Legend of Korra: Wig Suggestion Guide

Legend of Korra: Wig Suggestion Guide


Wig Suggestions: Jasmine or Ayumi in Deep Brown

Our Jasmine style is ponytail-ready and long enough to work with the tail in the back. Jasmine is a more advanced style to wear. If you prefer something with more flexibility that is easier to care for, use our Ayumi style and create a ponytail out of a pack of short wefts or a ponytail wrap.

This foam tutorial shows you how to create a simple wire structure, and the same trick can be used to create Korra’s style of ponytail!

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Korra has a short bob later in the series. Our Heidi would be the closest length, or you could trim our Yuri or Westley styles in front for a longer bang. The Westley has a skin top that allows you to heat-train the front to either side while the Yuri has a lightly teased top; both are versatile. And, of course, there's always our good friend the Inigo!



Wig Suggestions: Chris or Marty in Black

Our Chris and Marty styles are perfect for Mako. Chris has a closer length while the Marty has a deeper widow’s peak. If you’re on a budget, a non-lace style such as our Jett would be fitting with a little heat from a hair dryer to push up the front.



Wig Suggestions: Ken or Jaguar in Black

Ken is a superb option if you prefer a lacefront, and our Jaguar is the same length if you’re on a budget. Both of these styles would need some curling for his waves. Tease the front of the Ken for a slight pompadour or heat-train the top of the Jaguar back with a hair dryer and comb.

Learn how to manipulate our wigs with this helpful tutorial!

This tutorial demonstrates spikes, but the same trick can be used to add volume for unique shapes such as pompadours. 



Wig Suggestions: Matilda or Grace in Black

Matilda is perfect out of the bag, and there is plenty of volume in the top to part the lacefront on either side. Our Dany is a similar lacefront style that has a ventilated part in the center, but this cannot be moved unless you wear the style tilted. Grace is a non-lacefront option with a skin top that allows parting the front on either side with a hair dryer.


Lin Beifong

Wig Suggestions: Josephine or Jane in Grey

Grey style options are limited, but our Josephine would work wonderfully when fluffed out around the bottom. The side part cannot be moved but you could tilt the style to position it in the center. Our Jane has looser, layered curls you can brush and bangs you could tuck to each side. And if you have a style you'd die to see our Grey in, why not drop us a line and let us know!

Learn more with our Josephine fluffing tutorial.



Wig Suggestions: Heidi with a Hairbun in Dark Brown

Heidi plus a Hairbun is an wonderfully adorable option!

Warning: spoilers ahead!

For Jinora’s older look, our Yuri and Westley styles have longer hair in front. Yuri has a lightly teased top, and Westley has a skin top that can be parted at the center using heat from a hair dryer.



Wig Suggestions: Chibi or Blue Steele in Dark Brown

Since Ikki’s buns have fabric covers, you can fake this with a short base like our Blue Steele and foam balls covered in fabric. Our Chibi has a skin part in the back if you prefer a true pigtail style.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

For her older look, a Natasha would be a fabulous option. 


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