Earn Rewards Points with Arda Coins!

Earn Rewards Points with Arda Coins!

We’re happy to introduce our new rewards point system: Arda Coins! These Coins are available on every product and each purchase you make will earn you Coins towards future purchases! Arda Coins are saved to your account, so be sure to sign up on our account page or when you are making a purchase at checkout.

Arda Coins offer really flexible savings! You can use Arda Coins on your next purchase or save them up for a later purchase. There is no restriction to where they can be used; Coins earned by buying wigs can be used towards makeup and Coins earned buying makeup can be used towards wigs.

Each dollar spent will earn you 10 Arda Coins. For every 200 coins you save, you get $1 in credit. That equals an automatic 5% credit back on your purchase, which can be used immediately on your next purchase. Save up for a large credit, or spend it immediately on your next wig. Our coins are flexible and in your control. Please note, Arda Coin discounts cannot be combined with other coupons or promotions.

Start using Arda Coins now! Sign up for an account now to receive your first 100 Coins free! Please note, you MUST SIGN UP with an Arda account to get coins, as coins are directly linked to your account.

We will not carry points from previous rewards programs over. This is a new system and you must create an account on our new website to use the Arda Coins rewards.

We cannot apply Arda Coins to purchases made without an account.

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