over the basics, tips, product suggestions, and more advanced techniques for a finished cosplay makeup look. There will be a Q a& A as well for anything else!

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Stretching with Shoto

Raye - 4:00 - 5:00PM CDT
I will be teaching a beginner stretching class in cosplay to help provide active moment during quarantine!

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Cosplay Pattern Making

EdenAnarchy - 7:00 PM CDT
In this panel, I will be doing a live demo of pattern draping, plus I will show the tools used in pattern drafting & draping. This is a class for anyone that has a basic understanding of sewing.

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Good Omens Meetup

Harl & Amara - 2:00 - 4:00PM CDT
Come join Arda's resident Ineffable Wives in costume for fun conversation about your favorite characters, selfie sharing, and TikToks! Bring your Animal Crossing town if you have it, and let's dress up our avatars and play games!

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Password: 007180

Haikyuu Meetup

Zen - 5:00 - 6:00PM CDT
Come join the organizer in costume for fun conversation about your favorite characters, selfie sharing, and TikToks! Wear your own costumes, come in-character, or just wear themed PJ's!

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BNHA Meetup

Raye - 7:00 - 7:40PM CDT
Come join the organizer in costume for fun conversation about your favorite characters, selfie sharing, and TikToks! Wear your own costumes, come in-character, or just wear themed PJ's!

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Password: ardacon20

Danganronpa Meetup

Kyle Johnson - 11:00AM - 3:00PM CDT
Come join the organizer in costume for fun conversation about your favorite characters, selfie sharing, and TikToks! Wear your own costumes, come in-character, or just wear themed PJ's!

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Get Ready with Bijou Bentley!

Bijou Bentley - 3:00PM CDT
I'll be putting together my signature drag look which isn't complete without my favorite wig from Arda Wigs. Tune in and watch as I complete my entire drag transformation from start to finish! Get tips and tricks and learn what my favorite products for a sickening drag look are!

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Corsetmaking 101

GSTQ Fashions - 1:00PM CDT
Learn the basics of corsetry with GSTQ's own expert, Catherine! In this lecture, learn about what materials, tools, patterns, and techniques you'll need to get started!

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Leatherworking 101

GSTQ Fashions - 2:30PM CDT
Sewing leather can be intimidating, but all you need is a good guide! GSTQ will guide you through the basic tools, techniques, and materials you'll need to get started!

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When the Show Starts

StarFall Cosplay - 4:00PM CDT
Want to enter your 1st or 100th Masquerade/Competition but suddenly feel nervous or unprepared?? We've all been there, but that fear can lead to some amazing accomplishments and we want to help you get there. Come sit with fellow competitors, talk shows and build your Show Stopping confidence.

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Intro to Cosplay

Papa Bear - 7:00 PM CDT
If you ever had questions about how to get started with cosplay, wondered what it means to take up the hobby, been confused by the differences in various materials, or wanted to get some basic do's and don'ts, then this is the panel for you! Learn beginning "How To's", hear some awesome cosplay adventure stories, and ask your own questions and get them answered.

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How to Start Hand Embroidering For Cosplay

telekineticManiac - 7:00 PM CDT
Want to try your hand at embroidery but don't know where to start? Tune in to learn basic techniques necessary for projects that range from simple patches to massive fabric-altering designs. Questions and talking shop highly encouraged!

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Diversity in Cosplay

Papa Bear with Venture Bros, Lucky Luna, Jihatsu - 7:00 PM CDT
Cosplay is a chance for ANYbody to express themselves and their passions for ANY character, regardless of skin color, orientation, disability, gender, or body type. It’s about living the character in the moment. Join Papa Bear as they give their diverse perspectives on the cultural impact, barriers, triumphs, and empowerment in the cosplay community.

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Live Wig Dye Tutorial with RIT and Twin Thrones Cosplay

Twin Thrones Cosplay - 7:00 PM CDT
Join dye pro Twin Thrones Cosplay and the CEO of Rit Dye to see a live demo, ask questions, and just talk shop!

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Let’s Muck It Up: Intro to finishing, distressing, and aging techniques.

HDCFabrication - 8:00 PM CDT
Let’s Muck It Up: Intro to finishing, distressing, and aging techniques. Looking to add that extra bit of realism to you prop or armor and not sure where to start? We will go over techniques on how to prep and finish your prop and then basic acrylic and oil paint washes, highlighting and lowlighting techniques, air brushing, battle damage, rusting and more! At the end of this, you’ll be armed to sufficiently muck up your clean work to better bring out its realism!

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Introduction to Special Effects Makeup for Cosplay

Shirak aka BB SFX - 11:00 AM CDT
Take the next step to level up your makeup skills on your next cosplay: Prosthetics and Special effects makeup! Learn the basis of special effects makeup, materials, techniques and lots of professional online sources. Q&A more than welcome!

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Fantastic Spikes and How to Detatch Them

moony.img - 4:00 PM CDT
Why would you want to make detachable wig spikes? What materials do you need in order to make detachable foam armatures? We will show you how to make foam wig pieces and how to attach them to a base wig for later removal! (Tutorial will be based on Galo Thymos from Promare).

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No, Infinity War Isn’t the Biggest Crossover: Making a New MCU Superhero Team

Emillia Luna - 12:00PM CDT
By the powers vested in me by Disney Channel (and Disney XD) I will be assembling the next iteration of the Avengers, using characters that technically exist within the same universe. Join in for Disney and Marvel fun and much love.

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Actor-ing, or Getting Started as an Actor With Eric Schumacher

Eric Schumacher - 1:30-2:30 PM CDT
Whether you've always dreamed about pursuing an acting career or are just getting started, multiple award winning and critically acclaimed Actor/Filmmaker Eric Schumacher (Legends and Lies TV Series, Alex Cox's Tombstone Rashomon, Horse Camp, Revenge of Zoe film series) will give you a starter explanation on how to align things for success. Topics will include: what an acting career is really like, whether you really need training, how to find acting jobs, marketing materials you'll need, career strategy, what you need to know about yourself to have a long term acting career, decrypting agents, managers and unions, and much more. Includes a Q and A session. This session may be recorded by the presenter.

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Password: 028264


How to Cosplay Contest: Ask a Judge (or two)!

Pros and Cons Cosplay - 3:00PM CDT
Cosplay contests are a great way to get involved in the cosplay community, but sometimes it can get confusing! What do cosplay contest judges look for? What do they mean by "accuracy?" What should I say to them during my judging slot? Join us for the answers to all of these questions and more!

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Video Game Music on Piano

Jer Roque - 4:00PM CDT
Listen to piano renditions of your favorite video game music from classics such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Bros., and Undertale!

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S*** Cosplayers Say

La Vie Cosplay - 7:00PM CDT
From the podcast of the same name comes the best of the worst cosplay and convention related questions. Join La Vie Cosplay as we explore the depths of the internet to give advice and enjoy the humor in this amazing hobby. You're not gonna believe what some people say! Or what they think they can attach to their body with hot glue!

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Big Hair

Jessica Harkonnen - 2:00PM CDT
Cosplay wigs that defy gravity! Finding a good quality wig base, how to firmly attach oversize wigs to your head, figuring out where you need volume, and adding volume that is LIGHT!

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Wig Maintenance 101

Wigs Everlasting - 3:30 - 5:00PM CDT
Long wigs, short wigs, heavily-styled wigs, back-heavy wigs, OH MY! WigsEverlasting has done it all and I am here to help! At this panel, you'll learn all the best ways to wear and care for your wigs and will have a chance to ask me questions. At what point does your wig need a restyle or a restoration? What's the difference? How do I keep my long wig from tangling? How do I wear a heavy, large ponytail without it slipping back? How do I keep my lace front wig's lace from getting gross? How do I even wear a lace front wig and when is it best to have one vs a hard front? What's the best way to pack my wigs for travel? What products can I use to maintain my wigs? All of these questions and more will be answered by WigsEverlasting!

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Meeting ID: 870 0356 3036


Plus Size Cosplay

Papa Bear with PollyMorph - 7:00 PM CDT
The is a panel in a series all about plus-size cosplay. For slightly more experienced cosplayers, we go over sewing tricks, photography tips, and other materials that are specifically relevant to larger bodies. Durability, support, and structure affect plus-size cosplayers in unique ways, and I'll share my discoveries with you!

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POC and Plus Size Stuff!

Kyle Johnson - 2:00PM CDT
I will be discussing my experience as a black and plus-size cosplayer and the community overall. I'll also share some tips on how I enlarge bought cosplays.

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Playing Dress Up!

JoeShmoe - 7:00PM CDT
Joe Salem has been going to conventions for a decade so far, dressing up like it’s Halloween throughout the year. But why does he and his friends entertain it? Join him and special guests, Harl and Amara of Arda Wgs, for this special, live edition of the podcast!

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Pokemon Gijinka Meetup

Jessica Harkonnen & Lexa Lefay Cosplay - 3:00PM CDT
A Pokemon gijinka Meetup hosted by Jessica Harkonnen, with special guest, Lexa Lefay!

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Meeting ID: 682 858 4092
Password: Pokemon

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