WWWIP 2019 Week 6: Ali Mahou

WWWIP 2019 Week 6: Ali Mahou
Runaan image courtesy of The Dragon Prince
Right photo by Amaleigh Photography

Hi again and welcome back!

This week my main focus was on making a stencil for Runaan’s arm tattoos, but I also did a few alterations on the tunic and vest to ensure the perfect fit.

Why make a stencil?

  • For consistent application every time the cosplay is worn
  • To save time when getting into cosplay
  • It’s easier to dab a sponge over a stencil with your non-dominant hand than paint an intricate design

I made two different kinds of stencils for this project. One of the stencils is on a translucent “make your own stencil” plastic sheet and the other is on stick-on vinyl. Both styles are reusable (to an extent) but the plastic sheet version will outlive the vinyl version. The vinyl version sticks to the skin, which makes painting easier, whereas the plastic version needs to be taped or held down and it’s best to use this style with a friend to help.

Before I could even get to cutting the stencil, I had to design the stencil pattern in Illustrator (though you can use any graphics program or sketch the pattern by hand). Make sure to connect certain sections of the pattern so there are no floating pieces not attached to the stencil.

Normally, you have to flip the image before taping it down to the back of your vinyl or plastic and cutting, but in this case, the pattern is symmetrical.


(To demonstrate, the vinyl version is stuck on my arm, and the plastic version is taped to my mannequin’s arm.)

For my quick test, I used the vinyl version, which I stuck to plastic after using to keep it fresh for my next use. I used Mehron Paradise Makeup in Dark Blue and Wild Orchid mixed together. I also changed up a few details and adjusted line widths once I saw it on my actual arm. The stencil is perfect for the basic shape, but sometimes you still need to clean up edges and adjust. In my opinion, I thought this was a great test!

Thanks for joining me on my journey so far! And I’ll see you next week for lots of foam work!

- Mahou ☆

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