Disney Princess Wig Suggestion Guide

Disney Princess Wig Suggestion Guide


Our Venus is another popular style choice, though the Luthien will have more length in the bangs to create her stylized swoop. Color may depend on your preference or reference image. Rust Red will be a deep warm red, while Apple and Crimson are cool reds. Maroon will be less saturated, and Dark Copper Red is sometimes used to match the musical or Disney parks princess since it's a more natural shade. We also have the Luthien and Venus available in Silky if you'd like something easier to run a dinglehopper through. Backcomb the bangs like in our tutorial here to fluff them up:


The Le Tigre has some good length to start with, though our Grace has a skin top in the front if you want a more defined part! You could tease, roll, or wrap the hair from the sides around a plush form (such as quilt batting or a soft foam) to create a more stylized look. You can also add wefts between the tied areas if needed for more length, and use additional foam or some type of structure to fluff out the tail pieces.


The Luthien in Pale Blonde will be a closer option to the Wreck it Ralph 3D render, while Champagne is close to some original film references. Our Claudia in Dark Ash Blonde is also a popular option to match the Disney Parks version or if you want a more natural shade. Curl or roll the bangs to create her iconic look!


Jeannie in Champagne

Jeannie in Ash Blonde

The Jeannie is updo-ready, and if you're confident in curling and trimming you can re-purpose the ponytail clip into a bun or curled hairpiece. An easier alternative might be starting with a short style such as our Caine, and styling a Short Clip or Curly Clip for the back. Champagne and Ash Blonde are closer to the parks princess and 3D model, but her hair is more golden in the original film (Ginger Blonde) and 2D marketing images (Light Blonde). We suggest going with a blonde shade that you prefer with your own complexion!


Grace in Spanish Brown plus matching Hairbun

Dany in Spanish Brown plus matching Hairbun

The Grace and Dany styles are parted in the front and have lovely waves appropriate for both her ballgown and blue dress. Roll or twist the hair around the sides, and tie in the back before securing a matching Hairbun over it for her ballgown style.


Matilda in Deep Brown

Matilda in Cool Dark Brown

The Matilda's thickness is great for updos. To keep the sides around the back concealed, you can use this handy trick:

Alternatively, you could use a Hairbun accessory with a short lace style such as our Cady. Carefully comb the hair back and set with a little hairspray. For her more casual look in Wreck it Ralph 2, you could trim and tease our Lindsay or re-curl for tighter ringlets.

Snow White

Josephine in Black

Greta in Black

The Josephine's part cannot be moved, though you could shift the style when wearing so that the part is positioned at the center. Carefully fluff out the bottom if you'd like! The Greta is also another style possibility, though the bangs will be shorter. Some customers also like our Jane and Vivien styles (with some trimming or re-curling tighter).


Delilah in Custard

Matilda in Pale Blonde plus Wefts

This is possibly one of the most difficult hairstyles to figure out, but we've made a tutorial using a Matilda, Jumbo Braids in Wheat, and Wefts in Pale Blonde!

Pale Blonde (Classic) and Custard (Silky) are closer to her golden hair from the film, though some folks will use Dark Ash Blonde instead to match the Disney Parks princess or for a more natural color. Champagne may be a nice in-between if you want a more natural shade that still has some gold in it. Our Our Le Tigre, Grace, and Buttercup are also good style choices if you're planning to add extensions to make her braided hairstyle. Spoiler info: for her shorter hairstyle, you could use our Magnum in Spanish Brown!


Lindsay in Pumpkin

Merry in Pumpkin

The Lindsay is a curly and full lace option that would just need some teasing on top! Our Merry is a non-lace alternative, though will need a lot of teasing to fluff it up. Another option that wouldn't need much styling is to stack a Glinda on top of a Claudia or Merry. Dark Copper Red is another popular color choice as a more natural shade.


Le Tigre in Black

Pocahontas wouldn't need much styling, though if you want a skin part you could straighten the curls on our Merry with a flat iron, or pluck the hairline of our Tauriel if you want a lacefront.


Buttercup in Black

Buttercup in Onyx

The Buttercup could be paired with a Hairbun for her pink dress updo or for when her hair is worn down. You'd want to trim the length to match her shorter style. The skin top can be parted in the center with heat from a hair dryer. A short lacefront paired with a Hairbun, or using the ponytail hack trick could help create Ping's hairstyle.


Suzi in Titanium Blonde

Tauriel in Titanium Blonde

The Suzi has layers already trimmed into it, which is great for her wispy pieces around the top, but may need additional wefts added for more volume in the braid. The Tauriel has more thickness for the braid, but you'd need to do some trimming around the top for her wispy pieces. The Widow's peaks on both styles can be plucked for a more subtle one. Our Matilda and Eowyn styles are popular for Elsa's coronation hairstyle.


Leia in Ginger Blonde

Eowyn in Warm Light Brown

Anna's color varies between reference images! The parks princess has a color closer to Warm Light Brown or Dark Copper Red, while in the original film it's lighter like Ginger Blonde. If you'd like something in-between, our Sandy Brown is a good choice as well. The Nina is another good style option for Anna, as well as the Jasmine if you want something for her updo. Use one of our clip-in extensions for her silver streak. The Leia style already has a part down the back for pigtails, while the other styles do not. Please view one of these tutorials for making a non-pigtail style more pigtail-friendly.

Without wefts:

With wefts (first portion of this tutorial):



Lindsay in Deep Brown

Lindsay in Dark Brown

The Lindsay is appropriate for Moana out of the bag! Color may vary depending on the reference image.


Jeannie in Black

Jasmine in Black

The Jeannie will be easier to style and manage with some trimming to the clip-on. Without the clip the tail will be a little shorter, though it could be teased as an easy solution for her hairstyle. The Jasmine has a longer base tail that you could trim and tease. More styling would be required for the Jasmine, but it would give the most accurate result if you care about both the length and thickness of the area where her hair tie would be secured.

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