My Hero Academia Wig Suggestion Guide 1

My Hero Academia Wig Suggestion Guide 1

Midoriya Izuku

Hansel in Olive or Mirkwood Green

The Hansel Style is perfect with a good shake out of the bag! Use hairspray and a hair dryer for an even fluffier look, and backcomb the top if needed. A Magnum in Olive or Mirkwood is a good alternative as well!

Bakugou Katsuki

Caine in Ash Blonde

Jett in Ash Blonde


Champagne is a good color option as well if you want something with a tad more yellow than Ash Blonde. If you want something even fluffier than the Jett or Caine, the Jareth is perfect after trimming.

Ochako Uraraka

Inigo Spanish Brown

Inigo in Chocolate (Coming soon!)

Inigos in Chocolate are coming soon for Uraraka! In the meantime, Inigos in Spanish Brown are a possible alternative, or you could trim/style a Ferrari, Eowyn, or Skyelar in Chocolate.

Tsuyu Asui

Venus in Olive or Mirkwood Green

Venus in Army Green or Seaweed

Use a Venus in Olive or Mirkwood, or the Silky Sister colors Army Green or Seaweed! For her bow of hair in the back, you could cover a foam or wire support structure with extra wefts, and tie it in with some strong elastics.

Todoroki Shouto

Caine in Pure White

Caine in Silver

The Derek can work for this as well, but if you splice two wigs together the Caine might be more ideal since there isn't a skin top. There are a few routes you could take depending on your budget! The less time-consuming option would be getting two wigs in the two colors, and splicing them together like in our splicing tutorial.

For a less pricey option, get a Caine in Silver or Pure White, and either hand-color it red with sharpie markers, or cut one half away and dye it with either Rit Dyemore in Racing Red or Idye Polyester in Red or Crimson before sewing it back together. For some helpful dye tips, see our polyester dye tutorial.

Tenya Iida

Caine in Dark Blue

Kyle in Raven/Ash Black

Caine in Dark Blue, or Kyle in Dark Blue (coming soon!). The Kyle is a great style with the undercut. If you need something before the Dark Blue Kyle is available, the Caine and Derek styles are good alternatives. The Caine might need a little trimming but is easier to part on the side due to the pre-teased top, while the Derek is a more accurate length but has a radial skin top at the crown. We also have Kyles with a Raven top and Ash Black undercut as a possible option.

Aizawa Shota

Jareth in Black

Morpheus in Black

The Jareth has the closest length and layering when his hair is down, but if you want it styled back like when he's using his power, we suggest the Morpheus.

If you want a less fluffy top, straighten/loosen the curls on the Vivien style with a flat iron.

All Might

Imladris in Fairy Blonde with additional wefts

The Imladris would need some trimming, but has some extra length to work with for accuracy. The Cady could be an alternative if you don't want to trim, but it won't be as long as All Might's style. If you want a non-lace alternative, Something like the Jaguar or Jareth could work, though you might want to remove some wefts to lessen the poofyness on top. Create a wire or EZ-Felt support structure for the antennae, and cover it with hair from wefts. When he's not using his quirk. his hair is much thicker and spikier. Something like the Morpheus, Malinda or Jareth might be better for this, with wefts added in to lengthen his bangs.

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