Avatar The Last Airbender: Wig Suggestion Guide

Avatar The Last Airbender: Wig Suggestion Guide


Wig Suggestions: Glatzan or Latex Rubber Bald Cap

Warning: spoilers ahead!

While Aang's head is normally shaved, he grows his hair out in a later part of the series. Our Rocky style in Deep Brown is a great option for this version!



Wig Suggestions: Ororo Silky in Mocha OR Ami in Cool Dark Brown

Katara has a few different hairstyles, and a long wavy wig with no bangs is perfect for all of them! We recommend our Ororo style if you're on budget, or our Ami and Arwen are great options if you want a lacefront hairline. Cool Dark Brown, Deep Brown, and Dark Brown will be great color choices depending on the reference image.



Wig Suggestions: Bald Cap or Caine in Deep Brown or Cool Dark Brown

If you're making Zuko's topknot, this might be easiest to achieve with a bald cap and a small hole to allow longer natural hair to come through in the back. You could also craft a topknot with a bang clip or wefts, but something like this might not stay on a bald cap very well due to the cap's stretchy material. 

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Let's be honest: Most Zuko cosplayers go for his longer hairstyle rather than the topknot! Our Caine in Deep Brown or Cool Dark Brown would be excellent choices.



Wig Suggestion: Blue Steele with Short Wefts in Black

Our Blue Steele is a fabulous choice for Toph because it has longer bangs in front. To make her bun, the most popular method is to cover a foam form with a pack of short wefts before gluing it to the back of your base wig. We suggest bulking up a styrofoam head to match your head size or use a canvas head for the glue step. Cover your wig head with plastic wrap as well before putting the wig on it to avoid glueing your wig and bun to the head itself!

Check out our Expanding Foam Core Tutorial for exciting ideas!



Wig Suggestions: Extra Large Clip-In in Cool Dark Brown OR Jess in Dark Brown

If your own hair is already shaved, trim one or two XL Clip-in Extensions and you're good to go! Tack the front down with a little spirit gum or prosthetic adhesive if you don't have enough hair on top for the clip attachments. A Short Clip would be thicker and could also work with an adhesive if you remove the butterfly clip. If your head isn’t shaved, use a bald cap and stipple the sides with makeup.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Sokka's shaved sides vary in length throughout the show. You can trim our Jess style in Dark Brown for this. 



Wig Suggestions: Jeannie Base or Viktor in Black

Our Jeannie and Viktor are both ponytail-friendly styles. The Jeannie has a skin top that would allow you to heat-train some of the bangs back with a hair dryer. A Viktor would need to be untied and re-secured to bring a couple pieces in front down to frame your face. The Viktor in particular is a difficult style to wear, but trimming the length will make it lighter and easier to style. 

See our Viktor tutorial for more information about this advanced lacefront.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Azula does have a hairstyle where her hair is worn down. A non-ponytail style like our Matilda or Grace would be ideal for this. 



Wig Suggestions: Westley or Bucky in Spanish Brown

Our Westley is an excellent length and has a skin top for versatile styling in front with a hair dryer. Our Bucky would also be a good lacefront option that comes in a warm brown, but it might need some heat-styling. 

See our tutorial for some resourceful straightening methods.



Wig Suggestions: Nina Classic in Black OR Nina Silky in Onyx

Mai's hair styling is a little ambiguous, but it appears to be a braided updo with a couple sections left down and two small buns on top. Our Nina or Eowyn style would be perfect options; the Nina already has cut bangs and is a little more budget-friendly while the Eowyn is a closer length in the back and has plenty of volume.

See our tutorial for some inventive straightening methods if you use a Nina.


Ty Lee

Wig Suggestion: Jasmine in Spanish Brown with a Wig Grip

Ty Lee's hairstyle will be back-heavy due to the long braid, so we recommend wearing a Wig Grip to minimize sliding! Our Jasmine is ponytail-ready, but if you don't mind a bit of extra styling work for something that will be easier to wear, you could pair a Blue Steele with a pack of long wefts. Build a wire support like the one we show in our Expanding Foam Core tutorial, but instead of securing foam over it, you can spiral wefts around the wire before braiding it and add a ribbon around the base.



Wig Suggestions: Ororo or Ami in Silver

This style could be approached a number of ways. When securing a wig up into a half ponytail or parting the back for braids, there is the possibility of gaps or weft tracks showing. Do some criss-cross work or add wefts to help hide these areas.

Check out these tutorials for ideas!
Wefted Parts
Criss-Cross Parts

Our Arwen style is another fantastic lacefront option, and the Ororo style comes in our Silky fibers. Silver and Sterling will have more depth in photos while Snow White and Pure White will be more striking.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Yue has a hairstyle where her hair is worn down. Any of the styles listed above would be perfect for this as well, and this tutorial is an innovative way for adding more volume.

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