Arda BFF 2016: Final Round!

Arda BFF 2016: Final Round!

Hello Contestants and Spectators, and welcome to the final round of Arda's Best Face Forward 2016! We hope you had a wonderful New Years, and as you may have noticed, we are going to be carrying our 2016 contest over a little into the 2017 year. 

Contestants, your challenge for this round is a fine arts challenge!

We ask that you execute a half body paint that is inspired from a master artist. Some examples of master artists include Claude Monet, Katsushika Hokusai, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol. Please refer to our mood board HERE for some inspiration. You can confirm your artist inspiration with us, or we can provide you with a larger list of examples. 

The final round will proceed a little differently from our other challenges.

We ask the contestants to pick their products from the following list: 

  • 2 Kryolan HD Skinliners
  • 2 Mehron Paradise Paints
  • 3 European Body Art Vibe colors
  • 5 Kryolan Single Eyeshadows
  • 3 Misc. products from the makeup store - All Paasche products are excluded

The list for each contestant's products needs to be submitted via email by noon CMT on Monday, January 9, 2017, and will exclude any black and white products (you may use your own). This will give each contestant a few days to finalize a design and decide which products they will need to complete the challenge. Submitting your list late will result in a 5% penalty off your final score. 

As soon as we have everyone's lists, product will be packaged up and sent to each contestant as soon as possible. Once each contestant has confirmed the arrival of their package, they will then be given an allotted time period (approx. twenty-one days) and a specific deadline with which to complete their challenge. From there on, the contest will proceed as usual. UPDATE: The submission deadline for the final challenge for all contestants is February 7th, 2017.

Contestants, this challenge is designed to have you combine both skills that you utilized in the past challenges. We are not only going to be looking at your technique and skill level, but your artistry as well. As stated previously, this will be a half body makeup challenge, but the back is not required unless it is shown in your final photo. You may use yourself or a model for the challenge. It is not required, but we highly encourage some type of hair styling or wig, contact lenses (if needed), minimal costuming, or props for a more complete concept. You may have assistance with the photography, hair, wardrobe, and modeling, but not with the makeup application. 

You are only allowed to use the makeup products that have been sent to you to complete your look with the exception of makeup tools (i.e. sponges, Qtips, spatulas, airbrush, etc.), minimal prosthetic pieces, adhesives (spirit gum, pros-aide, silicone adhesive), mixing mediums such as gloss, gel, or spray, and your base (foundation, powder, concealer). Please email us if there is any specific product you may have a question about. 

We will require 1 photo of the products sent (all together is fine) as well as in-progress photos and/or video demonstrating where the products were used in addition to your final photo submissions. Please add descriptions of where and how you used the products that were sent to you as well. A mood board and/or reference material is welcomed, but not required and will not affect your score, but do tell us the artist that inspired you. For the final photos, do take several angles of your finished look. This includes a photo of the entire makeup, a close-up headshot of the makeup, and close-up shots of any detail work that you will have done. Please do not add filters to your photo. We are looking for clean, clear shots of your makeup and anything affecting that will affect your final score.

These are the categories we will be judging you on for a total of 50 points possible:

Use of Product/Efficiency of Materials (10 points)

Overall Presentation (10 points)

Overall Cleanliness (10 points)

Character (10 points)

Creativity (10 points)

Use of Product/Efficiency of Materials

In this category, we will be judging you based on how well you utilized the products given to you. How and where did you use them? Are the products overshadowed by the costume/wig/etc? Do you have in-progress photos and/or video of your process? Did you submit clear and concise descriptions of the steps you took to create your look? 

Overall Presentation

This is where the quality of your pictures/video comes into play. These are the some of the things we will be looking for when judging: How well can we see the makeup? Is it clearly displayed? Are there any good detail shots of the look? Is there any bare skin showing that isn't a part of the look? 


For this category, we will be looking at the overall look achieved and how well it represented the master artist of your choice. Is the look recognizable? Do you have a completely realized look? Does your concept make sense?

Overall Cleanliness

This category will be judged based on technique. Are the products blended where they need to be? How well did you incorporate the products to work seamlessly together? Are there smooth transitions between product? Is there any fallout visible? Are any lines jagged and uneven that is not intentional? Etc. Even though this is a fine arts challenge, there is a difference between intentional, disjointed brush strokes vs. general sloppiness.


This category will differ from Character in that we are going to be looking to see how you translated your master artist of choice onto you or your model's body. How were human proportions incorporated to display one's particular art style? Does it make sense? Or is the look nonfunctional? Are we brought in by the illusion? Or are there certain choices that were made that take away from the makeup? 

The scoring will be done by 3 Arda judges. Scores will be added up and divided by 3 to give each contestant an average score for each category. Contestants can obtain a private critique if requested. 

The three prizes have been slightly altered from our rules and are as follows:

1st place: $100 gift certificate to Arda Wigs, and $350 + worth of makeup supplies

2nd place: $75 gift certificate to Arda Wigs, and $150 worth of makeup supplies

The contestant who gets the lowest score will be going home with a $50 gift certificate to Arda Wigs.There will be an audience favorite poll once the results are in; the top favorite will receive a $20 gift certificate to our website!

Late entry policy: Entries submitted within 12 hours after the deadline can be accepted as a late entry. Late entries will not be qualified to enter the audience poll, and will receive a 15% point deduction from their total score. This will likely result in the lowest score, but the contestant can still receive their $50 certificate. Entries submitted past the 12-hour late entry period will be disqualified, and will not receive any prizes.

Your deadline will be updated as soon as we get notification that you have all received your packages. 

Best of luck and most importantly, have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 


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