Jess WWWIP Week 5

Jess WWWIP Week 5

Hey crafters!

This week for me was all about feathers and foam!

I started with the wing base I finished in Week 3 and began patterning foam pieces. Once I got a layout I liked, I chalked the pattern out on foam and got to painting.

I wanted to try and match the iridescence the rooster feathers have by layering different layers of acrylic metallic and matte paint on the foam. I got it to a color I liked and glued everything together!

Now that the large foam feathers are all assembled, it was time to lay my actual feathers! I started with my longest feathers (12-16 inches).

To lay feathers, you must first cut the quill so you don’t have to deal with a hard point puncturing layers that are laid on top of them. It also makes the whole assembly easier. The downside: You end up with a bunch of fluffy feather barbs everywhere! Keep a vacuum on hand for easy cleanup.

Once I got most of the long feathers down, I moved onto shorter feathers. I made my best effort to lay them similar to underwing coverts.

I might go back in a later week and add more long feathers to the bottom. I’ll have to see how the rest of the costume harmonizes with this technique!

'Til next week!

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