Customer Spotlight: Yami Sorceress

Customer Spotlight: Yami Sorceress

Cosplayer: Yami Sorceress

Cosplay: Princess Kakyuu

Wig Style and Color: Jeannie Classic with Long Wefts in Crimson

Photographer: KiKi Kannon


Arda: What is your creative outlet?

Yami Sorceress: Cosplay!

Arda: Tell us a little bit about your featured photo!

YS: I have always been a fan of characters with little screen time. Princess Kakyuu was one of my favorite characters in Sailor Moon growing up but very few people knew that she existed.

I decided she needed more love in the cosplay community and dedicated my summer to bring her to life. I was overjoyed when I stepped onto the convention floor and people started to recognize who I was. This beautiful photo helps remind me that every minor character is beautiful and deserves some love. I'm so happy to have brought her to life.  


Arda: Which look/costume are you most proud of?

YS: I have a soft spot for all of my cosplays and my favorites change constantly, but I am particularly proud of my Princess Peach cosplay. The golden details killed my fingers but it was all worth it.

Arda: Do you have a favorite Arda Wig style and/or color?

YS: The Malinda is my go-to wig for large "gravity defying" projects. Although I don't cosplay many blue haired characters I usually gravitate to the blue colors.

Arda: What Arda product are you dying to try out?

YS: I've been keeping my eye on the Victoria wig for a long time now. I'm hoping to create a Sakizou design in the future and finally order one. The hard part will be choosing the color!


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