Statement on Animal Hair Use

We understand that everyone will have different options on how to navigate the ideas of environmental awareness and animal ethics. When we sourced this hair, we had to choose between using a lower quality, less durable plastic than what we use for our wigs, or using animal hair, as the pervasive human rights violations in the human hair trade, specifically against economically vulnerable women, made this material not an option for us. After seeing the small-scale farms these animals are kept on, seeing their conditions and treatment, and learning that none of the animals are harmed when gathering the hair (the hair is cut after reaching a certain length, similar to how wool is gathered), we chose to use this material rather than more plastic. 

We are a company that actively engages in charity work for the environment on the regular basis, and we are keenly aware of the synthetic nature of our product. We regularly demand better engagement from our factory in sourcing a more environmentally friendly materials, because we know the harm to animals and the environment irresponsible plastic use can do. We work to offset the synthetic nature of our product through its durability, encouraging customers to reuse and resell, and by ethical treatment of all workers, from the ones here in the USA to those overseas. We also believe that small farmers have the right to engage in the farming practices they have been engaging in for generations. Given the choice and after seriously weighing all the impact, we chose to support these farmers rather than sell a sub-quality material that would lack the longevity of our usual material, and would more quickly end up at the end of its life in a landfill or the ocean.

We understand everyone must make their own decisions when it comes to their consumption, and we appreciate the opportunity to explain ours. We will continue to campaign for more sustainability in the trade, and continue to work toward better oversight and accountability, always.

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