WWWIP Week 5: Ali Mahou

WWWIP Week 5: Ali Mahou

Runaan image courtesy of The Dragon Prince
Right photo by Amaleigh Photography

Hi again and welcome back!

This week (which is probably my favourite week yet!) I styled Runaan’s wig, attached the horns, and even did a quick costest/makeup test!

Last week I finished up the horns, primed them with Flexbond, and painted a wood grain texture on them. I wanted to keep with my goal of making this entire cosplay more realistic and not flat at all. I’m not a painter by any means, so I experimented with wood grain painting on a piece of cured Foam Clay that I treated and primed the same way as my horns. The horn adornments are made with Arda Wigs Canada’s new Form-Lite EVA Foam (3MM)! It shapes beautifully and was great for etching into for the textured designs.

I attached the horns to the wig by gluing them to a white/translucent headband so it would blend well into the white wig. The headband is wide enough to support the horns, and it helps that they’re super light because they’re made out of Foam Clay! The headband gets built into the wig within the first few steps.

The wig that Arda Wigs Canada sponsored me with to create this style is a Tauriel in Pure White. For the styling, I altered the lace front widow’s peak to make it less harsh, trimmed a bit of the length from the front, and created his braid and ponytail style in the back.

Note: There’s a point where I used parchment paper to block my horns while I hair-sprayed the wig. This is because Got2b Glued leaves a sticky and not-so-nice residue, and I wanted to protect my horns!

You can watch me style it here!

I slipped the wig on and played around with my makeup for a quick costest! I chose to use purple and red tones as eyeshadow. Then I mixed two Mehron Paradise Makeup colours (Dark Blue and Wild Orchid) together to create the perfect indigo colour for the face and tattoo markings.

Thanks for joining me on my journey so far! And I’ll see you next week!

- Mahou ☆

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