My Hero Academia Wig Suggestion Guide 2

My Hero Academia Wig Suggestion Guide 2

Mina Ashido

Hansel in Baby Pink

Hansel in Tulip Pink

The Hansel gets nice and fluffy if you give it a good shake out of the bag, though you can do some teasing and set with hairspray to better hold the styling in place. Pale Pink and Bubblegum are also great color options depending on the reference image or your personal preference. If you want a pre-teased top wig, our Jaguar is an option with some trimming and curling.

Eijiro Kirishima

Morpheus in Apple Red

Caine in Rust Red

Rust Red and Apple look like the closest shades depending on the reference image. The Morpheus will have a more natural hairline but will need some trimming, while the Caine is a good non-lace alternative if you do some heat-training to style it up. Our Marty style in Apple Red or Scarlet are also good options if you want something that'd need minimal styling. See our spiking 101 tutorial for some styling tips!

Denki Kaminari

Vegas in Light Blonde

Jareth in Pale Blonde

The Vegas is a bit shorter than the Jareth if you trim the small tail. Light Blonde looks like the closest shade, but Pale Blonde would also look great if you'd prefer a warm blonde shade with a tad less yellow. You could use a Morpheus if you'd prefer a lacefront. See our spiking 101 tutorial for some tips!

Momo Yaoyorozu

Jeannie in Black

Morpheus + a Mid Clip in Black

There are a number of ways you could create Momo's style. The Jeannie has a skin top, so you could heat-train some of the bangs back into the base ponytail, and tease/trim/spike the clip-on it comes with for her fluffy tail. The Morpheus is a ponytail-friendly lace option, though you might remove some wefts and heat-train pre-teased fibers to lessen the volume. You could even use a short lace style like the Cady and add short wefts to the front for the long piece she has.

Kyoka Jiro

Katinka in Dark Purple

Katinka in Deep Purple

Deep Purple will be a more obvious purple, while Dark Purple is closer to black under indoor lighting. The Katinka style is pretty perfect with a little trimming!

Tomura Shigaraki

Magnum in Dusty Blue

Hansel in Powder Blue

The Hansel in Powder Blue or Magnum in Dusty Blue are great choices depending on your preference in color or reference image. The Magnum may need additional trimming for the shorter layers.

Himiko Toga

Chibi in Ash Blonde

Chibi in Champagne

Toga's hair color changes between different references. For a more natural blonde shade, we recommend Ash Blonde or Champagne. If you want something more golden you might like Fairy Blonde, Pale Blonde, or Light Blonde. The Chibi's tails can twist into buns, or you could use hairbun accessories and fluff them out. A Katinka paired with hairbuns could be a good alternative to the Chibi style.


Caine in Black

Hansel in Black

The Caine has a pre-teased top that would make it easier to fluff and spike more accurately, though if you want a quick out-of-the-bag option the Hansel has some fluff to it as well (though the Hansel has some curl to it).

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