Customer Spotlight: The Esoteric Cleric

Customer Spotlight: The Esoteric Cleric

Cosplayers: Taylor and Willem at The Esoteric Cleric

Cosplay: Nightborne Elves from World of Warcraft

Wig Style and Color: Katinka in Pure White,
Jareth in Pure White, Wefts in Pure White

Makeup Used: Mehron Paints, Sugarpill

Photographer: Frame Drop Photos

Arda: What is your creative outlet? 

Taylor and Willem: Cosplay, makeup, digital art, and WHATEVER WE CAN PAINT!


Arda: Tell us a little bit about the featured photo!

T+W: These photos are from our Nightborne elf cosplays at this past Blizzcon. This was the first time that we had to build costumes completely from nothing, AND then figure out how to bring them across the ocean from Iceland. The wigs help us out immensely- from holding our ears on to being the medium that we used to craft our realistic elf eyebrows! Wefts have so many extra uses!


Arda: Which look/costume are you most proud of?

T+W: These are probably our proudest look, simply because of how many weeks of work and planning went into them. We had to rely on many types of crafting and learn a few new skills along the way to make these happen! (Things like electrical circuit building, machine sewing, pattern making, foam craft and resin casting.) They represent a fully resized aesthetic to us, from a media that we deeply love- and these wigs really helped secure that vision for us.

Arda: Do you have a favorite Arda Wig style and/or color?

T+W: These are my go-to wigs! I continue to purchase them, and they are my first choice when beginning to figure out a project because I know that they will be versatile. I'm a big fan of the Ilona because of its adaptable shape and its incredible volume- but I am incredibly partial to the Katinka in White as well. It was purchased originally for cosplay, but I wear it out all the time now, the cut is so flattering! We purchase a lot of the White colors- but the blondes that we have purchased in that past are shockingly natural and realistic, which can be hard to find. My favorite thing that Arda sells though, is WEFTS. I am constantly needing more hair for unusual accents and unorthodox uses (ie. massive detachable eyebrows that don't look too fake up close-) and this stuff would simply not be as possible without the ability to purchase weft in colors that match my wigs. #TEAMWEFT


Arda: What Arda product are you dying to try out?

T+W: I am DYING to try out the Dolly Lashes. Was actually trying to figure out how to purchase them internationally and then I got your email about them! (Also, of course, more wigs. Haha. Need at least four more this year!)

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