Long Clip Vs. Long Weft


Have some questions about our long clips in comparison to our long wefts? Here are some answers!



Long Clip - 10.1 oz 
Long Weft - 8.2 oz
The Long Clip might be a little heavier due to the clip and hair piece. The difference suggests the clip has more or about the same amount of fiber as the long wefts, but long wefts can be more convenient than harvesting hair from the clips.



Long Clip - 40'' (101.5 cm)
Long Weft - 35" (90 cm)
The length of the hair in the long clips is the same as what's in the long wefts, but the reason for them being longer is due to the spacing on the mesh hair piece.


Harvesting Steps:

Untie the elastic string, and loosen it as you remove the butterfly clip

Once clip is removed, you can loosen the elastic string more, and remove the string entirely if you plan to harvest the wefts.

Use a seam-ripper to harvest wefts from the hair piece, or cut the mesh between weft rows. 
Antiquity Dreams's Sailor Moon video tutorial has a portion where she harvests the mesh of the Long Clip. Click here to be taken to the specific step!

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