Winter Weekly Wip 2017

We all know that time of the year.

Who wants to work on cosplay when it's dark and cold?

Well buckle up, fam, because we do!

Join us on our two month long quest to con season, where we fight the clock in an effort to complete a costume for one of the most anticipated events of the year. We encourage you to stick with us all winter long and watch as our projects are taken from concept to creation. Watch as Arda Crafters complete a number of challenging costumes to wear to Katsucon 2018!

If You’re Looking For Motivation -- This Is It!

Kiss con crunch goodbye.


When: Thursdays from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM CST via our Facebook.
Tune in to watch our Master Crafter Kyle and work on your cosplay, and bam! Just like that, make progress. Ask “how-to” questions about your projects and get them answered. Stick around to learn about something special at the end of each stream!


Where: Your own workspace!
At home, or with friends! (And pets! Pets are friends, too.)


How: Using our Progress Portal submit pictures of your cosplay progress from the week.
Snap a pic of your progress next to an item that shows the date, (like a phone, laptop, receipt, or newspaper) and send it to us through our Progress Portal each week.


Win: Once a week one cosplayer who submitted their progress will be randomly selected, and will walk away with a $30.00 Arda Wigs gift certificate.
All for capturing the progress of that newly sewn on button, or freshly pinned odango. Whatever your progress for that week--we can’t wait to see it!



Photo credits:
Lulu - M1Photography | Bard, Ganondorf - Lightshaper | Diablo Wizard - Vontography | 
Nami - Zombiecat89 | Ryuk - VSM Mixed Media

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