Arda's Best Face Forward 2017 Round 4: Prosthetics Challenge

Arda's Best Face Forward 2017 Round 4: Prosthetics Challenge

Hello Contestants and Spectators, and welcome to the fourth round of Best Face Forward 2017! We now only have four contestants left and are one challenge away from the finals! Thank you for sticking with us throughout the contest. We are jumping right into our next challenge with some quality foam latex pieces sponsored by the good folks over at MorphStore. For this round, each remaining contestant was sent at random a package containing a foam latex appliance of one of the following prosthetics:

Fox nose
Skunk nose
Rabbit nose
Raccoon nose

Contestants: This challenge will test your skills in application and blending. You were given a specific "type" of animal nose so we would like to see how you will bring this animal to life. Give your animal a story. Bring some creativity into your makeup! For this challenge, you are free to use any makeup products in your kit so long as you use the prosthetic you were sent. The Pros-Aide and brush were provided to aid you in your application. 

Additionally, you can use any costuming, props, contact lenses, wigs, etc. to enhance your look. Please provide in some form of media, such as pictures or video, as well as brief, written descriptions, on how you used each product to complete your look. This includes the makeup products used. As always, if you have any further questions regarding the challenge and what is acceptable, please email us at

We will require 1 photo of all the products that were used to complete your makeup as well as in-progress shots and/or video demonstrating where and how the products were used. If you are submitting photos, please include concise descriptions of the steps you took to achieve your overall look. Please include at least 3 photos of your final submission. Do take photos with several angles as well as detailed, up close shots of your finished makeup. Be aware of your background (plain is best) and the time of day your photos are being shot. Taking photos at night can affect the clarity of your photos unless you have the proper lighting equipment. Please do not add filters to your photo or alter your photos with a photo editing software. This is grounds for penalization and will affect your presentation score. We are looking for clean, clear shots of your makeup and anything obstructing that will affect your final score. Failure to submit the information requested will also affect your final score.

This is not a full-bodied makeup challenge. From the shoulders - up is fine, but please submit photos that are tight shots of your makeup. Keep in mind that any skin that is showing in the photo (like a hand or the chest) needs to be cohesive with the rest of your look. You may have assistance with the photography, hair, wardrobe, and modeling but not with the makeup application. Keep in mind, as stated and signed in our rules and regulations, that you must obtain permission from your photographer to use the photos in this contest, as well as Arda retains the rights to use these photos for any current and future promotional opportunities. It is also not required that the makeup be applied on yourself. The use of a model is perfectly acceptable. 

These are the categories we will be judging for a total of 35 points possible:

- Presentation (10 points)

- Character (10 points)

- Cleanliness/Technique (10 points)

- Creativity BONUS (5 points)

Here is a breakdown of each category:


In this category, we will be judging you on how your overall makeup is presented to us. This is where the quality of your pictures/video comes into play. How well can we see your makeup? Are the products overshadowed by the costume, wig, etc? Or are the products the main focus of your look? Are there any good, detailed shots of the final look? Or are your photos grainy and blurry? Is there any skin showing that isn't intentional? Do you have in-progress photos and/or video detailing your application process? Did you submit clear and concise descriptions of the steps you took to create your look? Or are we left confused by the process? Remember, it is better to have more information than to skip a step and assume that the judges can figure out what you did. 


For this category, we will be looking at the overall look that was achieved. We want to see a clear concept of your animal that clearly incorporates your prosthetic appliance. We will also be looking at how closely you stuck to your concept. For example, if you received a rabbit nose and decided to go with a steampunk Alice in Wonderland rabbit, consider your color palette. Consider your wardrobe choice, etc. Where and how did you use your makeup products to achieve your desired character? What little details did you add to tell your story? How well did you incorporate products to work seamlessly together? For example, adding fishing wire to create whiskers, etc. Do you have a complete and finished look? Does your character make sense? And is it cohesive? If you would like to submit any reference material, a mood board, sketches, etc. that will aid the judges in understanding your concept, it is highly encouraged.


Here we will specifically be looking at how well the prosthetic is applied and blended. We will be looking at your edges and the techniques you utilized to blend in your edges. We will be looking at the different methods you used to paint the prosthetic and how the paint blends into you or your model's skin. If there are any additional prosthetics used, we will be looking at how well everything is blended and applied as well. Is the prosthetic baggy? How well is does it fit onto the face? Can we see rippling? Are the transitions smooth and seamless? What kind of subtle shading and painting techniques are incorporated to give a seamless application? How are your transitions between product and finishes? Are your lines clean? How well did you utilize light and shadow to bring about a desired effect? Or maybe a gradient? What about the use of stark contrast parried with subtlety? We want to see that you have a good understanding of different abilities. 


Bonus points! Since we did not send any additional makeup products other than the foam latex prosthetic, we still want to see how well you utilized your makeup products to complete your look. How and where did you apply your products to create a particular effect? How did it aid in creating your character? We want to see!


Scores will be done by 3 Arda judges. Scores will be added up and divided by 3 to give each contestant an average score for each category. Contestants can obtain a private critique if requested. 

The contestant with the lowest score will be eliminated from Best Face Forward, but they will go home with a $50 gift certificate! 

The contestant with the highest score from our Arda judges will receive a $20 gift certificate to our website!

There will be an audience favorite poll once the results are in; the top favorite will also receive a $20 gift certificate to our website. 

Entries should be submitted to: with the title: "ArdaBFF 2017 Round 4 Entry."

Late entry policy: Entries submitted within 12 hours after the deadline can be accepted as a late entry. Late entries will not be qualified to enter the audience poll, and will receive a 15% deduction from their total score. This will likely result in being eliminated from the competition, but the contestant can still receive their $50 gift certificate. Entries submitted past the 12 hour late entry period will be disqualified and will not qualify for the $50 gift certificate. 

Contestants, your deadline will be: 12pm noon Monday, February 12th, 2018 CST.

If you are unsure of what time zone this correlates to in your area, please feel free to ask us via email. 

Good luck, Contestants! This round will determine our top 3! We can't wait to see what your animals end up looking like. :) 

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