Cobalt Blue weft sample

Long Wefts CLASSIC

$ 15.00

Long wefts! Long wefts everywhere!

These wefts are nothing but an 8 foot (244 cm) long string of sewn fiber and weigh a considerable amount. Lots of fiber. Don’t eat them, though. It’s not that kind of fiber. The length of the hair is approximately 35″ (90 cm). WHOA!

Earn up to 150 Arda Coins.

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CLASSIC fiber is heat resistant up to 420° Fahrenheit (215° Celsius) and can be styled with regular heat styling tools. We recommend setting your styling tools at 300-350° Fahrenheit (149-177° Celsius) to avoid damaging the fibers and to improve their longevity.


arda silky vs classic faq2

Arda Wigs is excited to announce our new line of fiber, Arda SILKY!


‣ What is Arda SILKY?

Arda SILKY is a proprietary blend of high-quality, heat resistant synthetic fiber. Arda SILKY is smooth and soft, making it easier to comb and less prone to tangling. Arda SILKY fibers are custom color blended in multiple colors by us to get that same natural, multi-tonal color you expect from all of our wigs. With our new fibers we are revamping our color codes to reflect the CLASSIC and SILKY fibers separately, see more on our Fibers Color Chart page.


‣ What is Arda CLASSIC?

Arda CLASSIC is our original proprietary blend of heat resistant synthetic fiber you’ve always bought and loved. Arda CLASSIC is less smooth and soft, but it is more durable and easier to restyle with heat. Arda CLASSIC has a higher heat tolerance, making it better for styling applications where lots of heat is needed. Since the fiber is more coarse, it is also better for heavy styling with hair products.


‣ What’s the difference between Arda SILKY and Arda CLASSIC?

Arda SILKY is softer, smoother, has a higher shine in photos and in daylight, and is great for long, straight styles. Overall, this is a good style for wearing as-is, or in places your wig will be seeing a lot of movement.
Arda CLASSIC is not as smooth to the touch, has a matte, natural look, and is good for high-heat styling and restyling, and takes hair products well. Overall, it is a more durable fiber for styling and natural-looking color in photos.


‣ I’m excited! How else will the new wigs be different?

Thanks! We’re excited too! The new wigs will be much the same as our old ones. They will still have all the important aspects you’ve come to expect from us, such as the large, roomy cap and the thickness you need for all of your styling projects.


‣ What’s with all the new color numbers?

Now that we have two fiber lines, we are making it as easy as possible to find what you need. That means all of the color numbers for Arda CLASSIC will be changing as we release the colors for the Arda SILKY line. We have made a chart available to download that translates our old CLASSIC fiber numbers to ones similar to our new SILKY fiber numbers. Just download, print it out on a sheet of sticky paper, cut, and apply to your Arda Classic color ring. And for all you color designers out there, we’ve even rearranged both color rings so they’re in a easy-to-use rainbow color arrangement.

Arda CLASSIC and Arda SILKY will have “sister” colors. These colors are ones that fall in the same position on both color wheels – for example, CL-01 and SI-01. They are as similar as possible to one another, but they can still be slightly different due to variations in fiber and dye procedure. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing a color ring or a color swatch in the fiber you are interested in BEFORE buying your wig. Please do not rely on one ring to purchase a wig in the opposite fiber line.

Please click HERE for a list of Arda CLASSIC and Arda SILKY sister colors, and the Arda CLASSIC translation chart!

Need to update your Classic Color Ring? Please download our Classic Color Code Update Sheet.

‣ I want Arda SILKY in all of your styles!

Woah, there, cowboy. One thing at a time! We know everyone’s tastes are different, and we have plans to eventually bring Arda SILKY to most of our styles. Keep those requests coming in! It helps to know what people are after. See our Request Form HERE.