Winter Weekly WIP 2018

This year for WWWIP we wanted to focus on creating original characters! As the cosplay community grows, we see more and more con-goers creating fantastic mashup and unique versions of beloved characters and totally original characters of their own. Pulling on archetypes, changing characters to fit a theme, and designing new characters are all ways to see ourselves in the media we love!

Our goals for our designs are simple: we want them to pay homage to our favorite shows while still remaining unique and professional-looking in execution. How does one create a compelling story? How does a storyteller stay true to the story they want to tell? How do you bring those characters to life in a skillful way that hopefully speaks to other people? What kind of techniques can you use when there’s NOTHING to tell you how to make your outfit or what it should look like?

That’s what we want to explore! The creation of a character, from start to finish.

What happens when you put a bunch of creative people in a room and tell them to make characters that draw from classic shows and genres while still allowing them complete creative license? That’s what we wanted to find out. Our first storyboard artist and designer, Derrick, talks about his process and what went into creating his original story, characters, and designs for the “Mecha” genre. What tickled Derrick most about mecha animes, and what was he hoping to convey with his characters?

Find out about our Mecha anime, CHROMAWING: DELTA, and Derrick's design process in the character design blog! 

Five people will be blasting off in these costumes, which have to be measured and created from scratch. The foundation of any good costume is the legwork, and we’re going to explore what sort of feeling we want to evoke and how that factors in to everything we do, from our makeup choices to our props to our fabrics to our fabrication techniques.

Meet our CHROMAWING: DELTA Master Crafter, Kyle, and our amazing character models in the MISSION: START blog post! 


Sew! Cut! Fail! Try again! Any good costume will have roadblocks and accomplishments. Join us as we make (and fall short) of our grand ideas, and chat with us along the way.

In addition, we'll be having two master crafters join us on our journey: Mahou of Arda Wigs Canada, and Crimsyn Cosplay. Both will be working on their own independent products and showcasing their methods as the weeks progress. Follow our blog to learn some great tips and work along with us!


The culmination of any good story, costume, and idea is the final costume test and, of course, the photoshoot. How do you find a photographer who gets your vision? Do you need to find that perfect location to take a successful photo? Hopefully, we did our original characters justice and created something that embodies the things we love and we’re proud to wear.

Did we succeed? Find out at the photoshoot!

It wouldn't be Winter Weekly without our weekly specials, surprises, and sales. Make sure to tune in to our live stream every week to take advantage of what we're offering or giving away (or both!) to get you on your way to finishing your costume at lightspeed. And who knows, maybe we'll see you at Katsucon!


Not only that, we'll be teaming up with cosplay pattern specialists CUT/SEW to bring you some special content like you've never seen before! Stay tuned for announcements on what we're cooking up with our flight buddies, and see what they have in store for you!




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