Arda's Best Face Forward Round 2: Zombie Challenge

Arda's Best Face Forward Round 2: Zombie Challenge

Greetings contestants and spectators, and welcome to round 2 of Arda’s Best Face Forward 2016! We are going to go a little opposite from the last challenge and do something a little gory...a little bloody...something messy...zombies!

This time, our contestants received a hefty package containing the following: 

- Kryolan IEW Blood - light arterial
- Kryolan Stipple Sponge - coarse
- Kryolan Artex
- 2 Kryolan Blood Capsules
- 3oz Liquid Latex
- Kryolan HD Blood Gel - dark veinous
- 2 1oz European Body Art Endura colors (at random)

Contestants: This is a character makeup challenge that focuses on technique. We want to see you build a story around your zombie. Where does your zombie come from? I.E. is it a desert zombie? A swamp zombie? Frozen zombie? etc. etc. Knowing your zombie's background will affect the types of decay that your zombie will have as well as color palette. If you want to have your zombie based around a specific character, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, even better! This challenge will also test your technical skills. It is very easy for zombie makeup to get sloppy, but we will be looking at your blending edges and checking to see if you covered everything in blood or not. 

NOTE: Due to issues of safety, we will not be accepting any entries that have glass, metal, or hard plastic objects on the contestants' or models' faces. This includes but is not limited to, scissors, coke cans, shoes, zippers, etc. What we will accept is any soft styrofoam, prosthetics, tissue, etc. 

Like the monochromatic challenge, we would like to see you primarily use the products that were sent to you. You will be allowed to use additional makeup products, but we would like to see the focus on the products sent. We encourage use of the following products to help enhance your zombie look: coffee grounds, tissue, cereal, fake teeth, prosthetics, wigs, costuming, and contact lenses. Your score will not be affected negatively, however, if you do not have these products available. 

We will require 1 photo of all the products, as well as in-progress photos and/or video demonstrating where the products were used in addition to your final photo submission. A mood board and/or reference material is welcomed, but not required and will not affect your score. For the final photo, do take several angles of your finished look. Please do not add filters to your photo. We are looking for clean, clear shots of your makeup and anything affecting that will affect your final score.

This challenge is not a full body makeup challenge. From shoulders-up is fine, but please submit photos that are tight shots of the makeup. Please keep in mind that any skin that is showing in the photo (like a hand or an arm) needs to be cohesive with the rest of your look. You may have assistance with the photography, hair, wardrobe, and modeling but not with the makeup application.

These are the categories we will be judging you for a total of 40 points possible:

-Use of Product/Efficiency of Materials (10 points)

-Presentation (10 points)
-Character (10 points)
-Cleanliness/Technique (10 points)

Here is a rundown on how each category works:


Use of Product/Efficiency of Materials (1/4 of your final score)

In this category, we will be judging you based on how well you utilized the products given to you. Are the products the key feature of the look? Or did the supplemental products take over instead? 

Presentation (1/4 of your final score)

This is where the quality of your pictures comes into play. These are some of the things we will be looking for when judging: How well can we see the makeup? Are the in-process photos/video clear and descriptive?  We highly encourage some type of styling i.e. hair and/or wardrobe for a more completed look. 

Character (1/4 of your final score)

For this category, we will be looking at the overall look achieved, and how the products were used. This category will differ from the Efficiency of Materials category in that we are looking more at the artistic aspect of your look. Also, specifically for the products, where and how did you use them? What did you use with the liquid latex to create burned or decaying skin? How well did you incorporate the products that were sent to work seamlessly together? Do you have a complete and finished look? Does your character make sense? For example, if your zombie is supposed to be a desert zombie, but the color palette is blues and greens, then that takes away from the final character. 

Cleanliness/Technique (1/4 of your final score)

In this category, we will be looking at how you applied the products. Are the products transitioning where they need to? Are there any blending edges visible? Do your wounds look intentional? There is a difference between creating random bloody wounds vs. those that are purposeful. Is the makeup sloppy? Is the makeup overshadowed by too much use of blood? Etc.


Scores will be done by 3 Arda judges. Scores will be added up and divided by 3 to give each contestant an average score for each category. Contestants can obtain a private critique if requested.

Oh, and another thing...

Surprise! Surprise! This round will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION round!

The TWO contestants with the lowest score will be eliminated from Best Face Forward, but they will each go home with a $50 gift certificate!

The contestant with the top score will not receive immunity from the next round as it is the second to the last round, but they will receive a $20 gift certificate. 

There will be an audience favorite poll once the results are in; the top favorite will also receive a $20 gift certificate to our website!

Entries should be submitted to: with the title: ArdaBFF 2016 Round 2 Entry.

Late entry policy: Entries submitted within 12 hours after the deadline can be accepted as a late entry. Late entries will not be qualified to enter the audience poll, and will receive a 15% point deduction from their total score. This will likely result in being eliminated from the competition, but the contestant can still receive their $50 certificate. Entries submitted past the 12-hour late entry period will be disqualified and will not qualify for their $50 certificate.

Your deadline will be: December 19th at Noon (Central US time)

Good luck, contestants! And, most importantly, HAVE FUN! We are excited to see your zombie creations! :D

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