New EBA Performance Makeup Slim Palettes and H20Seal!

New EBA Performance Makeup Slim Palettes and H20Seal!

We are excited to bring you new additions to the EBA Performance Makeup family: Endura Slim Palettes and H20Seal!

The Endura Slim Palettes are travel-friendly and perfect for use at conventions. We offer three different palettes: SFX, Blood, and Bruise, each containing five color variants designed to enhance your cosplay. Ideal for battle-damaged, gritty, or weathered characters, Endura are alcohol-based pigments and a makeup industry standard because of their longevity and waterproof formulation. Each palette comes with a mini activator, EBA's own specially-formulated Fuel*. Fuel contains ingredients to prolong your working time, and is safe to use on sensitive areas around the eyes. The palettes also come with a stipple sponge, perfect for creating stubble or splatter effects, and a dual-ended brush for application.

*Note: You will need EBA's Fuel activator or alcohol with a percentage of at least 90% to activate these pigments. Please use caution when using 90% alcohol near the eyes.

H20Seal is a water-based sealer free of silicones or solvents. For those of you who don't own an airbrush but want the same longevity as alcohol colors for body painting, this sealer provides up to 48 hours of water and sweat protection when applied properly. H20Seal dries clear with a light, no-gloss finish and can be further adjusted and personalized using setting powders. If a glossier finish is desired, additional coats of H20Seal can be applied, and it can also be used over a large variety of makeup mediums including alcohol-based, silicone, cream, and water-based makeups. Because H2OSeal is water-based, the spray will not feel tacky or tight and will move and stretch with the skin.

All EBA products are made in the USA, are cruelty-free, and are compliant with FDA regulations.

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