BNA: Wig Suggestion Guide

BNA: Wig Suggestion Guide

Warning: This guide may contain spoilers! Read at your own risk.


Michiru Kagemori

Wig Suggestion: Jaguar in Denim Blue or Royal Blue

Royal Blue will be a stronger color while Denim is the closest match to most references. The Jaguar style is easy to fluff thanks to the pre-teased top, and it has enough length around the sides to frame the face. The tips can be dyed black with either a synthetic dip dye, hand-colored with hair chalk, or hand-colored with sharpies. For her human version, our Priscilla and Heidi are cute short bobs that would just need a little trimming and curl added for her cowlick.

For a step-by-step guide on the perfect Michiru wig, see our styling tutorial here!



Shirou Ogami

Wig Suggestion: Hansel in Frost Blonde or Silver

Shirou’s hair is described as a white or silver, but references often have a hint of blonde or grey to it. Hansel is perfect out of the bag with a good shake or blow dry to fluff it up! For his beast form, our Blue Grey will be similar. For a custom color, you could tint Light Grey with green synthetic dye or Mint with a small amount of black dye. Our Rit dyemore tutorial is full of tips for creating custom colors!



Nazuna Hiwatashi

Wig Suggestions: Ashley in Bubblegum or Luthien in Sliver

Nazuna has multiple hairstyles depending on her form.

Bubblegum is closest to her fox form, and we carry this color in the Ashley style. Leave as-is for a fluffy look, or you can smooth the curls with simmering hot water, a steamer, or a flat iron. Our straightening tutorial offers a great how-to! Add some clip-in extensions or wefts in Rose Pink for the long bang piece in front!

Salmon is a great color for her human form, and we carry this in our Venus style. Our Silky Venus comes in the sister color, Coral. Add Cherry Red clip-in extensions or wefts for the bang piece.

Nazuna’s wolf and pop star form wears Silver or Pure White. You could use our Luthien in Classic or with the Silky sister colors Sterling and Snow White. The Luthien has a long bang, which means you could dye the pink sections if you don’t want to purchase extra pieces. If you want to use extensions or wefts, we recommend Bubblegum for the bottom and either Rose Pink or Princess Pink for the bang.



Marie Itami

Wig Suggestion: Inigo in Twilight Grey

Inigo has a pre-teased top that makes it easier to part on either side with a hair dryer. One side would need to be trimmed, and you can style the longer side with one of our many texturing tutorials! Twilight Grey is a grey tone with a hint of violet. This color also matches her beast form if you wish to create a unique interpretation with the same shade.



Alan Sylvasta

Wig Suggestions: Miles or Landon in Champagne

Our new Miles and Landon are perfect out of the bag, or you can trim the bang on a Blue Steele in Fairy Blonde if you want a more golden shade. For his beast form, you could combine golden colors such as Light Blonde or Yellow Blonde with lighter shades such as Frost Blonde or Lunar Blonde.


Nina Flip

Wig Suggestions: Matilda in Royal Blue or Ami in Sonic Boom

The Matilda and Ami will work great in a ponytail, and our tutorial for making wigs ponytail-friendly offers a step-by-step guide. 

Our Ponytail Wraps in various blues pair well with a matching short style. For more information on how to use a ponytail wrap, watch our ponytail wrap tutorial.

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