Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Wig Suggestion Guide

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Wig Suggestion Guide


Our Jaguar style has longer tails on the sides you can curl to frame your face! The back has lots of layers, though the bangs will need to be trimmed. Our new Frost Blonde will be the closest shade, though Victory Blonde photographs nicely if you want a tad more color. Lunar Blonde is also a nice, brighter blonde with a hint of gold to it.


The Caine style wouldn’t need much trimming. If you don’t mind trimming, the Jaguar will have a more forgiving length overall for larger head sizes. Silver will be closer to his in-game hair color while Light Grey is closer to his appearance in high quality cut scenes.



The twins share the same hairstyle with bangs brushed to opposite sides! Start with a short style with a slight curl to it like our Hansel. You can add the ponytail in the back using an XL clip-in extension or a pack of short wefts if you’d like a bit more hair. You might need to create a wire structure that loops under the wig’s cap to keep the tail extended outwards.

See our tutorial here for creating ahoge!


The volume and feathered bangs of the Venus are great for Ryne’s hairstyle! Champagne is the closest match when she’s Minfilia, while Salmon will be the closest color as Ryne.

Emet Selch

The Bucky or Whitney are good options if you want a lacefront. The Whitney has a shaped hairline while the Bucky has a center part. Both of these would need some trimming for accurate length and a slight undercut; do not trim the undercut shorter than an inch or two in order to avoid visible wefting. The Jess is a non-lace option with a skin top in front. The length would need to be trimmed on top, but it already has an undercut! For the white section, you can either apply Kryolan color spray, hair chalk, or add a Silver or Pure White bang clip-on around the front.

BONUS: Crystal Exarch/G’raha Tia

Our Lulu is a smoother bob while the Caine is available in more color options and can be parted easily on the side. He does have a small braid in the back, which you could create using some wefts or clip-in extensions. You can add a faux ombré to a red base wig using wefts in Silver or Pure White like in our tutorial here:

Or, you can custom dye the top of a silver wig by either carefully dipping the top in a dye bath or by cutting away the top section before dyeing and sewing it back to the wig. We have a tutorial featuring Assist Wig dye, but this method will also work with Rit Dyemore and Idye Polyester:

We also have this tutorial for moving skin tops (helpful for the Lulu), though we would recommend doing this after any stovetop dyeing:

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