Customer Spotlight: BattyJuice Cosplay

Customer Spotlight: BattyJuice Cosplay
Wig style and color: 1 Jareth and 1 pack Short Wefts both in 065 Powder Blue

Photo by PhotosNXS

This week we interviewed our customer, BattyJuice! See more of her work via her facebook!


Q:  When did you start cosplaying, and what got you started?
A:   I started cosplaying in 2010- until then I had no idea there were such things as anime/gaming conventions! 

Q:  What is your favorite part of the costume-making process?
A:   My favorite part of the creation process is piecing together all the weird & funky crafty pieces. I love trying out new materials and mediums to work with!

Q:  Which costume are you most proud of?
A:  My Perfect Cell cosplay from DragonBall Z is my pride and joy. It’s a combination of all things I’ve learned over the years, with my own personal flair added for extra fun. Plus the entire thing is covered in sparkly glitter 

Q:  Do you have a favorite Arda Wig style and/or color?
A: I own a Derek in platinum blonde (with a matching bun- for TinkerBell) and I’m convinced I need one in every color. You can take that style and run in 246723 directions with it!

Q:  What advice do you have for new cosplayers getting into the hobby?
A:    Explore the web! Take advantage of glorious hashtags on social media! There are so many wonderful tutorials others have taken the time to put together for you to use! 

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