Arda Wigs - Celebrating 10 Years

Arda Wigs - Celebrating 10 Years

Twelve years ago, we were two cosplayers who started selling Kingdom Hearts t-shirts.

Ten years ago, we couldn't find the wigs we wanted to buy, so we decided to make them ourselves. Back then, it was just myself and my then-girlfriend, but over the past decade, Arda Wigs has become so much more. My girlfriend is now my wife, and we don't just sell t-shirts at conventions anymore. We are a team of fifteen, and we've met thousands of cosplayers just like you all over the world.

Arda has become something larger than I ever expected or dreamed possible. Some days, I look around and can hardly believe how far we've come. Every day, I'm so thankful. Arda has turned into much more than a two-person team selling wigs at conventions, and so many of you have been with us on that journey. I feel humbled and gratified to have met so many of you, heard your stories, and seen your costumes. We are about community, and we wouldn't be the same without you.

That's why this year, we want to celebrate our anniversary--and you! Throughout the year we have special things planned--themed wigs, giveaways, prizes, and some special events. We even brought back the t-shirts that started it all. It's really something amazing to be able to say we've been around for ten years, and even more special to know we've come so far with so many amazing supporters. So this year, we say thank you--to the community, to our dedicated employees, and to our customers. To you. Thank you.

Here's to ten more years of sharing amazing costumes with you.


Arda will be holding special meetups, parties, and events both at cons and in their hometown of Chicago. There will also be special gifts for customers throughout the year, so keep an eye on our social media at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay fully updated on what's coming down the pipeline. We'll be seeing you!

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