Lore Olympus: Wig Suggestion Guide

Lore Olympus: Wig Suggestion Guide


Wig Suggestions: Derek Classic in Raspberry or Le Tigre Silky in Flamingo

Persephone’s hair varies in length throughout the series, and we carry a variety of styles in Hot PinkFlamingoRaspberry, and Dragonfruit with this goddess in mind! Delilah is our longest style but it will be very high maintenance. Le Tigre will be easier to manage and doesn’t have bangs, which is great for her longer looks. Derek is perfect for her shorter style.



Wig Suggestions: Miles or Landon in Silver

Silver and White are both excellent color options for Hades. Our Landon is a lacefront if you want a more natural looking hairline while the Miles is more budget friendly. Cady or Caine are also good options as the Caine has a lightly teased top that allows you to part the style more easily on the side with a hair dryer.



Wig Suggestions: Buttercup or Grace in Crimson

Both Buttercup and Grace have a skin top in front; this means you can part the style down the center or to either side with heat from a hair dryer! You can use a flat iron to straighten the curls on the Grace. Watch how to use heat on our wigs.



Wig Suggestions: Jaguar in Raspberry or Lulu in Hot Pink

Jaguar and Lulu have some longer bangs, which make them easier to curl for Eros. This tutorial has lots of tips and tricks for styling curls.



Wig Suggestions: Benny in Plum or Jaguar in Dark Purple

Benny is a perfect option out of the bag, but if you want a darker purple shade, then you could trim and curl a Jaguar.



Wig Suggestions: Le Tigre in Golden Blonde or Anne in Light Blonde

Hera’s hairstyle varies throughout the series. Our Benny in Fairy Blonde is good for her shortest looks while a Le Tigre or Anne would be great for her longer looks. For a more stylized look, we have the Anne, Luthien, Grace and Buttercup available in Yellow as well!



Wig Suggestions: Heidi or Priscilla in Raven

Both Heidi and Priscilla are great bobs for Hecate! You might like one or the other depending on which length you prefer with your own face shape.



Wig Suggestion: Luthien in Grape

The Luthien’s curls will need to be smoothed straight, but the longer bang is perfect for styling into a roll. Watch our straightening tutorial and victory roll tutorial for tips and techniques for styling your wig.



Wig Suggestions: Benny in Fairy Blonde or Champagne

Benny’s curls make it a perfect option for Ares right out of the bag! Fairy Blonde will have a more golden tone while Champagne is a more natural blonde.



Wig Suggestions: Anne in Titanium Blonde or Le Tigre Silky in Mica

We recommend the Anne style if you want a lacefont or Le Tigre if you want a more budget-friendly style. You can add on a Hairbun in Titanium Blonde or Frost Blonde for her looks featuring a bun.



Wig Suggestions: Luthien in Grape or Anne in Pale Lilac

Aphrodite’s hair color varies between scenes. Grape and Plum will be more rich while Pale Lilac is a lighter shade. Anne come in Pale Lilac if you prefer a lacefront for the natural hairline, and the Luthien comes in Grape if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly.



Wig Suggestions: Buttercup Classic in Plum or Buttercup Silky Eggplant

Our Buttercup style has a skin top in front that allows you to heat-train the front back or part in any direction using a hair dryer. Our heat styling tutorial has advice on how to achieve this.

What's the difference between our Classic and Silky fibers? We have this informative article here.



Wig Suggestions: Nina in Dark Purple or Venus in Blackberry

Dark Purple (Classic) and Blackberry (Silky) are perfect colors for Artemis! We carry the Nina and Venus styles in both fiber options. The Nina already has a straight cut bang, but you would need to smooth out the curls with heat. Learn how with our straightening tutorial.



Wig Suggestions: Anne or Le Tigre in Dark Copper Red

We recommend the Anne style if you prefer a lacefont or Le Tigre if you are looking for a more budget-friendly style. 

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