Hocus Pocus Wig Suggestions

Hocus Pocus Wig Suggestions

Winifred Sanderson

Virginia in Pumpkin

Glinda in Pumpkin

The Glinda would be the easiest out-of-the-bag option if you do some teasing and pinning to create her unique shape. The Virginia has a widow's peak if you want a shaped hairline or more natural look, but the style would need to be curled. You could add additional wefts or curly clips for extra thickness, or start with a longer lace front style if preferred.

Mary Sanderson

Lindsay in Black or Deep Brown

Merry in Black or Deep Brown

The Lindsay and Merry styles already have lots of curly texture to them and are pretty thick! You might use a support structure, or do lots of teasing to form her shape on top. Since these styles aren't as updo-ready as our specialty ponytail styles, you could try this wig hack if needed:

 If you want streaks of Purple, you could use pieces from a pack of wefts, or a few of our clip-in extensions.

Sarah Sanderson

Matilda in Champagne

Grace in Champagne

Sarah's hairstyle varies a bit between references, so you might also consider some alternative colors such as Ash Blonde or Fairy Blonde depending on your preference in shades. If you want something curlier, our Merry style could also work, and if you want something more straight, the Buttercup is also a good option.

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