Mega Mite

Mega Mite

Name and Social Info?
Mega Mite! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch!

Do you run a business you'd like to promote or do you have one in mind you'd like to lift up? Tell us about it! 
I do offer cosplay commissions and prop work on my Instagram page, please refer to previous commission works and other cosplay works. I would also like to mention ChrissyPlaysDressUp's 3D Prints! You can find most of her works on her Instagram page!

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
I would love to break into either graphic design or voice acting! I love creating my own logos and layouts to promote my cosplays/artworks. Voice acting is interesting to me because of the opportunity to be able to portray different characters in a different method other than cosplay. 

What made you start creating/cosplaying?
I cosplayed for the first time with my friends from high school! We went as characters from Bleach and ever since that first experience of putting on a cosplay, I've been hooked! I continue to cosplay now to create awareness that you don't have to look exactly like the character to be able to cosplay them. 

What is your favorite tool you use daily?
I love using my hands, if that can be called a tool, haha. I love creating and sewing things by hand. If I did have to choose a particular tool, it would have to be sewing clips! I love how they don't put holes in fabric and they are easier to take off while sewing. 

What is your favorite Arda Wig? Why? 
I love both Jeannie and Dany Classics! I love the extra thickness and realistic quality of these wigs. They are also excellent wigs to add extra wefts into and have versatile styling aspects! The Jeannie is perfect for those cosplays that have ponytails!

What advice do you have for creators just starting out?
Start small and work from your comfort zone! Do not feel pressured to cosplay from popular animes or shows and cosplay characters that you actually feel excited about! Expect burnout and take needed breaks. Don't forget to fill your cup and take time to relax and recharge yourself. Don't compare yourself with others. The only competition you should be in is with yourself to improve each and every time you cosplay.

What do you love most about cosplay? What issues in the community do you wish you could change or bring awareness?
The creative atmosphere. I love seeing everyone put passion into creating, it gives me inspiration to keep cosplaying. I also love the friendships that form around the love of cosplay! While the cosplay community can be inspirational and welcoming, there are underlying issues that do make it difficult and not open for many to participate wholly in the amazing experience that is cosplay. I would wish to draw more attention and awareness to those areas of inclusivity. 

What does Juneteenth mean to you?
Juneteenth. For me it is a day that has duality. While slaves were declared free throughout the nation with the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, most slaves were not aware of this until much later in 1865, the 19th of June. Juneteenth is a day of hope and a reminder that until racial equality is achieved, we are still much like our ancestors waiting for the announcement that we are truly free. Juneteenth is also a day to celebrate and remember how far we've come as a people to better prepare us for a hopeful future without racial prejudice or inequality. 

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you? This is definitely a hard one! I would have to say my sketchbook and a disposable camera (Never know what you might see on a deserted island!) 

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