Restock List

Restock List

Below we have documented inventory we have ON ORDER and are due to receive. This includes wig styles, colors, and accessories. Customers who order and pay for a backstock/preorder for any of the wigs listed below will have their orders processed (i.e. packed and shipped) upon receipt of the inventory at our warehouse. Any wigs not displayed here are not currently on order. Reorders are placed every month, and typically arrive 6 weeks after placement. All restock arrival periods listed below are SOFT DATES ONLY and are subject to change; we cannot guarantee any wig at any specific time. If you need an item for an event or convention and the restock dates are close, please bear in mind we do not guarantee or make complete refunds for missed deadlines. If your wig has not yet shipped, you may cancel your order. If your wig has shipped and you wish to return it, we will issue store credit for the cost of the wig (so long as it meets the requirements of our exchange policy) but NOT any shipping fees. For more information on restock or back ordering wigs and wig accessories please refer to our support tab on the left.

We will continue to update this page accordingly. Thank you for your patience! Please click on any of the links below to jump to that section of the list.

Late October Restock (873)

3/4 Bangs – Black (CL-078)
3/4 Bangs – Dark Brown (CL-076)
3/4 Bangs – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
3/4 Bangs – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
3/4 Bangs – Serah Pink (CL-013)

Amber – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Amber – Black (CL-078)
Amber – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Amber – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Amber – Grey (CL-080)
Amber – Natural Black (CL-077)
Amber – Pale Blonde (CL-057)
Amber – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Amber – Pure White (CL-083)
Amber – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Amber – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)
Amber – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)
Amber – Light Grey (CL-081)
Amber – Silver (CL-082)

Arwen – Natural Black (CL-077)
Arwen – Pure White (CL-083)

Benny – Chocolate (CL-070)
Benny – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Benny – Light Brown (CL-072)
Benny – Light Copper Red (CL-064)
Benny – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Benny – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Bombshell Bangs – Apple Red (CL-004)
Bombshell Bangs – Dark Brown (CL-076)

Blue Steele – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Blue Steele – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Blue Steele – Fire Orange (CL-065)
Blue Steele – Pale Blonde (CL-057)
Blue Steele – Teal (CL-043)
Blue Steele – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Braid – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Braid – Mahogany (CL-075)
Braid – Natural Black (CL-077)
Braid – Silver (CL-082)
Braid – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Braid Bun – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Bucky – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Bucky – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Bucky – Light Brown (CL-072)

Buttercup – Crimson (CL-003)
Buttercup – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Buttercup – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Buttercup – Light Brown (CL-072)
Buttercup – Light Copper Red (CL-064)
Buttercup – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Cady – Apple Red (CL-004)
Cady – Light Green (CL-049)
Cady – Pumpkin (CL-066)

Candy Striper Clip – Billie Jean
Candy Striper Clip – Orchid

Chibi Large – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Chibi Large – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Chibi Large – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Chibi Large – Rose Pink (CL-009)

Chibi Small – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Chibi Small – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)

Claudia – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Claudia – Midnight Blue (CL-041)

Curly Clip – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Curly Clip – Crimson (CL-003)
Curly Clip – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Curly Clip – Lightning Pink (CL-016)
Curly Clip – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Dany – Crimson (CL-003)
Dany – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Dany – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Dany – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Dany – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Delilah – Black (CL-078)
Delilah – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)

Derek – Mirkwood Green (CL-040)
Derek – Rose Pink (CL-009)

Eowyn – Dark Purple (CL-022)
Eowyn – Fire Orange (CL-065)
Eowyn – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Eowyn – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Ferrari – Light Green (CL-049)
Ferrari – Magenta (CL-008)
Ferrari – Mirkwood Green (CL-040)
Ferrari – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Glinda – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Glinda – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Grace – Black (CL-078)
Grace – Crimson (CL-003)
Grace – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Grace – Light Grey (CL-081)
Grace – Ocean Green (CL-044)
Grace – Plum (CL-021)
Grace – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Grace – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Grace – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Greta – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Greta – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Greta – Light Brown (CL-072)

Hairbun – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Hairbun – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Hairbun – Midnight Blue (CL-041)
Hairbun – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Hansel – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Hansel – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Hansel – Olive (CL-046)
Hansel – Periwinkle (CL-028)
Hansel – Sandy Brown (CL-071)

Imladris – Light Blonde (CL-060)

Inigo – Emerald Green (CL-048)
Inigo – Light Pink (CL-012)
Inigo – Magenta (CL-008)
Inigo – Raven (CL-039)

Jaguar – Aqua (CL-030)
Jaguar – Ash Black (CL-079)
Jaguar – Dark Lavender (CL-019)
Jaguar – Light Brown (CL-072)
Jaguar – Light Green (CL-049)
Jaguar – Periwinkle (CL-028)

Jane – Emerald Green (CL-048)
Jane – Mint (CL-042)

Jareth – Aqua (CL-030)
Jareth – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Jareth – Cobalt Blue (CL-035)

Jareth Long – Black (CL-078)
Jareth Long – Crimson (CL-003)
Jareth Long – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Jareth Long – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Jareth Long – Natural Black (CL-077)
Jareth Long – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Jasmine Large – Mahogany (CL-075)

Jasmine Small – Black (CL-078)
Jasmine Small – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Jasmine Small – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Jasmine Small – Mahogany (CL-075)
Jasmine Small – Silver (CL-082)

Jeannie Large – Apple Red (CL-004)
Jeannie Large – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Jeannie Large – Black (CL-078)
Jeannie Large – Chocolate (CL-070)
Jeannie Large – Crimson (CL-003)
Jeannie Large – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Jeannie Large – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Jeannie Large – Mahogany (CL-075)
Jeannie Large – Maroon (CL-002)
Jeannie Large – Natural Black (CL-077)
Jeannie Large – Plum (CL-021)
Jeannie Large – Raven (CL-039)
Jeannie Large – Silver (CL-082)
Jeannie Large – Wine (CL-001)

Jeannie Small – Crimson (CL-003)
Jeannie Small – Dark Brown (CL-056)
Jeannie Small – Ginger Blonde (CL-059)
Jeannie Small – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Jeannie Small – Pale Blonde (CL-057)
Jeannie Small – Silver (CL-082)
Jeannie Small – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Jett – Apple Red (CL-004)
Jett – Ash Black (CL-079)
Jett – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Jett – Emerald Green (CL-048)
Jett – Ginger Blonde (CL-059)
Jett – Royal Blue (CL-033)
Jett – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Jett – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Jett – Teal (CL-043)
Jett – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Josephine – Black (CL-078)
Josephine – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Katinka – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Katinka – Light Pink (CL-012)

Lace Square Small – Pumpkin (CL-066)

Le Tigre – Ash Black (CL-079)
Le Tigre – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Le Tigre – Crimson (CL-003)
Le Tigre – Electric Blue (CL-032)
Le Tigre – Light Brown (CL-072)
Le Tigre – Light Grey (CL-081)
Le Tigre – Pure White (CL-083)
Le Tigre – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Le Tigre – Silver (CL-082)
Le Tigre – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Leia – Pale Blonde (CL-057)

Lindsay – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)

Long Bangs – Pure White (CL-083)

Long Clip – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Long CLip – Crimson (CL-003)
Long Clip – Dark Purple (CL-022)
Long Clip – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Long Clip – Magenta (CL-008)
Long Clip – Pure White (CL-083)
Long Clip – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)
Long Clip – Yellow (CL-061)

Long Curly Clip – Apple Red (CL-004)
Long Curly Clip – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Long Curly Clip – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Long Curly Clip – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Long Curly Clip – Maroon (CL-002)

Long Weft – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Long Weft – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Long Weft – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Long Weft – Ginger Blonde (CL-059)
Long Weft – Grape (CL-023)
Long Weft – Ice Violet (CL-026)
Long Weft – Light Green (CL-049)
Long Weft – Mirkwood Green (CL-040)
Long Weft – Pure White (CL-083)
Long Weft – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Long Weft – Silver (CL-082)
Long Weft – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)
Long Weft – Yellow (CL-061)

Lulu – Aqua (CL-030)
Lulu – Charcoal Blue (CL-037)
Lulu – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Lulu – Hot Pink (CL-007)
Lulu – Lightning Pink (CL-016)
Lulu – Maroon (CL-002)
Lulu – Olive (CL-046)
Lulu – Peach (CL-062)
Lulu – Periwinkle (CL-028)
Lulu – Pure White (CL-083)
Lulu – Yellow Blonde (CL-058)

Luthien – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Luthien – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Luthien – Dark Purple (CL-022)
Luthien – Denim Blue (CL-034)
Luthien – Fire Orange (CL-065)
Luthien – Indigo Blue (CL-036)
Luthien – Light Brown (CL-072)
Luthien – Light Copper Red (CL-064)
Luthien – Light Pink (CL-012)
Luthien – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Luthien – Rose Pink (CL-009)
Luthien – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Magnum – Apple Red (CL-004)
Magnum – Aqua (CL-030)
Magnum – Chocolate (CL-070)
Magnum – Crimson (CL-003)
Magnum – Dark Blue (CL-039)
Magnum – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Magnum – Denim Blue (CL-034)
Magnum – Hot Pink (CL-007)
Magnum – Ice Violet (CL-026)
Magnum – Grape (CL-023)
Magnum – Light Brown (CL-072)
Magnum – Light Pink (CL-012)
Magnum – Pale Blonde (CL-057)
Magnum – Plum (CL-021)
Magnum – Raven (CL-039)
Magnum – Rose Pink (CL-009)
Magnum – Royal Blue (CL-033)
Magnum – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Magnum – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)
Magnum – Wine (CL-001)

Magnum Long – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Magnum Long – Denim Blue (CL-034)
Magnum Long – Dusty Blue (CL-031)
Magnum Long – Fairy Blonde (CL-057)
Magnum Long – Grey (CL-080)
Magnum Long – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Magnum Long – Light Pink (CL-012)
Magnum Long – Natural Black (CL-077)
Magnum Long – Powder Blue (CL-029)
Magnum Long – Salmon (CL-067)
Magnum Long – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Magnum Long – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Malinda – Apple Red (CL-004)
Malinda – Electric Blue (CL-032)
Malinda – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Marty – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Marty – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Marty – Light Brown (CL-072)
Marty – Powder Blue (CL-029)
Marty – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Marty – Pure White (CL-083)
Marty – Raspberry (CL-006)
Marty – Raven (CL-039)
Marty – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Matilda – Crimson (CL-003)
Matilda – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Matilda – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Matilda – Fire Orange (CL-065)
Matilda – Raspberry (CL-006)
Matilda – Silver (CL-082)

Mid Clip – Black (CL-078)
Mid Clip – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Mid Clip – Natural Black (CL-077)
Mid Clip – Raspberry (CL-006)
Mid Clip – Silver (CL-082)
Mid Clip – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Morpheus – Grey (CL-080)

Natasha – Dark Purple (CL-022)
Natasha – Light Copper Red (CL-064)
Natasha – Pure White (CL-083)
Natasha – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Nicki – Powder Blue (CL-029)

Nina – Black (CL-078)
Nina – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Nina – Ginger Blonde (CL-059)
Nina – Light Brown (CL-072)
Nina – Powder Blue (CL-029)
Nina – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Odango Bun – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Odango Bun – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)

Ororo – Crimson (CL-003)

Priscilla – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Priscilla – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Priscilla – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Priscilla – Midnight Blue (CL-041)
Priscilla – Pumpkin (CL-066)

Rocky – Chocolate (CL-070)
Rocky – Grey (CL-080)
Rocky – Light Grey (CL-081)
Rocky – Natural Black (CL-077)

Rufio – Black (CL-078)
Rufio – Black sides/Apple Red hawk (CL-078/CL-004)
Rufio – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Rufio – Light Green sides/Cherry Red hawk (CL-049/CL-005)
Rufio – Natural Black sides/Silver hawk (CL-077/CL-082)
Rufio – Pumpkin (CL-066)

Short Bangs – Black (CL-078)
Short Bangs – Natural Black (CL-077)

Short Clip – Black (CL-078)
Short Clip – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Short Clip – Natural Black (CL-077)

Short Weft – Aqua (CL-030)
Short Weft – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Short Weft – Black (CL-078)
Short Weft – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Short Weft – Dark Lavender (CL-019)
Short Weft – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Short Weft – Jade (CL-050)
Short Weft – Lemon Drop (CL-055)
Short Weft – Mahogany (CL-075)
Short Weft – Pure White (CL-083)
Short Weft – Raven (CL-039)
Short Weft – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Short Weft – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)
Short Weft – Yellow Blonde (CL-058)

Skyelar – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Skyelar – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Skyelar – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Skyelar – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Skyelar – Mahogany (CL-075)
Skyelar – Natural Black (CL-077)
Skyelar – Pumpkin (CL-066)

Stevie – Lilac (CL-025)
Stevie – Mint (CL-042)
Stevie – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Stevie – Silver (CL-082)

Suzi – Cherry Red (CL-005)
Suzi – Crimson (CL-003)
Suzi – Electric Blue (CL-032)
Suzi – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Suzi – Light Grey (CL-081)
Suzi – Magenta (CL-008)
Suzi – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Tauriel – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Tauriel – Grey (CL-080)
Tauriel – Natural Black (CL-077)
Tauriel – Silver (CL-082)

Vegas – Plum (CL-021)
Vegas – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Venus – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Venus – Desert Brown (CL-073)
Venus – Hot Pink (CL-007)
Venus – Light Copper Red (CL-064)
Venus – Pale Blonde (CL-057)
Venus – Peach (CL-062)
Venus – Plum (CL-021)
Venus – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Venus – Raspberry (CL-006)
Venus – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Venus – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Victoria – Black (CL-078)
Victoria – Crimson (CL-003)
Victoria – Dusty Rose (CL-017)
Victoria – Lavender (CL-018)
Victoria – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Virginia – Black (CL-078)
Virginia – Lilac (CL-025)
Virginia – Natural Black (CL-077)
Virginia – Ultraviolet (CL-020)

Vivien – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Vivien – Emerald Green (CL-048)
Vivien – Lemon Drop (CL-055)
Vivien – Mahogany (CL-075)
Vivien – Ocean Green (CL-044)
Vivien – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)


November Restock – CLASSIC (889)

Amber – Dark Lavender (CL-019)
Amber – Lightning Pink (CL-016)
Amber – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Amber – Serah Pink (CL-013)

Arwen – Light Brown (CL-072)
Arwen – Silver (CL-082)

Aurora Borealis

Benny – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Benny – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)

Bombshell Bangs – Pure White (CL-083)

Blue Steele – Natural Black (CL-077)

Braid Bun – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Bucky – Dark Brown (CL-076)

Buttercup – Maroon (CL-002)
Buttercup – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Buttercup – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Chibi Large – Electric Purple (CL-024)
Chibi Large – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Chibi Small – Electric Purple (CL-024)
Chibi Small – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Claudia – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)

Clip-In – Baby Pink (CL-014)

Color Ring

Curly Clip – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Curly Clip – Raspberry (CL-006)

Dany – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Dany – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Dany – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Dany – Natural Black (CL-077)

Derek – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Derek – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Delilah – Serah Pink (CL-013)

Derka – Apple Red (CL-004)
Derka – Dark Brown (CL-076)

Eowyn – Ash Blonde (CL-053)

Ferrari – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Ferrari – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Ferrari – Cherry Red (CL-005)
Ferrari – Dark Green (CL-047)
Ferrari – Laurel Green (CL-051)
Ferrari – Light Copper Red (CL-064)
Ferrari – Natural Black (CL-077)

Glinda – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)

Grace – Chocolate (CL-070)
Grace – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Grace – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Grace – Light Brown (CL-072)
Grace – Natural Black (CL-077)
Grace – Pure White (CL-083)
Grace – Silver (CL-082)

Hansel – Cherry Red (CL-005)
Hansel – Lemon Drop (CL-055)
Hansel – Maroon (CL-002)
Hansel – Olive (CL-046)
Hansel – Sandy Brown (CL-071)

Imladris – Light Grey (CL-081)

Inigo – Charcoal Blue (CL-037)
Inigo – Desert Brown (CL-073)
Inigo – Plum (CL-021)
Inigo – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Inigo – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Jaguar – Cherry Red (CL-005)
Jaguar – Crimson (CL-003)
Jaguar – Dark Green (CL-047)
Jaguar – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Jaguar – Midnight Blue (CL-041)
Jaguar – Slate Blue (CL-027)

Jane – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Jane – Plum (CL-021)
Jane – Teal (CL-043)
Jane – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Jareth – Apple Red (CL-004)
Jareth – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Jareth – Fire Orange (CL-065)
Jareth – Maroon (CL-002)
Jareth – Raspberry (CL-006)

Jareth Long – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Jareth Long – Pure White (CL-083)
Jareth Long – Silver (CL-082)

Jasmine Large – Silver (CL-082)

Jeannie Large – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Jeannie Large – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Jeannie Large – Teal (CL-043)
Jeannie Large – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Jeannie Small – Chocolate (CL-070)
Jeannie Small – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Jeannie Small – Natural Black (CL-077)

Jett – Dark Green (CL-047)
Jett – Indigo Blue (CL-036)
Jett – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Jett – Natural Black (CL-077)
Jett – Raven (CL-039)
Jett – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Le Tigre – Aqua (CL-030)
Le Tigre – Natural Black (CL-077)

Leia – Crimson (CL-003)
Leia – Dark Brown (CL-076)

Long Bangs – Apple Red (CL-004)
Long Bangs – Crimson (CL-003)

Long Clip – Apple Red (CL-004)
Long Clip – Light Pink (CL-012)
Long Clip – Teal (CL-043)
Long Clip – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Long Curly Clip – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Long Curly Clip – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Long Weft – Black (CL-078)
Long Weft – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Long Weft – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Long Weft – Dark Green (CL-047)
Long Weft – Emerald Green (CL-048)
Long Weft – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Long Weft – Light Grey (CL-081)
Long Weft – Maroon (CL-002)
Long Weft – Natural Black (CL-077)
Long Weft – Pale Blonde (CL-057)
Long Weft – Plum (CL-021)
Long Weft – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Long Weft – Teal (CL-043)
Long Weft – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Lulu – Light Brown (CL-072)

Luthien – Apple Red (CL-004)
Luthien – Ice Violet (CL-026)
Luthien – Mirkwood Green (CL-040)
Luthien – Princess Pink (CL-010)
Luthien – Silver (CL-082)
Luthien – Teal (CL-043)

Magnum – Cherry Red (CL-005)
Magnum – Chocolate (CL-070)
Magnum – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Magnum – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Magnum – Jade (CL-050)
Magnum – Light Brown (CL-072)
Magnum – Peach (CL-062)
Magnum – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Magnum – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Magnum Long – Black (CL-078)
Magnum Long – Maroon (CL-002)
Magnum Long – Natural Black (CL-077)
Magnum Long – Plum (CL-021)
Magnum Long – Silver (CL-082)

Malinda – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Malinda – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Malinda – Pure White (CL-083)
Malinda – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)
Malinda – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Marty – Mint (CL-042)

Matilda – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Matilda – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Matilda – Emerald Green (CL-048)
Matilda – Light Brown (CL-072)

Mid Clip – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Mid Clip – Natural Black (CL-077)
Mid Clip – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Morpheus – Salmon (CL-067)

Nicki – Fire Orange (CL-065)
Nicki – Pure White (CL-083)

Natasha – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Natasha – Midnight Blue (CL-041)
Natasha – Raven (CL-039)

Nina – Aqua (CL-030)
Nina – Desert Brown (CL-073)
Nina – Light Blonde (CL-060)

Ororo – Apple Red (CL-004)

Priscilla – Natural Black (CL-077)


Rocky – Black (CL-078)
Rocky – Light Brown (CL-072)
Rocky – Natural Black (CL-077)
Rocky – Sandy Brown (CL-071)

Short Clip – Baby Pink (CL-014)
Short Clip – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Short Clip – Silver (CL-082)

Short Weft – Ash Black (CL-079)
Short Weft – Black (CL-078)
Short Weft – Chocolate (CL-070)
Short Weft – Crimson (CL-003)
Short Weft – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Short Weft – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Short Weft – Desert Brown (CL-073)
Short Weft – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Short Weft – Maroon (CL-002)
Short Weft – Plum (CL-021)

Skyelar – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Skyelar – Pale Blonde (CL-057)
Skyelar – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Skyelar – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Stevie – Black (CL-078)

Vegas – Light Blonde (CL-060)

Venus – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Venus – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Venus – Light Green (CL-049)
Venus – Silver (CL-082)

Victoria – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Victoria – Ocean Green (CL-044)

Virginia – Magenta (CL-008)

Vivien – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Vivien – Hot Pink (CL-007)
Vivien – Plum (CL-021)

Westley – Grape (CL-023)

November Restock – SILKY (890)

Buttercup SILKY – Bleach Blonde (SI-054)

Color Ring SILKY

Delilah SILKY – Espresso (SI-077)
Delilah SILKY – Scarlet (SI-004)
Delilah SILKY – Snow White (SI-083)

Long Clip SILKY – Onyx (SI-078)

Long Weft SILKY – Honey (SI-056)

Nina SILKY – Coffee (SI-074)
Nina SILKY – Onyx (SI-078)
Nina SILKY – Umber (SI-075)

Venus SILKY – Blackberry (SI-022)
Venus SILKY – Honey (SI-056)
Venus SILKY – Onyx (SI-078)
Venus SILKY – Snow White (SI-083)
Venus SILKY – Sterling (SI-082)

Short Weft SILKY – Antique Rose (SI-017)
Short Weft SILKY – Apricot (SI-063)
Short Weft SILKY – Army Green (SI-046)
Short Weft SILKY – Aurora Pink (SI-016)
Short Weft SILKY – Cantaloupe (SI-062)
Short Weft SILKY – Cerulean (SI-031)
Short Weft SILKY – Coral (SI-067)
Short Weft SILKY – Cornflower (SI-027)
Short Weft SILKY – Espresso (SI-077)
Short Weft SILKY – Forest Green (SI-047)
Short Weft SILKY – Neon Purple (SI-024)
Short Weft SILKY – Persian Green (SI-045)
Short Weft SILKY – Persimmon (SI-064)
Short Weft SILKY – Pink Lemonade (SI-010)
Short Weft SILKY – Roseberry (SI-015)
Short Weft SILKY – Sea Green (SI-044)
Short Weft SILKY – Seafoam (SI-051)
Short Weft SILKY – Seaweed (SI-040)
Short Weft SILKY – Steel Blue (SI-037)
Short Weft SILKY – Thistle (SI-018)



Late November Restock 

Amber – Dark Lavender (CL-019)
Amber – Dusty Rose (CL-017)
Amber – Lavender (CL-018)
Amber – Mahogany (CL-075)
Amber – Serah Pink (CL-013)
Amber – Wine (CL-001)

Arwen – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)

Benny – Ash Blonde (CL-053)

Blue Steele – Aqua (CL-030)
Blue Steele – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Blue Steele – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)
Blue Steele – Light Grey (CL-081)
Blue Steele – Silver (CL-082)
Blue Steele – Slate Blue (CL-027)

Bucky – Pale Blonde (CL-057)
Bucky – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Bucky – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Bucky – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Buttercup – Apple Red (CL-004)
Buttercup – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Buttercup – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Buttercup – Mahogany (CL-075)
Buttercup – Sandy Brown (CL-071)

Cady – Jade (CL-050)
Cady – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Chibi Large – Apple Red (CL-004)

Chibi Small – Apple Red (CL-004)
Chibi Small – Ash Blonde (CL-053)

Claudia – Apple Red (CL-004)
Claudia – Fire Orange (CL-065)

Curly Clip – Natural Black (CL-077)
Curly Clip – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Curly Clip – Rose Pink (CL-009)

Dany – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Dany – Silver (CL-082)
Dany – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Dany – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Delilah – Apple Red (CL-004)

Derek – Black (CL-078)
Derek – Chocolate (CL-070)
Derek – Crimson (CL-003)
Derek – Lemon Drop (CL-055)
Derek – Light Brown (CL-072)

Eowyn – Raven (CL-039)

Ferrari – Ash Black (CL-079)
Ferrari – Ice Violet (CL-026)
Ferrari – Jade (CL-050)
Ferrari – Lightning Pink (CL-016)
Ferrari – Maroon (CL-002)

Glinda – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)

Grace – Ash Black (CL-079)
Grace – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Grace – Cherry Red (CL-005)
Grace – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Grace – Dark Green (CL-047)
Grace – Fire Orange (CL-065)
Grace – Jade (CL-050)
Grace – Lemon Drop (CL-055)
Grace – Light Copper Red (CL-064)
Grace – Light Pink (CL-012)
Grace – Mako Green (CL-045)
Grace – Maroon (CL-002)
Grace – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Greta – Black (CL-078)
Greta – Natural Black (CL-077)

Hairbun – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Hairbun – Mahogany (CL-075)

Hansel – Apple Red (CL-004)
Hansel – Black (CL-078)
Hansel – Cherry Red (CL-005)
Hansel – Crimson (CL-003)
Hansel – Lemon Drop (CL-055)
Hansel – Maroon (CL-002)
Hansel – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Hansel – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Hansel – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Imladris – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Imladris – Black (CL-078)
Imladris – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Imladris – Ginger Blonde (CL-059)

Inigo – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Inigo – Dark Purple (CL-022)
Inigo – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Inigo – Mahogany (CL-075)
Inigo – Silver (CL-082)

Jaguar – Ash Black (CL-079)
Jaguar – Cherry Red (CL-005)
Jaguar – Cobalt Blue (CL-035)
Jaguar – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Jaguar – Dark Green (CL-047)
Jaguar – Electric Blue (CL-032)
Jaguar – Grey (CL-080)
Jaguar – Hot Pink (CL-007)
Jaguar – Lemon Drop (CL-055)
Jaguar – Light Green (CL-049)
Jaguar – Light Grey (CL-081)
Jaguar – Maroon (CL-002)
Jaguar – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Jane – Grey (CL-080)
Jane – Light Grey (CL-081)
Jane – Light Pink (CL-012)
Jane – Lilac (CL-025)
Jane – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)
Jane – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Jareth – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Jareth – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Jareth Long – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Jareth Long – Fire Orange (CL-065)

Jeannie Large – Aqua (CL-030)
Jeannie Large – Dark Blue (CL-038)
Jeannie Large – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Jeannie Large – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Jeannie Large – Magenta (CL-008)
Jeannie Large – Mahogany (CL-075)
Jeannie Large – Ultraviolet (CL-020)

Jeannie Small – Plum (CL-021)

Jett – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Jett – Desert Brown (CL-073)
Jett – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Jett – Mahogany (CL-075)
Jett – Natural Black (CL-077)
Jett – Spanish Brown (CL-054)

Josephine – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Josephine – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Katinka – Apple Red (CL-004)
Katinka – Dark Purple (CL-022)
Katinka – Indigo Blue (CL-036)
Katinka – Light Green (CL-049)
Katinka – Mint (CL-042)
Katinka – Pure White (CL-083)
Katinka – Silver (CL-082)

Le Tigre – Black (CL-078)
Le Tigre – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Le Tigre – Dark Purple (CL-022)
Le Tigre – Maroon (CL-002)
Le Tigre – Natural Black (CL-077)
Le Tigre – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Leia – Light Grey (CL-081)
Leia – Spanish Brown (CL-074)
Leia – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Lindsay – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Lindsay – Natural Black (CL-077)
Lindsay – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Long Bangs – Black (CL-078)

Long Clip – Apple Red (CL-004)
Long Clip – Electric Blue (CL-032)
Long Clip – Lemon Drop (CL-055)
Long Clip – Olive (CL-046)

Long Curly Clip – Apple Red (CL-004)

Long Weft – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Long Weft – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Long Weft – Cherry Red (CL-005)
Long Weft – Hot Pink (CL-007)
Long Weft – Indigo Blue (CL-036)
Long Weft – Mahogany (CL-075)
Long Weft – Sandy Brown (CL-071)

Lulu – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Lulu – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Lulu – Dark Purple (CL-022)
Lulu – Grey (CL-080)
Lulu – Light Pink (CL-012)
Lulu – Lightning Pink (CL-016)
Lulu – Yellow Blonde (CL-058)

Luthien – Emerald Green (CL-048)
Luthien – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Luthien – Maroon (CL-002)
Luthien – Powder Blue (CL-029)

Magnum – Fire Orange (CL-065)
Magnum – Grey (CL-080)
Magnum – Rose Pink (CL-009)
Magnum – Salmon (CL-067)
Magnum – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Magnum Long – Lilac (CL-025)
Magnum Long – Natural Black (CL-077)
Magnum Long – Raven (CL-039)
Magnum Long – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Malinda – Light Pink (CL-012)

Matilda – Apple Red (CL-004)
Matilda – Light Copper Red (CL-064)
Matilda – Pale Blonde (CL-057)
Matilda – Raven (CL-039)
Matilda – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Matilda – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Merry – Silver (CL-082)

Mid Clip – Electric Blue (CL-032)
Mid Clip – Pumpkin (CL-066)
Mid Clip – Pure White (CL-083)
Mid Clip – Royal Blue (CL-033)

Natasha – Crimson (CL-003)
Natasha – Light Brown (CL-072)
Natasha – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Nina – Dark Purple (CL-022)
Nina – Yellow Blonde (CL-058)

Odango Bun – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Ororo – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Ororo – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Ororo – Mahogany (CL-075)
Ororo – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)

Rocky – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Rocky – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)

Rufio – Dark Ash Blonde (CL-052)

Short Clip – Apple Red (CL-004)
Short Clip – Bubblegum (CL-011)
Short Clip – Electric Blue (CL-032)
Short Clip – Royal Blue (CL-033)

Short Weft – Grey (CL-080)
Short Weft – Light Pink (CL-012)

Skyelar – Black (CL-078)
Skyelar – Chocolate (CL-070)
Skyelar – Dark Brown (CL-076)
Skyelar – Desert Brown (CL-073)
Skyelar – Light Blonde (CL-060)
Skyelar – Light Brown (CL-072)
Skyelar – Pure White (CL-083)
Skyelar – Sandy Brown (CL-071)
Skyelar – Silver (CL-082)
Skyelar – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Stevie – Grey (CL-080)
Stevie – Mahogany (CL-075)
Stevie – Rose Pink (CL-009)

Suzi – Electric Blue (CL-032)

Tauriel – Dark Copper Red (CL-068)
Tauriel – Titanium Blonde (CL-054)
Tauriel – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Vegas – Black (CL-078)
Vegas – Silver (CL-082)
Vegas – Spanish Brown (CL-074)

Venus – Hot Pink (CL-007)
Venus – Pumpkin (CL-066)

Victoria – Crimson (CL-003)
Victoria – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)
Victoria – Mahogany (CL-075)
Victoria – Pure White (CL-083)

Virginia – Electric Blue (CL-032)
Virginia – Light Copper Red (CL-064)

Vivien – Warm Light Brown (CL-069)

Westley – Ash Blonde (CL-053)
Westley – Fairy Blonde (CL-056)


Color Ring SILKY

Buttercup SILKY – Auburn (SI-068)
Buttercup SILKY – Coffee (SI-074)
Buttercup SILKY – Espresso (SI-077)
Buttercup SILKY – Onyx (SI-078)
Buttercup SILKY – Sandstone (SI-053)

Delilah SILKY – Onyx (SI-078)

Long Clip SILKY – Sandstone (SI-053)
Long Clip SILKY – Scarlet (SI-004)
Long Clip SILKY – Sterling (SI-082)

Long Curly Clip SILKY – Scarlet (SI-004)

Long Weft SILKY – Custard (SI-057)
Long Weft SILKY – Onyx (SI-078)

Luthien SILKY – Onyx (SI-078)

Nina SILKY – Espresso (SI-077)
Nina SILKY – Umber (SI-075)

Venus SILKY – Black Pepper (SI-079)
Venus SILKY – Blackberry (SI-022)