Naruto Wig Suggestion Guide

Naruto Wig Suggestion Guide

Naruto Uzumaki

The Jett is an easy out-of-the-bag option. Use a hair dryer to fluff up the top, and some hairspray to hold it in place. A little Got2b hairspray goes a long way with shaping spikes if you want a more stylized look, and the Got2b glue and Spiking wax can also help with shaping and keeping the tips together. The top of the Jareth is a bit more full and would have more length to work with, though it would need to be trimmed.

Sasuke Uchiha

Raven or Black are good choices depending on the reference or how you interpret Sasuke's hair color. Both the Jaguar and Ken can be fluffed in the back for his duck butt, and they have enough length at the sides for his bangs. You can backcomb/tease the bangs for a fluffier look. 

Sakura Haruno

The Buttercup's skin top allows you to part it on either side with heat from a hair dryer, and the longer bangs make it a popular choice for both younger and older versions if you don't mind trimming for her shorter hairstyle. If you'd rather not trim anything, the Magnum in Bubblegum is a good out-of-the-bag option for her shorter hairstyle, though it may be a little shorter than her hair in front. For parting the skin top on a Buttercup, see our tutorial here.

Kakashi Hatake

The Jareth will have the most fullness and a more accurate length in the top, though will need lots of trimming in the back. The Caine is a good alternative if you want to do minimal styling. Fluff the top up with a hairdryer before teasing and spiking.

Rock Lee

This wig is ready to go thanks to the power of YOUTH.

Neji Hyūga

The Buttercup is a good length for younger Neji, while the Le Tigre is a more accurate length for older Neji.

Hinata Hyūga

The Katinka is a good choice for younger Hinata if you do a little trimming, while the Venus in Classic or Silky is a popular option for older Hinata. The Nina is another choice if you straighten the curls.


This style is perfect with a good shake, or after fluffing with a hairdryer.

Temari Nara

To create Temari's unique 4-tail style, you'll need to add an extra part in the back with extra wefts. Once sectioned into 4 tails, secure hairbuns over each tail and brush them out to make them fluffy! Follow the beginning portion of this tutorial to learn how to create a part using wefts.


Orochimaru's hair length varies depending on the reference image. Some trimming may be needed on the front of the Le Tigre, or you could straighten the curls on an Ororo for a more layered style.

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