Arda Loyalty Program

Arda Loyalty Program

What a reason for cheer! The Arda Loyalty Program is here! Working alongside your Arda coins, the loyalty program will bring you special benefits: the more you spend with us, the more you'll save with us. We’re excited to announce our new tiers for our returning customers, starting November 1st:

Standard Wigmancer - $0 - $149.99
Bronze Wigmancer - $150 - $399.99
Silver Wigmancer - $400-$799.99
Gold Wigmancer - $800 and up


The Arda Loyalty Program is a fun way to reward our returning customers with increased discounts the more they spend with us. Points are a great way you can earn discounts on regular priced products, and with loyalty tiers, the more you spend with us, the more points you get on each purchase, depending on your tier. Sales are great, but they’re temporary - points are a good way to see a return on your purchases any time of the year. It’s our way to thank you for being a loyal customer.

Not only that, but you also will get points for referring your friends, and signing up for our newsletter! For every friend you refer who successfully checks out with an order of $30 or more, you will receive 1000 points automatically to your account, and you’ll receive 300 points for signing up for the Arda newsletter! What a deal! Check your points dashboard to see how to send referral emails to your friends.


Q: So how does it work?

A: Every purchase you make counts toward your loyalty tier - once you reach a new tier level, you will automatically be sorted into that tier. (Think of it like the Sorting Hat, but with wigs, not houses.) The dollar amount you spend with us over a calendar year determines your loyalty tier. Once the calendar year begins again, you’re still in that tier, so long as you continue to spend the minimum amount yearly required for that tier.


Q: What happens if I’m in one tier but I don’t spend the minimum amount to remain there?

A: Every year, the loyalty program automatically evaluates your spending over the past year. If you haven’t made the purchases necessary to remain in that tier, it will automatically place you into the proper one.


Q: Can points only be used on getting money off purchases?

A: At the moment! But in the future, we’ll have other fun incentives. Certain tiers may even be able to redeem points for free product!


Q: You used to be able to redeem points for a code, can you no longer do that?

A: We’ve made it even easier to redeem your points - now, just like on our older program, you can redeem points for their value on your order at checkout, right away, no code required.


Q: Will my old redemption code still work?

A: Yes, it should! If you have any trouble, feel free to email us.


Q: Help, how do I redeem my points?

A: There is a points slider located in the discount field! If you are having trouble seeing it, please "View Order Summary". That should expand the page out and show the slider!


Q: I’m a commissioner, can I use a discount code with my points to redeem a purchase?

A: Points can only be redeemed on regular priced items. Please contact us if you have further questions about your account.


Q: Can I use my loyalty program points during sales or on sale items?

A: Unfortunately no, sales cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Since points are basically equal to cash back, or a further discount on products, they cannot be redeemed during sales. You can always earn points on sale purchases, though, and put those to good use on regular priced items!


Q: I want to pay with a gift card, will I still get points? And could I use points to pay on a remaining balance after my gift card is applied.

A: You won’t earn points if you use a gift card, but you will be able to redeem points and use a gift card at the same time. You will earn points, however, if you purchase a gift card.


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