Genshin Impact (Liyue): Wig Suggestion Guide

Genshin Impact (Liyue): Wig Suggestion Guide


Wig Suggestions: Caine in Black or Deep Brown and a Long Weft in Pumpkin

Zhongli has orange tips in front as well as in his long ponytail. An easy way to achieve this is to dye the top of some long wefts before sewing or gluing them in. One pack should be enough for the front sections as well as the back! Dye separately so you can have a shorter ombre for the front pieces. We recommend Rit Dyemore for synthetic wig dyeing. Not sure how? Learn to ombré dye wefts with our Venti tutorial here.




Wig Suggestion: Hansel in Warm Light Brown

Our Hansel style is perfect out of the back with a good shake or blow-dry to fluff the curls!




Wig Suggestions: Jaguar or Ken in Black

Xiao’s hairstyle is tricky due to the green roots in front, but this can be achieved with either style! For a more natural look, hand-lace Teal hair from a pack of short wefts or clip-in extensions. We have a great tutorial on how to hand-tie hair for a lacefront. With the Jaguar, you can sew or glue some wefts under the front hairline edge and heat-style them up, or you can use the glued hairline trick. Use wefts or clip-in extensions for the streaks of color as well. If you start with a Ken, you won’t need to add the extra lace!




Wig Suggestions: Venus in Black or Onyx

Our Venus style is plenty thick, which is excellent for securing a section up into a bun. 




Wig Suggestions: Delilah in Sterling or Silver

Delilah is super long! Consider using our Venus style instead if you are not experienced with longer styles. Our Silky fibers will be easier to run a comb through while the Classic has less shine under bright lights. You can create a very light ombré at the bottom with a small amount of Graphite Rit Dyemore. Our ombré dye tutorial is a great guide to follow. Craft a hair bow out of a pack of short wefts and glue it to a clear hair comb to make it a removable accessory. 




Wig Suggestions: Heidi or Lulu in Dark Blue 

Heidi may need a little trimming, or you might like the extra length to frame your face! Our Lulu would need the bangs to be trimmed. A pack of short wefts will be plenty for her braids. 

Our Zelda tutorial has some tips for making your own clip-in braids!




Wig Suggestions: Westley or Inigo in Midnight Blue

Westley has a skin top in front; train some hair forward with a hairdryer for the bang before trimming! Inigo has a lightly teased top and will have more volume overall compared to Westley.




Wig Suggestion: Magnum in Pure White or Silver

Pure White is more striking while Silver has more depth in photos. We recommend dyeing the blue ombré with Rit Dyemore. This method would require the back to be re-curled, but as long as the excess dye is washed out thoroughly it won’t rub off on your costume. 

Our ombré hair dye tutorial and Glimmer tutorial give great advice on how to achieve this look. 



Qi Qi

Wig Suggestions: Luthien or Le Tigre in Pale Lilac

The bangs would need to be trimmed for both of these, but the extra length is great for her braid in the back. Don't be nervous, we have a great step-by-step tutorial that explains how to trim bangs! Le Tigre is more smooth while Luthien has layers if you want a more tapered look. 



Wig Suggestion: Magnum Long and Long Wefts in Ice Violet

Ice Violet is the closest color. You could trim a Magnum Long for the base and use a pack or two of matching Long Wefts for styling her cat ears/horns and pigtails.




Wig Suggestions: Chibi or Caine in Black

Our Chibi style has a part down the back if you want true pigtails. We recommend wire supports to keep teased pigtails upright, or stub them and add foam core structures. Our expanding foam tutorial shows how to do wire supports as well as create foam core. If you don’t have a preference about the part in back, a much easier method is to start with a Caine and shake a couple Mega Buns. Our hairbun tutorial gives tips and tricks on styling and wearing hairbuns.

Fiery colors can be added with clip-in extensions.




Wig Suggestion: Venus in Periwinkle

Our Venus style is plenty thick if you want a longer style to cut Ganyu’s dramatic layers into. You can add a gradient of darker blue to the bottom with a synthetic dye such as Rit Dyemore. Our handy ombré hair dye tutorial shows you how. Need curling tips? We have those here!

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