Iron Wig 2017: Now Accepting Applications!


Application deadline has been extended to November 28th at Noon (Central US time).

Please email contests@arda-wigs with the below information:


Alias (if applicable):
Website (if applicable):
Preferred mailing address for materials:
T-shirt size:
Please attach 3-5 examples of your wig styling work. 


The most anticipated wig styling competition is here! Impress us with a portfolio of work showing off your range of abilities. Your entries can consist of wigs from any brand, not just ours. Portfolio examples do not need to be displayed on a model. Please try to keep your entries concise; the minimum is 3, but no more than 5 wig examples please! If you have multiple photos of a wig example, we recommend combining them into a collage. The entry form may not go through if the photos are too large, so we recommend re-sizing your images to around 800 pixels wide or tall.

Submissions from all around the world are welcome, but all entrants must be at least 18 years old as of January 1, 2017. Previous contestants from Iron Wig 2013-2016 (with the exception of 1st place winners) are welcome to submit a portfolio if they’d like to compete again.

Deadline for entries is November 28th, 2017. 8 stylists will be selected by the Arda team by December 1st, and materials for the first round will be shipped out in a timely manner. This should allow ample time for international entrants to receive their materials so we may begin round 1 after New Years Day.

Entrants will need to provide us with a mailing address to receive the materials for each Iron Wig challenge. Contestants are required to contact us after receiving each package so we may start each round efficiently. If you have a history of packages being stolen from your doorstep, please provide a more reliable mailing address. Arda Wigs does not share any personal information with any third party.

Every couple weeks there will be a new wig challenge. Contestants will be sent a package of wig materials that they get to keep, and the challenge guidelines will be announced once all contestants have received their packages. There will be a limited number of days to complete the challenge and email us photos of the finished product. All styling work must be done yourself, and photo documentation of your progress might be requested.

If you are unable to complete a challenge by the deadline or follow the rules/guidelines of the contest, then you will be either disqualified or your score will be heavily penalized. You will not receive prizes or gift certificates if your entry is disqualified or if you drop from the contest. We are expecting about 5-8 rounds total, though that number is not guaranteed.

Each round there will be a public voting poll for the submitted styles, as well as a review by a panel of Arda Judges. The scores will be posted on our web blog, and one or two contestants will be cut each round based on their scores. Contestants that are cut will go home with a $50 certificate for participating. The contestant with the highest score each round will get immunity for the next round (except the final round), and the winner of the public poll will receive a $20 gift certificate to our website.

The winner of Iron Wig 2017 will win a $100 gift certificate to our website as well as a large package of wig styling essentials: (examples could include: Wig stand, wig heads, a high quality straightening iron and hair dryer, combs, various clips, hairspray, glue, foam curlers, various kinds of scissors and trimming tools, etc). Total value of this package will be up to $500 in wig styling goodies. Prize items are not redeemable for cash, and some items might be substituted for alternatives if they cannot be shipped overseas (such as aerosol products).

By submitting and in the event of acceptance to this contest, you agree to give Arda Wigs commercial use of any photos sent us, including posting to the Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and the website. You understand your photos may be used for promotional purposes and ads. No monetary compensation will be given to photographer or model. Please have permission from your photographer/s before submitting photos. Any reports from photographers of using their photos without their permission will result in disqualification.

This competition can be a huge time commitment. Please don’t enter if you have a busy schedule. You might have to sacrifice time spent on personal projects in order to finish your wig if you wish to do well. We try to wrap the contest up by early summer, but the timing isn’t a guarantee.

There will be NO deadline extensions. Each round will have 2 weeks styling time, with the last round having 6 weeks. If you have a convention or vacation during a challenge, then do your best to plan your time accordingly.

In the past, some contestant have had trouble getting entries in at the exact deadline time due to large file sizes, electricity/internet outages, etc. Check when your time zone is in comparison to Central USA time, and don’t wait until the last hour to risk a tardiness penalty or disqualification.

If you have any questions, please email us at


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