Wig Suggestions: Link

Wig Suggestions: Link


Throughout the years, our favorite hero has undergone several art style transformations. For the most part, his hairstyle hasn’t changed too much: he is usually sporting fluffy bangs and has longer pieces in front of his ears. Our Jaguar style has both of these features, which makes it a pretty universal wig for Link. The Hansel is a popular-selling alternative, and the Inigo would work well for the new WiiU Link (for his small ponytail).


Jaguar  Hansel Inigo

Below is a handy list of which colors we’d recommend for each variant of Link.You might opt for a different color/style if you’re using a different reference, interpret the color/style to real-life differently, or are in need of an alternative in the scenario that an item is unavailable. If you need an alternative suggestion, feel free to email us!

Light Blonde and Fairy Blonde

These blondes are blended with a yellow tone, which are great choices for Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Hyrule Warriors, and Toon Link. If you want even more yellow, our Magnum is available in Yellow (AR009) and Yellow Blonde (079).

Ginger Blonde

Ginger Blonde is darker than Light and Platinum Blondes, and is blended to have a slight orange tone. Below are artwork examples from Link’s Awakening, A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds, Zelda I, Oracle of Seasons/Ages, and the Skyward Sword Link Figma.

Dark Ash Blonde or Sandy Brown

The Twilight Princess variant of Link has a less saturated, dirty blonde tone. We’d recommend either Dark Ash Blonde or Sandy Brown, and using Copic markers or sharpies to add more color variation and depth.

Light Brown and Warm Light Brown

Zelda II Link and the sprite from the original Legend of Zelda have more brown tones. Light Brown is a cooler tone, while Warm Light Brown is warmer.


Silver and Black

Shadow/Dark Link’s hair is Black in-game. In Smash Bros 4, his hair is Silver. Fierce Deity Link also has Silver hair.


In A Link Between Worlds, Shadow Link’s artwork is more purple, so if you go with that color scheme then we recommend Dark Purple. In A Link to the Past, Link’s sprite has pink-ish hair like our Baby Pink. The Inigo in Ginger Blonde would be great for both Breath of the Wild and CDi Link (with an additional Long bang clip-on for the CDi version). 80s Cartoon Link is an Inigo in Natural Black or Dark Brown.


Linkle is the newest addition to the Link Family! For her, use a Katinka and Short Wefts in Fairy Blonde. The wefts will help give fullness to the braids.

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