The Promised Neverland Wig Suggestion Guide

The Promised Neverland Wig Suggestion Guide


Emma’s hair has a blonde to orange gradient, which makes golden blondes such as Light Blonde, Pale Blonde, and Fairy Blonde all great options if you plan to dye part of the wig orange! Be very careful holding the top of the wig out of the dye bath if you do the stovetop dye method. Or, you could cut away the top-most section and sew it back together after dyeing the bottom. See our Glimmer tutorial or our Rit Dyemore tutorial for more stovetop dye tips! You can use artist markers such as Copics or Sharpies, but keep in mind that these colors can rub off with handling, and hairspray will cause the color to run.

If you want a solid color, Ginger Blonde is a great in-between shade, or you could use Fire Orange or Pumpkin if you want to have a more orange shade.

You could also start with an orange base such as Pumpkin or Fire Orange, and spray the top with a little Yellow Kryolan color spray.

You can use our Clip-in Extensions to add longer sections on top and in the back. We’ve got some ahoge tips as well here!


Silver or Pure White are both good color options for Norman. Use a hair dryer to fluff up the Rocky, or trim a little from the back on the Jett. If you choose the Rocky, you can also add a little extra length for the odd curl he has with a couple Clip-in Extensions.


The Jaguar is ideal for the scruffy layers in the back, but it will need some trimming at the sides. The Blue Steele will have a longer bang to work with, though the Jaguar’s bang is pretty long too!

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