Hey you!
We know stock issues have been disappointing this Black Friday. Our factory is still suffering from COVID-19, and worker shortages are causing real, frustrating delays in manufacturing and restock of our products.
That's why we've decided to hold an ultra rare 10% off sale on ALL OUT OF STOCK ITEMS. Yes, even lace! Seriously, we never do this!
Sale starts today, Monday, November 29 at Noon MST and ends tomorrow at 11:59AM MST. Use code CYBER10.

A few things to remember:
  • IF YOU PURCHASE A BACKORDERED ITEM, you are agreeing to wait for your item until it comes in. Currently our factory has said they will do everything they can to get all restock shipped before February (Chinese New Year), but we cannot guarantee this.
  • Items shipped from our factory in China take 35-45 days to arrive. They come by boat. It takes a minute.
  • Lace wigs are hand-tied and take longer than normal products. Current lace production time is sitting at over 120 days. We hope to have more workers return after the new year.
  • We currently have FIVE (!!!) restocks we are waiting on, including lace, so some things will hopefully be coming in soon. Check out our restock page for more info.
  • Orders will be filled from each restock in a first come, first served basis. There will be a queue, and not all orders may be able to be filled with the current, already purchased incoming restock. Rest assured, if you bought it and we don't have it, it will be placed on a restock order for you this week. Please understand that while our system does allocate product, all we can see are whole numbers; it will be difficult for us to tell you what restock your item might be in. Emailing us to ask this question will slow our small team down.
  • We are a small business of five people. While our factory partner has been with us for twelve years, we do not own them, nor do we control their workers (who are wonderful people, too). Please be patient and respectful to our staff during this busy holiday season. There are some wonderful, hard-working people who care about this business and you behind this screen.

Pick up what you need for next year's projects at a nice gifty discount!!

These offers cannot be combined with other discounts or rewards including already discounted products, discontinued products, gift certificates, and reward points certificates.
Offer excludes color samples, color rings, and Lumins foam.
Discount is not applicable toward taxes or shipping fees.
Arda Wigs reserves the right to change, amend, delete or add the activity of terms & conditions without prior notice at any time.

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WARNING: You may purchase a higher quantity than what we currently have in stock, but by placing this OUT OF STOCK item in your cart, you are agreeing to place your ENTIRE ORDER on BACKORDER! This means your order will not ship until it can be completely fulfilled by the backordered item(s). Orders cannot be split after they are placed. If you need available items sooner, please purchase them on a separate transaction. Please visit our Backorder Policies page and Restock page for details.