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Yes! CLASSIC fiber is heat-resistant up to 420°F / 215°C, and SILKY up to 350°F / 175°C. We suggest using styling tools in the medium (250-300°F /120-150°C) range to extend the lifespan of your wig. Premium lace front wig resistance is closer to SILKY's.

Most of our wigs are about 23 inches circumference and can stretch up to around 25 inches, which can fit most heads! Wigs that are smaller or do not have as much stretch will include such information in their site description. If you have a lot of hair, braid or twist it in 2 or more sections around your head before putting on a wig cap. To increase the size further, an easy trick is to cut a spot in the wig behind each ear, and use the wig's elastic to bridge the gaps together to give you up to an extra inch on each side. Below is a handy head measuring guide for our wigs!

We have a limited number of sponsorship positions that we select every quarter through our blog. Please make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to receive the announcement for when applications are open! Requirements: 3 examples showing work & active Arda customer.

While we do our best to carry a variety of products in numerous colors, unpopular items can take up a lot of space in both our warehouse and on restock orders. Items that do not sell are eventually discontinued and removed. This means we can use that space to better stock our in-demand items, and create new styles and colors too. If a new or trending character pops up that may need a discontinued item, we can always bring it back again!

Orders & Shipping

Arda has a processing time of 3-5 business days. Sometimes we will ship orders out much faster, but it all depends on our volume! During sales, processing time increases to 5-7 or 7-10 business days. If you are on a deadline, please email us at orders@arda-wigs.com! We would love to work with you to make sure you receive the items you purchased in a timely manner. Please note that we cannot fulfill rush requests during sales. IF YOU BACKORDERED AN ITEM, your entire order will not ship until your order can be completely fulfilled! Backorders & Restock FAQ category will have more details, along with our Backorder policy page.

It depends on the weight of your package, and the distance the package travels from our warehouse in Salt Lake City. For better estimates, please add the item(s) to your cart, and proceed to checkout. You can view prices for each type of shipping method BEFORE you complete your order.

We do not have any way of paying your country's customs fees before shipment. We also have no way of estimating or prepaying those fees since there is no database for us to go through to do so. Unfortunately, as it stands currently, the only way they can be paid is on the buyer's side. This would be true for any parcel going through the USPS service from America. USPS shipping charges cover shipping only, not customs and customs handling fees by your country’s mail service. International packages may be subject to additional fees for customs/duty charges. Please note that we cannot mark packages as “gift” to help you evade customs as that’s international mail fraud. We know customs can be quite a hassle, but unfortunately these fees are well beyond our control. Buyer beware, and know your country’s laws to avoid disappointment.

Unfortunately, we can only offer free shipping on domestic orders at this time. Apologies!

There are a few reasons why this may happen!

  1. Did you apply a coupon or discount code to your cart? This is known to cause issues and confusion, as the free shipping promotion to your entire cart (before taxes) needs to meet or exceed $75 USD upon checkout. Applying discounts will affect this if it causes your order to go under $74.99 and below!
  2. Our free shipping option does not take taxes or shipping prices into account.
  3. Gift cards, raffle tickets, and other digital items do not apply towards free shipping.
  4. Free shipping does not apply to Lumin's Workshop EVA Foam sheets due to the shipping size.


Yes but the storefront is closed right now. We will let you know when it opens again!


A: Shipping insurance is included on Priority and Express USPS domestic and international packages, as well as all UPS packages. Shipping insurance is not included on USPS First Class domestic or international. Please be aware that we cannot offer replacements on parcels shipped via this method.

If your tracking number states that your package is delivered but you have not received anything, please be sure to check your mail area (mailbox, lobby, front desk, etc), as well as with neighboring residences. If your tracking number says delivered and still nothing has turned up after 48 hours, please contact us at orders@arda-wigs.com and we will do our best to get the claims process underway as quickly as possible. Claims process and investigation typically takes 2-4 weeks before a refund or replacement can be provided.

A: Please email us at orders@arda-wigs.com! We try to quality check everything, but mistakes may slip past us. Provide your order number, let us know the issue, and send photos. Defects are a case by case basis, but we are happy to assist you in any way we can!

A: All sales are final on clearance and discontinued items. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Backorders & Restock

Unfortunately we cannot, sorry! When an order is placed, it only covers the shipping process of one package. Your order will not be shipped out until ALL items are accounted for. If you want an in stock item sooner, please purchase it on a separate transaction! We understand it’s a hassle, but we can ship in stock orders much more quickly that way!

That depends on the item(s)! Please visit our restock page for more information. Completed orders containing backordered items will ship out shortly after our restock arrives. This means if your order contains more than one backordered item, it will be shipped after all backordered items are received in our warehouse, which includes orders with items on different restocks. If you do not see an item listed, feel free to email us at orders@arda-wigs.com.

You might be ordering during a sale! Backorders are temporarily disabled during ALL of our sales. You can backorder a wig again as soon as the sale is over. If there is no sale going on, please contact us. Keep in mind that only WIGS and WIG ACCESSORIES can be backordered. Styling tools, makeup, crafting items, etc cannot be backordered.

All restocks are soft dates only. This is because we are at the mercy of shipping times and customs holds for all restock shipments. Sometimes we won’t know the arrival date of our restock until the week before! We do our best to keep everyone fully updated, but oftentimes, we only have a soft date far in advance. This is why all restocks go by month instead of exact days of the week.

We are likely processing your order as you read this. Please wait the current posted processing time, and email us in the event it has passed and you've not received a tracking number.


Check out our convention schedule here! Please note that our schedule is subject to change throughout the year.

We only bring a specific selection of wigs to each convention. It is usually based on popularity and/or current and trending anime, video games, etc. If you would like to purchase a specific wig at our booth, please request it!

We post a request form 2-3 weeks before a show. Check out that link and submit your request! The link will be available via social media, newsletter, and our Convention Schedule page once we have it ready. Out of stock items do not apply. Requests are NOT guaranteed unless we have confirmed with you via email! If we cannot process your request, we will do our best to accommodate you otherwise!

Tutorials & Styling

Arda does not offer either of these services, though we are working on offering that soon! In the meantime, please feel free to check out our list of recommended wig commissioners! You may find and artist who can style just what you need for your next project. (Note: Arda is not responsible for 3rd party transactions)

Actually, yes! This tends to happen with longer, straight styles. Some loose fibers may come out with the first combing. Be sure to use a wide-tooth comb! Brushes tend to pull out more fiber.

Wigs without skin tops may have crimped fiber. This is intentional and helps with styling or adding volume to your wig. Examples of crimped tops are Inigo, Jaguar, Jareth, Jareth Long, Caine, Kyle, Le Tigre, and Vegas.

Yes! Our CLASSIC fiber is heat-resistant up to 420°F / 215°C, and SILKY to 350°F / 175°C. We suggest using styling tools in the 250-300°F /120-150°C range to extend the lifespan of your wig.

To wash your wig, mix a gentle shampoo with cool-to-lukewarm water. Avoid hot water, as this will relax curly wigs. There is no need to lather; gently swish the wig around, then rinse and pat with a towel. Hang or lay out to dry. We offer wig shampoo on our site here!

To untangle, use a wide tooth comb or your fingers, gently and gradually working your way from bottom to top. Do not pull as this will stretch the fibers and can cause breakage and frizzing! Persistent knots can be carefully trimmed out of the hair using a pair of small scissors or shears. For curly wigs, work on one ringlet at a time, wrapping the strand around your fingers to restore the curl. A soak in a mixture of water and fabric softener followed by a thorough rinse can help to make the fibers even softer. We offer wonderful detangler sprays on our site here!

Products intended for styling hair shouldn't damage the wig fibers, but please be aware of harsh chemicals that can damage the wig cap's material such as bleaching agents. If you are wearing the wig while swimming in saltwater or a pool, it should be fine as long as you wash the wig afterwards. Check out our Wig Care Products!

WARNING: You may purchase a higher quantity than what we currently have in stock, but by placing this OUT OF STOCK item in your cart, you are agreeing to place your ENTIRE ORDER on BACKORDER! This means your order will not ship until it can be completely fulfilled by the backordered item(s). Orders cannot be split after they are placed. If you need available items sooner, please purchase them on a separate transaction. Please visit our Backorder Policies page and Restock page for details.