Darkarnival Butler

Darkarnival Butler

Name and Social Info?
Darkarnival Butler. You can fing me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Patreon!

Do you run a business you'd like to promote or do you have one in mind you'd like to lift up? Tell us about it! 
Darkarnival Butler is my personal business which is dedicated to cosplay content creation on Youtube and other social media, making of tutorials through the creation of cosplays and the making of original artworks and designs. I mostly promote myself on Instragram, Facebook and Youtube. I also own a Patreon where people can support my work and have access to exclusive and/or early content!

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? 
I sometimes think about being a costume designer or an illustrator. I would also be curious about being part of a team of costume makers for big productions like Broadway shows, Cirque du Soleil productions, movies or TV shows. If I wasn't a super shy and nervous person, I would probably would like to be a singer also, since it was one of my biggest dreams as a teenager.

What made you start creating/cosplaying? 
I've always had a passion for costuming! It all started with my Halloween costumes, which I was always planning months or even years in advance. And I always dressed up as fictional characters from movies and more. Let's say that I was already cosplaying without knowing. My friends, who were manga and anime fans at the time, told me I should attend an anime convention one day and maybe try cosplaying in conventions. I was thrilled from my very first experience and I haven't stopped since. Because I wasn't really making my costumes from scratch at the time, I had to learn sewing bases from my mom and I've pretty much learned everything else by myself after that.

What is your favorite tool you use daily? 
Other than my sewing machine of course, I've recently started to use my very own serger for the first time and now I don't know how I've been able to live without it for so long! The clean finishing I'm able to achieve today is the most satisfying feeling ever!

What is your favorite Arda Wig? Why?   
My favorite Arda Wig is the Magnum Classic, because it is very versatile and perfect for several kind of looks and characters. Sometimes, I’m able to use the same Magnum wig that I own for up to 4 different characters/cosplays, which is very useful and allows me to save money and to reuse my wigs for future projects.

What advice do you have for creators just starting out? 
First of all, don't forget that we ALL start somewhere. Even the best cosplayers out there already have been new to this and have been struggling at first. You have to give yourself time and never give up on your goals. With time and hard work, we all can progress and get better. Also, never forget to do what YOU want and what makes YOU happy. No matter who you are, where you're from, what you like and what you look like, you should never be ashamed of your passion and what gives you life, which is creating and expressing yourself. Even if you encounter obstacles or people who want to discourage you or take you down, never forget to focus on the positive, on positive people around you, people who encourage you and love for who you are. Never feel the need to do certain things, to change or to meet certain standards because other people want you to. The most important thing is to always do it for you first and not for others. And finally, never forget to be KIND and to have FUN!

What do you love most about cosplay? What issues in the community do you wish you could change or bring awareness? 
My favorite thing about cosplay is to be able to make my childhood dreams come true, by becoming my own heroes and fictional role models. I love to be able to transform into anyone or anything I want, to have fun with it and to not be judged for it. I love that it allows me to be as creative as I can be and to develop skills I would probably have never learned without cosplay in my life. I love cosplay because it makes me feel beautiful, powerful and that it boosts me with confidence. 
One thing I wish I could change about the community is the presence of toxic elitism among certain groups of cosplayers. The idea that some cosplayers uses their experience, skills or "status" to belittle other cosplayers and look down on other cosplayers is something I've always despised. And the fact that some cosplay groups or organizations will only acknowledge cosplayers meeting their own - sometimes biased - standards or cosplayers that are part of their social circle, without giving any chance to new creators, is also an issue I've witnessed numerous times and that I disagree with.

What does Juneteenth mean to you? 
Juneteenth to me means both happy things and also sad things. It is a huge step in History for the rights of black people and their ancestors. It is the celebration of a strong community and a celebration of freedom. It is also a reminder that, even if that date was a big step foward in our History, we still have a lot of work to do towards real systemic equality between races and ethnicities. As much as this is supposed to be a great and happy celebration, it’s still sad to think that there are still a lot of issues and struggles regarding racism in America. However, I try to have hope and I believe that this reminder through a national celebration like Juneteenth can contribute to bring social awareness to that serious problem. Maybe one day we'll see a better future if we continue to work all together on that.

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you? 
Anyone would think that I would want to have supplies for cosplay making with me, but I obviously would need more than just two items for that XD I would say that a photo of my loved ones (family and friends) would be an absolute necessity for me, if I can't bring anyone with me of course. Second, this might be considered as more than one thing, but I would ask for something to be able to watch some movies or, at least, some music!  

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