Assist Cosme Announcement

Assist Cosme Announcement

Assist Cosme is finally here! We have been working many months with Assist to bring you the latest makeup products and trends right out of cosplay central, Akihabara. 

Assist's motto is "--to ASSIST your cosplay-life!!" and their makeup products are specifically designed to subtly enhance your cosplay makeup techniques. With products like the Lip Concealer paired with the Lip Liner Pencil in Dark Brown to help give you that small, defined pout, to the Boys Lash which is a long, faux lash that is uncurled, you can really enhance your crossplay! See the full list of products that we will be carrying below:

  • AS Eyeliner Pencil - Red
  • AS Double Line Eyeliner
  • AS Eyelash Liner
  • AS Lip Liner Pencil - Dark Brown
  • AS Face Palette
  • Idolish Powder
  • AS Lip Concealer - Natural Beige
  • AS Lip Concealer - White
  • AS Super Hard Wig Gel
  • AS Mascara - Beige
  • AS Mascara - White
  • Boys Lash - Brown
  • Boys Lash - Brown Mix
  • Lift-Up Tape Premium 3m
  • Tape Remover

We will also be carrying the ever-popular lashes from Japan, Decora Lash and Dolly Wink! Constructed with a delicate band, these feathery lashes come in unique shapes and styles to give you that perfect, doll-like look! 

Decora Lash

  • Dreamy Wink No. 101
  • Romantic Wink No. 104
  • Air Wink No. 112
  • Dressy Wink No. 115
  • Sepia Wink No. 116

Dolly Wink

  • No. 28
  • No. 29
  • No. 30
  • No. 31

Assist Cosme will be first available exclusively at Katsucon from February 16th - February 18th, 2018. Come by our booth #D1 & #D2 to see and purchase these products in person! Assist will then be available online and in store on Friday, February 23rd, 2018. 

Jess is wearing our Sev. Malinda is wearing our Jaguar in Champagne, and Rachel is wearing our Caine in Ivy! Makeup by Sev Gedra. Photography by Tim Robinson.

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