Restock List

Below we have documented inventory we have ON ORDER and are due to receive. This includes wig styles, colors, and accessories. Customers who order and pay for a backstock/preorder for any of the wigs listed below will have their orders processed (i.e. packed and shipped) upon receipt of the inventory at our warehouse. Any wigs not displayed here are not currently on order. Reorders are placed every month, and typically arrive 4-6 weeks after placement. All restock arrival periods listed below are SOFT DATES ONLY and are subject to change; we cannot guarantee any wig at any specific time. If you need an item for an event or convention and the restock dates are close, please bear in mind we do not guarantee or make complete refunds for missed deadlines. If your wig has not yet shipped, you may cancel your order. If your wig has shipped and you wish to return it, we will issue store credit for the cost of the wig (so long as it meets the requirements of our exchange policy) but NOT any shipping fees. For more information on restock or back ordering wigs and wig accessories please refer to our support tab on the left.

We will continue to update this page accordingly. Thank you for your patience!


December Restock


Adam – Dark Lavender CL-019
Adam – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Adam – Spanish Brown CL-074
Adam – Black CL-078
Adam – Dark Brown CL-076
Adam – Light Blonde CL-060

Arwen – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Arwen – Pale Blonde CL-057

Benny – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Benny – Light Brown CL-072
Benny – Light Copper Red CL-064
Benny – Black CL-078
Benny – Dark Brown CL-076
Benny – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Benny – Natural Black CL-077
Benny – Spanish Brown CL-074

Blue Steele – Aqua CL-030
Blue Steele – Black CL-078
Blue Steele – Ginger Blonde CL-059
Blue Steele – Pale Blonde CL-057
Blue Steele – Teal CL-043

Braid – Denim Blue CL-034
Braid – Raven CL-039
Braid – Dark Blue CL-038

Braid Bun – Silver CL-082

Buttercup – Desert Brown CL-073
Buttercup – Sandy Brown CL-071
Buttercup – Warm Light Brown CL-069
Buttercup – Ash Blonde CL-053
Buttercup – Baby Pink CL-014
Buttercup – Black CL-078
Buttercup – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Buttercup – Dark Brown CL-076
Buttercup – Light Blonde CL-060
Buttercup – Natural Black CL-057
Buttercup – Dark Brown CL-056
Buttercup – Pumpkin CL-066
Buttercup – Silver CL-082
Buttercup – Spanish Brown CL-074
Buttercup – Titanium Blonde CL-054

Candy Striper – Demonia
Candy Striper – Nia
Candy Striper – Dryad
Candy Striper – Dubstep
Candy Striper – Harmony
Candy Striper – Melody
Candy Striper – Nocturne
Candy Striper – Orchid
Candy Striper – Phoenix
Candy Striper – Purple Rain
Candy Striper – Thin Mint

Candy Striper Clip – Dubstep
Candy Striper Clip – Orchid
Candy Striper Clip – Harmony
Candy Striper Clip – Melody

Chibi Large – Dark Blue CL-038
Chibi Large – Pure White CL-083
Chibi Large – Black CL-078
Chibi Large – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Chibi Large – Pale Blonde CL-057
Chibi Large – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Chibi Large – Silver CL-082
Chibi Large – Teal CL-043

Chibi Small – Hot Pink CL-007
Chibi Small – Pale Blonde CL-057
Chibi Small – Titanium Blonde CL-054
Chibi Small – Yellow Blonde CL-058
Chibi Small – Light Blonde CL-060
Chibi Small – Natural Black CL-077
Chibi Small – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Chibi Small – Teal CL-043
Chibi Small – Warm Light Brown CL-069

Claudia – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Claudia – Hot Pink CL-007
Claudia – Indigo Blue CL-036
Claudia – Maroon CL-002
Claudia – Pale Blonde CL-057
Claudia – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Claudia – Rose Pink CL-009
Claudia – Apple Red CL-004
Claudia – Ash Blonde CL-053
Claudia – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Claudia – Mako Green CL-045
Claudia – Pumpkin CL-066
Claudia – Silver CL-082

Curly Clip – Dark Green CL-047
Curly Clip – Light Copper Red CL-064
Curly Clip – Maroon CL-002
Curly Clip – Titanium Blonde CL-054
Curly Clip – Dark Blue CL-038
Curly Clip – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Curly Clip – Pumpkin CL-066
Curly Clip – Silver CL-082

Dany – Dark Brown CL-076
Dany – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Dany – Pumpkin CL-066
Dany – Titanium Blonde CL-054
Dany – Apple Red CL-004
Dany – Natural Black CL-077

Delilah – Electric Blue CL-032
Delilah – Natural Black CL-077
Delilah – Pale Blonde CL-057
Delilah – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Delilah – Silver CL-082

Derek – Black CL-078
Derek – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Derek – Dark Blue CL-038
Derek – Light Brown CL-072
Derek – Light Grey CL-081
Derek – Midnight Blue CL-041
Derek – Natural Black CL-077
Derek – Pale Blonde CL-057
Derek – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Derek – Pure White CL-083
Derek – Silver CL-082
Derek – Spanish Brown CL-074
Derek – Titanium Blonde CL-054
Derek – Ash Blonde CL-053
Derek – Dark Brown CL-076
Derek – Desert Brown CL-073
Derek – Grey CL-080
Derek Yellow Blonde CL-058

Derka – Teal CL-043

Eowyn – Black CL-078
Eowyn – Desert Brown CL-073
Eowyn – Fire Orange CL-065
Eowyn – Jade CL-050
Eowyn – Liht Brown CL-072
Eowyn – Lilac CL-025
Eowyn – Natural Black CL-077
Eowyn – Titanium Blonde CL-054
Eowyn – Warm Light Brown CL-069
Eowyn – Crimson CL-003
Eowyn – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Eowyn – Dark Brown CL-076
Eowyn – Dark Copper Red CL-068

Ferrari – Apple Red CL-004
Ferrari – Ash Black CL-079
Ferrari – Baby Pink CL-014
Ferrari – Black CL-078
Ferrari – Bubblegum CL-011
Ferrari – Cherry Red CL-005
Ferrari – Chocolate CL-070
Ferrari – Crimson CL-003
Ferrari – Dark Blue CL-038
Ferrari – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Ferrari – Dark Brown CL-076
Ferrari – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Ferrari – Dark Lavender CL-019
Ferrari – Electric Blue CL-032
Ferrari – Fire Orange CL-065
Ferrari – Ginger Blonde CL-059
Ferrari – Grape CL-023
Ferrari – Hot Pink CL-007
Ferrari – Ice Violet CL-026
Ferrari – Indigo Blue CL-036
Ferrari – Light Pink CL-012
Ferrari – Lightning Pink CL-016
Ferrari – Light Blonde CL-060
Ferrari – Lemon Drop CL-055
Ferrari – Magenta CL-008
Ferrari – Mahogany CL-075
Ferrari – Mako Green CL-045
Ferrari – Maroon CL-002
Ferrari – Ocean Green CL-044
Ferrari – Pale Blonde CL-057
Ferrari – Warm Light Brown CL-069
Ferrari – Titanium Blonde CL-054
Ferrari – Mirkwood Green CL-040
Ferrari – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Ferrari – Plum CL-021
Ferrari – Princess Pink CL-010
Ferrari – Pumpkin CL-066
Ferrari – Pure White CL-083
Ferrari – Serah Pink CL-013
Ferrari – Teal CL-043
Ferrari – Ultraviolet CL-020

Glinda – Ash Blonde CL-053
Glinda – Pumpkin CL-066
Glinda – Silver CL-082
Glinda – Sandy Brown CL-071
Glinda – Natural Black CL-077
Glinda – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Glinda – Spanish Brown CL-074

Greta – Black CL-078
Greta – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Greta – Dark Brown CL-076
Greta – Lilac CL-025
Greta – Midnight Blue CL-041
Greta – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Greta – Pumpkin CL-066
Greta – Raspberry CL-006

Hairbun – Black CL-078
Hairbun – Rose Pink CL-009

Hansel – Apple Red CL-004
Hansel – Aqua CL-030
Hansel – Ash Blonde CL-053
Hansel – Black CL-078
Hansel – Chocolate CL-070
Hansel – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Hansel – Dark Brown CL-076
Hansel – Fire Orange CL-065
Hansel – Light Brown CL-072
Hansel – Maroon CL-002
Hansel – Natural Black CL-077
Hansel – Pale Blonde CL-057
Hansel – Pumpkin CL-066
Hansel – Pure White CL-083
Hansel – Spanish Brown CL-074

Imladris – Ash Blonde CL-053

Inigo – Dark Brown CL-076
Inigo – Light Brown CL-072
Inigo – Light Grey CL-081
Inigo – Light Pink CL-012
Inigo – Magenta CL-008
Inigo – Natural Black CL-077
Inigo – Wine CL-001

Jaguar – Cherry Red CL-005
Jaguar – Dark Purple CL-022
Jaguar – Cobalt Blue CL-035
Jaguar – Crimson CL-003
Jaguar – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Jaguar – Dark Brown CL-076
Jaguar – Ginger Blonde CL-059
Jaguar – Indigo Blue CL-036
Jaguar – Electric Blue CL-032
Jaguar – Grape CL-023
Jaguar – Jade CL-050
Jaguar – Light Blonde CL-060
Jaguar – Light Brown CL-072
Jaguar – Light Grey CL-081
Jaguar – Midnight Blue CL-041
Jaguar – Natural Black CL-077
Jaguar – Pumpkin CL-066
Jaguar – Maroon CL-002
Jaguar – Plum CL-021
Jaguar – Pure White CL-083
Jaguar – Silver CL-082
Jaguar – Slate Blue CL-027
Jaguar – Titanium Blonde CL-054
Jaguar – Ultraviolet CL-020

Jane – Apple Red CL-004
Jane – Bubblegum CL-011
Jane – Crimson CL-003
Jane – Light Brown CL-072
Jane – Titanium Blonde CL-054

Jareth – Ash Blonde CL-053
Jareth – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Jareth – Pumpkin CL-066
Jareth – Silver CL-082
Jareth – Black CL-078

Jareth Long – Black CL-078
Jareth Long – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Jareth Long – Light Grey CL-081
Jareth Long – Slate Blue CL-027

Jasmine Large – Grape CL-023

Jasmine Small – Apple Red CL-004
Jasmine Small – Black CL-078
Jasmine Small – Silver CL-082

Jeannie Large – Emerald Green CL-048
Jeannie Large – Mahogany CL-075
Jeannie Large – Rose Pink CL-009
Jeannie Large – Sandy Brown CL-071

Jeannie Small – Apple Red CL-004
Jeannie Small – Aqua CL-030
Jeannie Small – Ash Blonde CL-053
Jeannie Small – Crimson CL-003
Jeannie Small – Light Copper Red CL-064
Jeannie Small – Magenta CL-008
Jeannie Small – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Jeannie Small – Pure White CL-083

Jett – Apple Red CL-004
Jett – Black CL-078
Jett – Emerald Green CL-048
Jett – Fire Orange CL-065
Jett – Natural Black CL-077
Jett – Pale Blonde CL-057
Jett – Pure White CL-083
Jett – Spanish Brown CL-074
Jett – Titanium Blonde CL-054

Josephine – Pale Blonde CL-057

Katinka – Light Pink CL-012
Katinka – Pumpkin CL-066

Le Tigre – Ice Violet CL-026
Le Tigre – Light Grey CL-081
Le Tigre – Raven CL-039

Leia – Black CL-078
Leia – Electric Blue CL-032
Leia – Ginger Blonde CL-059
Leia – Spanish Brown CL-074

Long Bang – Natural Black CL-077

Long Clip – Indigo Blue CL-036
Long Clip – Lemon Drop CL-055
Long Clip – Light Blonde CL-060
Long Clip – Pumpkin CL-066
Long Clip – Teal CL-043

Long Curly Clip – Crimson CL-003
Long Curly Clip – Pumpkin CL-066
Long Curly Clip – Raspberry CL-006
Long Curly Clip – Teal CL-043

Long Weft – Ash Blonde CL-053
Long Weft – Black CL-078
Long Weft – Bubblegum CL-011
Long Weft – Dark Blue CL-038
Long Weft – Dark Brown CL-076
Long Weft – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Long Weft – Indigo Blue CL-036
Long Weft – Light Blonde CL-060
Long Weft – Maroon CL-002
Long Weft – Pale Blonde CL-057
Long Weft – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Long Weft – Princess Pink CL-010
Long Weft – Pure White CL-083
Long Weft – Spanish Brown CL-074
Long Weft – Titanium Blonde CL-054

Lulu – Apple Red CL-004
Lulu – Dark Blue CL-038
Lulu – Dark Brown CL-076
Lulu – Dark Purple CL-022
Lulu – Lavender CL-018
Lulu – Peach CL-062
Lulu – Periwinkle CL-028
Lulu – Princess Pink CL-010
Lulu – Royal Blue CL-033
Lulu – Teal CL-043

Luthien – Apple Red CL-004
Luthien – Black CL-078
Luthien – Crimson CL-003
Luthien – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Luthien – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Luthien – Dusty Rose CL-017
Luthien – Grape CL-023
Luthien – Light Blonde CL-060
Luthien – Mako Green CL-045
Luthien – Maroon CL-002
Luthien – Midnight Blue CL-041
Luthien – Mint CL-042
Luthien – Natural Black CL-077
Luthien – Pale Blonde CL-057
Luthien – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Luthien – Pure White CL-083
Luthien – Raspberry CL-006
Luthien – Raven CL-039
Luthien – Rose Pink CL-009
Luthien – Salmon CL-067
Luthien – Silver CL-082
Luthien – Spanish Brown CL-074
Luthien – Teal CL-043

Magnum – Ash Blonde CL-053
Magnum – Black CL-078
Magnum – Bubblegum CL-011
Magnum – Cherry Red CL-005
Magnum – Cobalt Blue CL-035
Magnum – Crimson CL-003
Magnum – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Magnum – Dark Brown CL-076
Magnum – Fire Orange CL-048
Magnum – Grape CL-023
Magnum – Jade CL-050
Magnum – Light Grey CL-081
Magnum – Pure White CL-083
Magnum – Royal Blue CL-033
Magnum – Sandy Brown CL-071
Magnum – Spanish Brown CL-074
Magnum – Teal CL-043
Magnum – Warm Light Brown CL-054
Magnum – Yellow Blonde CL-058

Magnum Long – Apple Red CL-004
Magnum Long – Black CL-078
Magnum Long – Dark Brown CL-076
Magnum Long – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Magnum Long – Dark Green CL-047
Magnum Long – Dark Purple CL-022
Magnum Long – Denim Blue CL-034
Magnum Long – Dusty Blue CL-031
Magnum Long – Ginger Blonde CL-059
Magnum Long – Lilac CL-025
Magnum Long – Natural Black CL-077
Magnum Long – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Magnum Long – Powder Blue CL-029
Magnum Long – Pumpkin CL-066
Magnum Long – Pure White CL-083
Magnum Long – Silver CL-082
Magnum Long – Warm Light Brown CL-069

Malinda – Black CL-078
Malinda – Cherry Red CL-005
Malinda – Denim Blue CL-034
Malinda – Light Grey CL-081
Malinda – Maroon CL-002
Malinda – Natural Black CL-077
Malinda – Pale Blonde CL-057
Malinda – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Malinda – Silver CL-082
Malinda – Yellow CL-061

Marty – Ash Blonde CL-053
Marty – Black CL-078
Marty – Dark Brown CL-076
Marty – Light Grey CL-081
Marty – Natural Black CL-077
Marty – Pale Blonde CL-057
Marty – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Marty – Pure White CL-083
Marty – Silver CL-082
Marty – Spanish Brown CL-074
Marty – Titanium Blonde CL-054

Matilda – Black CL-078
Matilda – Crimson CL-003
Matilda – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052
Matilda – Dark Brown CL-076
Matilda – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Matilda – Dark Green CL-047
Matilda – Ginger Blonde CL-059
Matilda – Natural Black CL-077
Matilda – Pumpkin CL-066
Matilda – Pure White CL-083
Matilda – Titanium Blonde CL-054

Merry – Black CL-078
Merry – Fire Orange CL-065
Merry – Pumpkin CL-066

Morpheus – Black CL-078
Morpheus – Silver CL-082

Mugatu – Pure White/Black

Natasha – Black CL-078
Natasha – Lemon Drop CL-055
Natasha – Mahogany CL-075
Natasha – Pale Blonde CL-057
Natasha – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Natasha – Pure White CL-083

Nicki – Crimson CL-003
Nicki – Hot Pink CL-007

Nina – Dark Ash Blonde CL-052

Odango – Platinum Blonde CL-056


Ororo – Ash Blonde CL-053
Ororo – Crimson CL-003
Ororo – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Ororo – Pumpkin CL-066
Ororo – Spanish Brown CL-074
Ororo – Yellow Blonde CL-058

Pippin – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Pippin – Grape CL-023
Pippin – Light Brown CL-072
Pippin – Natural Black CL-077
Pippin – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Pippin – Silver CL-082

Priscilla – Black CL-078
Priscilla – Titanium Blonde CL-054

Rocky – Black CL-078
Rocky – Dark Brown CL-076
Rocky – Natural Black CL-077

Rufio – Natural Black sides/Silver hawk
Rufio – Pumpkin CL-066

Short Bang – Apple Red CL-004
Short Bang – Natural Black CL-077

Short Weft – Aqua CL-030
Short Weft – Cherry Red CL-005
Short Weft – Cobalt Blue CL-035
Short Weft – Dark Blue CL-038
Short Weft – Dark Purple CL-022
Short Weft – Fire Orange CL-065
Short Weft – Light Grey CL-080
Short Weft – Jade CL-050
Short Weft – Lemon Drop CL-055
Short Weft – Light Blonde CL-060
Short Weft – Lightning Pink CL-016
Short Weft – Ocean Green CL-044
Short Weft – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Short Weft – Titanium Blonde CL-054


Stevie – Desert Brown CL-073
Stevie – Mahogany CL-104

Suzi – Ash Blonde CL-053
Suzi – Raspberry CL-006


Vegas – Spanish Brown CL-074

Venus – Aqua CL-030
Venus – Dark Copper Red CL-068
Venus – Silver CL-082

Victoria – Black CL-078
Victoria – Dusty Rose CL-017
Victoria – Light Brown CL-072

Virginia – Dark Lavender CL-019
Virginia – Lavender CL-018
Virginia – Ultraviolet CL-020

Vivien – Apple Red CL-004
Vivien – Ash Blonde CL-053
Vivien – Bubblegum CL-011
Vivien – Crimson CL-003
Vivien – Dark Brown CL-076
Vivien – Maroon CL-002
Vivien – Pale Blonde CL-057
Vivien – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Vivien – Pumpkin CL-066
Vivien – Pure White CL-083
Vivien – Spanish Brown CL-074
Vivien – Titanium Blonde CL-054

Westley – Grape CL-023
Westley – Grey CL-080
Westley – Natural Black CL-077
Westley – Platinum Blonde CL-056
Westley – Silver CL-082



Buttercup – Onyx SI-078

Jareth Long – Bleach Blonde SI-054

Le Tigre – Snow White SI-083

Luthien – Snow White SI-083

Nina – Espresso SI-077
Nina – Onyx SI-078

Short Weft – Snow White SI-083

Venus – Onyx SI-078
Venus – Snow White SI-083

Color Ring SILKY