New and improved Arda Silky is here!

New and improved Arda Silky is here!
We have listened to your feedback, worked, toiled, tested, and improved Silky even more! We are excited about the changes and the new fiber we’ve been developing, and we hope it becomes a staple for cosplayers of all skill levels to use with confidence.  Here are some of the changes and improvements we’ve made to the Silky line; we hope you find them as exciting as we do!


  • Exclusive new fiber: developed in-house, never before seen on the market, our new Silky fiber is exclusive to our shop. We think it has all the benefits of our old Silky fiber, with a few new tweaks and improvements that make it even better than before.
  • Custom blended colors: all of our new fiber colors are dyed exclusively for us for Silky, and we’ve taken care to blend them so that they match our classic line even more closely than before. We are continuing to tweak these new colors and we welcome your feedback so that both lines can match as closely as possible.
  • Soft fiber with less shine: one of our main feedback points with old Silky was its shine, and we believe we’ve improved upon this point the most. New Silky is less shiny, and still just as soft, making it easier to detangle.
  • Higher heat tolerance: new Silky can withstand temperatures up to 370 degrees Fahrenheit, but as always we recommend styling your wig at a lower temp setting – things can deteriorate quickly at hotter temperatures. For both Classic and Silky, we recommend styling at 300-320 degrees, for the longevity and safety of your wig fibers. If your wig has a bit of static after a first pass of the iron, break out a dryer sheet and give it a loving once-over. It kills static, and it leaves your wig smelling so fresh and so clean!

To celebrate our Silky relaunch, we are offering 15% off of all our Silky wigs for a week! Use code NEWARDASILKY at checkout.

Already purchased a Silky wig over Labor Day weekend? No worries. Send us an email to and we’ll honor the discount.

Discount will work on Arda Canada as well!
Sale will end 9/15/16 at 11:59 PM CST.

Bought an old Silky ring or color samples? Don’t panic! We’re offering a replacement service. Please contact with the Silky ring or sample order number and we will send you a new one, free of charge!

Don’t see the color you want? Silky not offered in a style you’d like to see it in? Request it! Send us an email, and we’ll do our very best to get it as soon as possible. We want to hear your feedback

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