Critical Role Wig Suggestion Guide

Critical Role Wig Suggestion Guide


Our Jess style has shorter fibers on the bottom and longer on top. You can use heat from a hair dryer to train the front back so it can be styled into a topknot/bun. The Jess is a very thick style! You may consider removing some wefts from the top and trimming some length to lessen the weight.

Caduceus Clay

Use heat from a hair dryer to train the style to one side, working in small sections at a time. You may want to trim the length. We recommend wearing a wig grip to keep this side-heavy style from sliding!

Caleb Widogast

The Benny has been a popular choice for Caleb due to the length and slight curl. Use heat from a hair dryer to relax the curls in front and sweep it to either side.


Kyle with Black top/Ash Black bottom

Kyle with Back Top/Grey bottom

Our Kyle is an undercut style with longer fibers on top and short on the bottom. You can heat-train the top back with a hair dryer, and you may trim the length for a more accurate look. Use silver sharpies to add the grey spot in front!

Jester Lavorre

The Inigo may need some trimming to match Jester's bob length. The Jane is a popular choice as well as-is or with the curls relaxed.

Nott the Brave

You can straighten or relax the curls on the Ferrari with a flat iron.


Our Matilda style is pretty thick on top, though you may consider adding more hair from jumbo braids, wefts, or ponytail clips for her braids. Short wefts in Light Grey or regular Grey could be added to the bottom for the extra color. We also carry the Miya style, which has a black to grey ombre but may need additional hair on top for volume. If you wanted to dye a gradient, you could use Rit Dyemore or iDye poly to dye the top like in our Sombra tutorial.

Just remember that synthetic dyes will dye the lace as well, so you'd want to trim away all excess lace afterward to make it less noticeable in photos.

Mollymauk Tealeaf

Dark Lavender would be a closer color, but you may want to trim and/or curl the Jaguar style to match the official character reference. If you don't mind a more vivid color, our Hansel style comes in Plum!

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